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  1. Star Trek Masturbatathon

    Picard season 3 just gets better and better.
  2. Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp (21st April 2023)

    New Overview trailer just came up:
  3. This was just revealed, it's headed to PS4/PS5,Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch. Games included are: I am very excited for this, TMNT for the NES was the first ever game I owned. I also really enjoyed TMNT fighters for the snes as well as Turtles in time, so I'll be happy to play those agin.
  4. I wasn't sure if I should make a thread about this since it's only Nintendo America that is announcing this right now, but I have to assume that the EU eShop will follow https://en-americas-support.nintendo.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/57847 How long will it still be possible to redownload previously purchased content in Nintendo eShop for Wii U or the Nintendo 3DS family of systems? How long will those systems still support online play? For the foreseeable future, it will still be possible to redownload games and DLC, receive software updates and enjoy online play on Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS family of systems. There are still Nintendo eShop Cards at retailers that show the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS logos. What will happen to them? These cards will continue to be at retail while supplies last. All Nintendo eShop Cards can be used to add funds to a Nintendo Account balance for use on the Nintendo Switch This can be done via Nintendo eShop on the system itself. Once it is no longer possible to purchase software in Nintendo eShop on Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS family of systems, many classic games for past platforms will cease to be available for purchase anywhere. Will you make classic games available to own some other way? If not, then why? Doesn't Nintendo have an obligation to preserve its classic games by continually making them available for purchase? Across our Nintendo Switch Online membership plans, over 130 classic games are currently available in growing libraries for various legacy systems. The games are often enhanced with new features such as online play. We think this is an effective way to make classic content easily available to a broad range of players. Within these libraries, new and longtime players can not only find games they remember or have heard about, but other fun games they might not have thought to seek out otherwise. We currently have no plans to offer classic content in other ways. Nintendo have set up a page to see your Wii U and 3DS eshop memories (stats of how many games and how long you've played them) https://my-nintendo-3ds-wiiu-memories.nintendo.com/en-US/index.html#top
  5. E3 (1995-2022) Memories

    This is my early memory of E3 as well. It wasn't until the very late 90's that I understood why all the gaming magazines I used to buy suddenly had a ton of info on new games in the middle of the year. My memories of E3 are of me watching the live feeds and press conferences on IGN and Gamespot in the mid 2000's while tabbing over to Neogaf to read the reactions and leaked news, and the funny images and gifs people used to make over there. Then checking out Kotaku, Destructoid, Joystiq and the other gaming blogs for their hands on impressions with games and interviews with the developers. Gamespot used to do a live show during E3 that I would keep running for the full 6 hours it was running as well as IGN and (in the much earlier days) Gametrailers feeds. Watching the live press conferences was also a blast because of all the surprises that came with it. And then as the E3 day came to an end, I'd watch Giantbombs live stream which was always great fun. It's pretty crazy that for at least 15 years, every I would spent a few nights awake in the middle of the year just to watch all of this stuff, but i always found it exciting to see all the games and consoles that got announced. I'm going to miss E3 but we kind of knew this was coming, there's just no real reason to get all of those people to go to LA, queue and wait around in one building to see video games when they can just stream that content themselves on youtube and get the same traction and interest. E3 was easily something I looked forward to every year because of how much fun it was to watch and I am sad that its going away.
  6. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

    Zelda direct incoming:
  7. Tetris 99 -- Available Today

    A New Maximum cup on the way for a Fire Emblem theme:
  8. This guy tried to buy every Wii U and 3DS game from their eshop's before they close, I figured some of you might find it interesting.: https://youtu.be/ujHUMG0Uovs I found it interesting to see some of the issues he came up against while trying to purchase everything, such as not being able to have more then $200 worth of credit in his account at any one time, certain games not unlocking the right to buy DLC until a certain percentage of the main game has been played and other issues. Aso how much memory it took up etc. He's a mad man, but I also happy someone managed to buy everything on both platforms
  9. Super Mario Run (iOS/Android)

    This game just updated: Also it’s on sale for £4.99
  10. The Super Mario Bros. Movie (April 7th UK)

    This movie is looking amazing, everything about it just seems perfect to me. The offical site for the film has been updated, its designed to look like the actual website the Mario bros use to promote their plumbing business: https://www.smbplumbing.co.uk/
  11. N-E Mario Kart 8 DX Get Together

    They was a lot of fun and nice that we had a full room of 12 players at one point. The yoshi island track is amazing.
  12. General Switch Discussion

    The Switch is 6 years old today
  13. The Super Mario Bros. Movie (April 7th UK)

    Ok I love that recent trailer
  14. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

    The game is now up on the eshop for preorder for £59.99
  15. That was a great direct. That new track they've made for Mario kart look awesome and I’m really happy to have Birdo back, I used that character all the time on Wii
  16. I’m never sure what I want from a direct when it comes to Nintendo themselves, I’m generally happy with whatever they show. I think we might see a new Donkey Kong game since he seems to feature in the upcoming movie. As for anything else, all I can think of are things related to random rumours we’ve heard over the past six months, such as Wind Waker and Twilight princess Wii U ports, Metroid Prime HD. Here are sone left field predictions from me: Shenmue 1 and 2 Jet Set Radio Marvel Vs Capcom 2 Mario Galaxy 2 Metal Gear Solid Some kind of cross over announcement with Nintendo and Fortnite. I only recently started playing Fortnite a few weeks ago and love it, id like to see a Samus skin in there and some other Nintendo themed items.
  17. Yeah, this was a surprise to me too as I’ve never actually used the feature before and just assumed it was for remapping buttons only. It’s great and I’m glad the feature is there as I don’t think I could have gotten used to playing this game on a pro controller otherwise. I found a lot of the objectives and locations of things came back to me after about 20 minutes of playing although I did have to look up how to break the communication link in surface 2.
  18. For anyone having difficulty with the controls, like I was, there a handy guide on Reddit for remapping the buttons. I’d already swapped the left and right analog sticks on the switch settings to play it but it also goes into changes which buttons do what: