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  1. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy

    One of my favourite gaming series, and I was impressed with how the 3D was used in Dual Destinies. It's been a while since I played them, this will be hard to turn down. Bring it over here Capcom!
  2. Hidden Sonic 2 level now playable

    That's a fantastic example of giving the fans what they want and a real treat. All those years of finding parts of Hidden Palace zone and the frustration that it was barely playable & now Sega have done this to add to a game that has been released multiple times is generous of them. An excellent secret this!
  3. I doubt the reviews have been particularly harsh. I expect that the majority of decent reviewers have accepted that the graphics will be improved over what is currently available and will simply punish a game if they're not, as opposed to gushing praise if they are, as this is simply the expectations. The gameplay should be what matters and this can be compared with current-gen games. I'm pleased to see that it appears this is indeed what is being done.
  4. Little King's Story

    It came from nowhere and, while far from perfect, it was a fabulously fun game with many clever touches. I'm jealous of you guys that are late to the party and haven't had an opportunity to play through the game before. Enjoy!
  5. Your Last Game

    Paper Mario: Sticker Star (3DS) A fun little diversion from the main Paper Mario series. While I enjoyed the use of stickers, it just all felt a little too streamlined for me. It isn't a patch on the main Paper Mario RPGs. There were a number of clever moments where you could use specific stickers to exploit the weaknesses of the larger enemies. This did lead to a number of difficulty spikes where the enemy was quite simple with the right stickers, but without them the proved frustratingly difficult. The paper sprites looked good in 3D. Fun without being exceptional. 6/10
  6. 2D Zelda games - how do you rank them?

    This is a really tough list... A Link To The Past Oracle of Ages / Seasons (definitely need to play both for the full experience) Link's Awakening Phantom Hourglass Minish Cap Spirit Tracks The Legend of Zelda Zelda II: Adventure of Link You can't really go too far wrong with any of them. I wasn't a fan of Zelda II, and both the NES games are incredibly tough. I'm not sure whether you'd put Four Swords Adventure in the list, as it's so different to the others (levels instead of an over world for instance). Going through the list again though - what a great series!
  7. Wii U VC

    I'm holding out for a Ogre Battle 64 re-release on the Virtual Console. I loved my N64 games, but this and Hybrid Heaven were two games I really wanted to play but passed me by somehow. Oh, and although I doubt the licence exists with DNA / Rockstar, but a Spacestation Silicon Valley release would be fun to play!
  8. LTTP: Bayonetta

    I've just gone and bought the original (thankfully on XBox after reading this!). Can't wait to play it now. It's also one of the few games that 'Edge' magazine gave an illustrious 10 to!
  9. Living with inlaws!

    It's a tricky one. I did it a couple of years ago so we could save money, but we only ended up staying for just over 3 months as we went and found a place. Her parents were much more accommodating than yours though it sounds! I'd suggest simple wins such as offering / doing tasks before you're asked, even if they're as simple as making drinks. A lot of what they're asking sounds pretty unreasonable and you shouldn't feel guilty if you've already made plans to do things. They could ask you first when you're available, so not your fault. It's hard because it is their house, and so their rules. You're a guest and so you will need to respect their habits. However, they shouldn't be taking the biscuit - confide with your other half and sometimes you will need to say no, or explain why you can't do something. It'll all be worth it when you finally move out!
  10. Congrats Rez! That's fantastic news! She looks a pretty lady too - the boy done good! :-) Having got married just 2 months ago you're going to have a huge amount of stuff to organise, but try not to get to stressed with it and try to enjoy the planning as much as possible. Best wishes to you both!
  11. Monster Hunter 4!!!!

    How successful was Monster Hunter 3 /Tri over here? With the holes in the release schedule as well, surely this has to come out over here!?!
  12. I remember reading about the craze in Japan and showing my friends at school an article in N64 Magazine about it and how popular it was going to become. Needless to say I got completely ribbed by my mates who couldn't believe something as bizarre-looking and Japanese as Pokemon would translate well over here! I ended up importing Blue from America as it wasn't coming out In the UK for a few months. I thought it would be good, but I wasn't too sure, especially with it only being a GameBoy game with the Color (still hate the American spelling!) being out. It didn't take long for me to be hooked though, line & sinker! I loved it, and enjoyed it even more when it came out over here and I finally had friends to play and trade with. Happy days indeed! :-)
  13. Cheers, I'll try that link too. Everywhere gets me around 10 seconds of live feed before the buffering really kicks in. Come on BG & E, I'm counting on this one (just like I've been counting on it appearing at Ubisoft's conferences for the past few years!)
  14. Beyond Good & Evil 2

    It could just be a bit of nostalgia, but please please please say it's a strong hint at a BG&E sequel! No it wasn't anywhere near the quality of Wind Waker, but I really enjoyed the story, the premise, and a lot of the ideas the original had, and I've been one of those clamouring for a sequel! Now Ubisoft, remember on which of the consoles you sold the most versions of, even with the short-term exclusivity deal you struck with Sony. (I think it was Sony not Microsoft, but let me know if I'm wrong on this one). Hopefully they will reward the Nintendo faithful who purchased the original with a version of the follow-up on Wii U!
  15. Hmm, that's really interesting that they've decided to postpone the Crowdfunding and Kickstarter accounts. Is it definitely to retool it after E3? It seems odd that the would do this after E3. I'm with shin_kagato that E3 should be particular interesting for 'Shadow of the Eternals'. I loved 'Eternal Darkness' and would love to see a follow-up regardless of what happened in the past with the development team. Is there any chance the Crowdfunding efforts have been stopped because a publisher has stepped in? Would anyone trust them?
  16. Rare to show 'historic' franchise at E3

    Hmm, it doesn't look like 'Jeopardy' to me.... They've got a number of classic franchises that would be good to see: Sabrewulf, Jet Force Gemini, Conker (although without Chrs Seavour I'm not sure how it would turn out) and of course Killer Instinct would be quicker to develop as it's a fighting game. That pic was a great spot. It doesn't lead itself to any obvious titles that Rare have previously developed though... My only two thoughts are that is indeed an old English knight, and it's either a new adventure game (I'd guess based in the Camelot / King Arthur era) or, more unlikely, a new Killer Instinct character.
  17. It is really interesting to see some of the ideas that went into these games and were cut for whatever reason. I love CBFDand that was great. I think they made the right call with the first change, although the Pikachu bit in the second did give me chortles!
  18. The Wolf Among Us (Telltale Games)

    Graphically they seem to have used a similar style to The Walking Dead, and I thought that worked really well. It resembles the style of the comic. Telltale have for me just been improving all of the time with the quality of their games, so I'm excited by this.
  19. Football Season 2012/2013

    How'd you get on? I can empathise completely with the frustration of being out through injuries, so hope it was the return and win you needed Murr! Mcmanaman's tackle was awful. It was a complete accident, probably due to a lack of experience from a young lad on his debut. Hopefully it won't spoil the start of a promising career and Wigan will sort him out in private. I think the Premier League Title was Man Utd's a long time ago. They've been consistent without being outstanding, which has become something of a Man U trait over the years, but always good enough to win games. Sadly there just hasn't been anyone else with any consistency this year.
  20. Video Game TV Shows of Yesteryear

    Knightmare was absolutely brilliant!!! I couldn't wait for Fridays when I was younger so I could watch Treguard, Pickle, Lord Fear & co as teenagers tried (& often failed) to negotiate the virtual dungeon. Even looking back on it now, there were so many bits about the show to enjoy. Despite the puzzles and challenges often having set solutions, the unpredictability of the players meant that the viewers (& the actors in the game) didn't know what they were going to do. "Oooohh nasty!!!"
  21. Pokemon X & Y

    This may / undoubtedly wishful thinking, but since it's simultaneous I foresee Iwatu doing minimal talking and blowing us away with footage of: Pokemon Snap 2 Wii U (game pad used in a similar style to the plaza in Nintendo Land) Updates to Pokedex app on 3DS New Pokemon RPG game that can be played on both WiiU and 3DS (ala Monster Hunter) with cell shading graphics. Nintendo, you have our attention!
  22. Virtue's Last Reward

    I pre-ordered and picked it up in-store on release day. I was slightly frustrated that none of the staff had even heard of it, so the chance of them persuading other customers will be slim-to-none in my local Game. Since playing it though, I've been hooked! I loved 999, which was a hidden gem after I bought the import version, and I have become addicted to the wonderfully intricate story of Virtue's Last Reward. I've still got at least 6 endings still to get too!
  23. Stars Catalogue/Updates

    I did exactly the same Ramar. I had a whole raft of GBA games I'd held back on registering so that they wouldn't expire until something I wanted came up. Then when I needed the extra couple of thousand points I wasn't able to register the majority of them! Frustrating! As an aside, does the WiiU come with a stars card? I didn't have one in mine.
  24. Sir Patrick Moore has died

    A truly sad day as he was someone that always showed great knowledge and insight with everything he did. He will always be The Gamesmaster to me and he was someone that inspired so many people to learn more about Astronomy.
  25. Sports Personality of the Year 2012

    What an absolutely fantastic year it's been for UK sport in general. A very well deserved list of finalists, for whom in some years their achievements would've put them head and shoulders above the rest, but such is the magnitude of the quality of sport this year there's no guaranteed winner. Congrats to all the names on the list. I see the top 4 being Bradley Wiggins, Andy Murray, Mo Farah and Ben Ainslee.