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  1. Dude. I knew there was only going to be one person on here that would have appreciated that post.


    Also that was in the context of a conversation in which he was bragging about his fucking IQ, like a total dipshit. Would usually not dig in on such a pittance but he needed a slap.

  2. Tatsumaki Senpuu-Kyaku!



  3. No sir, I studied Literature and Philosophy (at university), but I kinda like screwing around with neuroscience/ psychology. Anything to do with the way people think is fascinating.

  4. Sup bitch, how you been? Long time no talk =)

  5. Hmm. I'm scrolling through Shawn Elliott's twitter feed as I often do when I see a response to one Rob Burgess. We keep running into each other randomly on the internet. Good taste though ;)

  6. I like your bum.

  7. I reheaaaaaaly don't want to succumb to my, by now deeply buried and repressed, hard on for Scrubs and start watching the 9th season... but, do you reckon its worth it? Ta love

  8. I'll be sure to pass on the message

  9. Just saw you on the Gamespy Debriefings fan page members list. Can't believe you listen to that shit too =p.

  10. Man balls. Oh well, not like I got anything else to do =p.

  11. Mostly bad =p. Nah, I enjoy it, cause I followed Ryan Scott and Anthony over from the old GFW Radio podcast on 1up (also known as the best podcast that ever was). Bromley and Altano can be great, they're pretty good whenever they're on the Rebel FM podcast. And man, I've started hearing that bangin broads voice everywhere I go, its retarded =p.

  12. New ICTS is truly incredible. I WAS SIIIIIITING AT THE BAAAAR!