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    john hay
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    gaming and women
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    I am going to be an apprentice at rolls Royce derby


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    wii,ds,ds lite,dsi,3ds(broke)
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    xbox 360,xbox ,ps3,psp
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    call of duty and battlefield 2/3
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    Captin price and soap
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    Call of duty black ops : 0687-9512-7137
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  1. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

    probably christmas mate
  2. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

    cant wait now
  3. They are amazing like kav says epecially the zelda one. to bad I don't have a iPhone Maybe they will make a iPad one soon.
  4. Modern Warfare 3

    ben are you still on at 10:00am mate
  5. Modern Warfare 3

    it is going to be hard to get used to the lagshooting but it is going to look good
  6. yes m8 about 7pm

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAV old git only joking happy bday m8:yay:

  8. nice sig i like it it look like u in the pic as daniel craig lol

  9. u on tonight

  10. i on now if coming on m8

  11. see u on at 7 then mate