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  1. Endless Ocean: Luminous

    I used to enjoy playing the older games on the Wii. I remember there was a feature on them to play MP3's off of the SD card, so I made a little playlist of water themed music from other video games, like the water music from Donkey Kong Counry and Dire Dire Docks from Mario 64. It should be interesting to see how online mode works.
  2. The Disney Thread

    That would be great. I hope at the very least, that that version of Spider-man makes an appearance in this new series at some point.
  3. The Disney Thread

    Yeah, the nostalgia got me but the animation looks rough. I still will watch it though, i was watching through the original cartoon and Spider-man (as the two shows cross over with each other a few times) around a year ago on Disney+ and never finished it all, I'll probably resub and watch the rest of it before this new series drops next month.
  4. The Best Gaming Music Ever.

    I've never played this game but I love its soundtrack. I think I've listened to this particular track about 30 times already
  5. bad stuff thread.

    aww man, that's sad new. I felt I had to listen to him singing in Happy Gilmore as soon as I heard about it:
  6. The Wrasslin' thread

  7. General Movie Thread

    International trailer is different:
  8. I believe that is correct. My Nintendo 64 was imported from America, so I had the US version of Star Fox 64, but i remember reading the reviews for it the PAL/ Lylat Wars release and being surprised that they had gone to the extra effort to make it run better. They also added an extra unlockable that wasn't the other versions where you can make the characters sound how they did back in the snes game:
  9. Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios

    Aonuma and Myamoto were at the park recently:
  10. The Wrasslin' thread

    Well, hopefully the legacy content will still be available in some way. I can't imagine it all going to Netflix (there's over 15,000 different things to watch on the network) but maybe WWE will just start uploading it all to youtube, which they've been kinda doing recently as well as live streaming old Royal Rumbles in the current lead up to this weekend PPV.
  11. The Wrasslin' thread

    Crazy stuff. I wonder what happens to the WWE Network then? It would be a shame if all that archive content outside of the just disappeared. I love going back and watching random old WWE shows from the 80's like Prime Time Wrestling. Anyway, this is an amazing deal for WWE.
  12. Golden Sun and Golden Sun lost age are on the way. January 17th
  13. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Pretty cool to see stuff still being added to this game 5 years on
  14. I had the theme tune to 'Allo 'Allo in my head the other day and found this, which I absolutely love:
  15. Nintendo have put up their Year in Review site like they did last year, which shows stats of your most played games: https://year-in-review.nintendo.com/
  16. and of course... i frigging overslept and missed tonight races
  17. General Movie Thread

    A few posters for the upcoming Ghostbusters movie just came out:
  18. Nintendo Switch - Year in Review 2023

    Yeah, Lego Fortnite is pretty good. The first day that it came out i gave it a go and then a good four and a half hours later and I was still playing and wasn't aware how much time had past. It's quite a feat that they made Lego versions of so many of skins. My friend and I attempted to make an ewok treetop village but it didn't quite work out... The racing game is a lot of fun too, i finally got my first win last night!. I also like the Rock Band mode they added, but its not possible to play that on a Pro Controller as some songs will ask you to press Left and Right on the D-pad at the same time. I use the Joycons for that mode and it plays fine though.
  19. Nintendo Switch - Year in Review 2023

    First game this year: Tetris 99 Games played: 55 Total time: 1,476 hours Most played: Fortnite: 962 hours. Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed : 136 hours. Zelda Tears of a Kingdom : 82 hours It is crazy to me that a year ago I had not played Fortnite outside of trying it out a few times back when it first came out on the Switch. Then randomly, on Boxing day last year, i felt like playing it. I had a weird nostalgia for a game I'd played maybe three times, 4 years ago. It was good timing too as Epic had recently added a lot of content as well as No Build mode, which was perfect for someone like me that found that aspect a little daunting to get used to. Before I knew it, I'd played a few hours and was enjoying it so I mentioned it to a friend. He wanted to give it a try too so he got online and by chance a friend of his mentioned he started playing as well. We played more games and won a few times and pretty quickly we were having a blast with it. We were so surprised to find out what this game is actually like compared to the assumptions we'd made about it. Pretty quickly we were saying to each other how it was the most fun we'd had in an online video game for a very long time, playing for a couple of hours a day. We could not believe it. I'll never convince people that have never played Fortnite and assume its bad, to give it a go, but I genuinely think it's fantastic. The way they update the map and keep the game fresh is one of the best things I've seen in any online game. Each new Chapter they roll out every 3/4 months basically makes the game feel like you are now playing its sequel. It's pure fun Also I want to make a noticeable mention to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredder's Revenge. I played that game a lot this year thanks to the Dimension Shellshock DLC that came out midway though the year and had some fun games on there with @Glen-i and @BowserBasher
  20. Tetris 99 -- Available Today

    Another Max Cup/Grand Prix announced. This time for Super Mario Bros Wonder
  21. What Have You Bought?

    I saw this animatronic Star Wars toy on Tested's YouTube channel around a year ago and thought it looked really cool. I've not seen the show its from, so I don't actually know anything about it other then its a Star Wars Droid, but it reminded me of the Robots from the 80's movie Batteries Not included, so I picked it up on a recent sale a week or so ago: