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  1. When we are dead.

    Then what exactly is being "transfered"? It's a completely ridiculous idea.
  2. Metal gear solid:Twin snakes

    The players choice boxes always look awful.
  3. When we are dead.

    You gave it a soul to transfer. That's making it special.
  4. Your status

    Wii - Week after euro launch (stupid play.com) Xbox 360 - May get one... I'm definatley considering it PS3 - After a major price drop and MGS4
  5. Metal gear solid:Twin snakes

    There are only a few exceptions.
  6. Metal gear solid:Twin snakes

    It didn't as it wasn't a first party nintendo game.
  7. ExciteTruck

    I always knew games like that were coming.
  8. ExciteTruck

    The control on this is really hard to get used to, which would get in the way more, cause you can't really get told.
  9. ExciteTruck

    I can't stand the snow levels. There's so much to crash into and it really slows it down.
  10. ExciteTruck

    I've only got one extra paintjob. I only use the summit car, as it's the only one with decent steering.
  11. Anime and manga discussion

    Just watched episode 5 of welcome to the NHK. Really good stuff. I should really be getting to bed by now, but I think I'll watch a couple more episodes.
  12. ExciteTruck

    I would say red steel, but you should definatley get both. Whatever you do, don't get wario ware smooth moves though.
  13. Football Season 2006/2007

    Ipswich got beaten by watford Man, what is happening to them?
  14. Nah, it's moogleviper that's on dial up. You're probably thinking of him. I had to delete some stuff to fit these downloads once they're done too. We figured that it's the wireless router that's making it crash. If too much happens it crashes for a couple of seconds and the download speeds have to speed back up again. It doesn't help that BT are limiting the download speeds too.
  15. One's 4gb and ones just under 2. I'm not complaining that it's taking ages, I obviously expec it to take a while. I'm just frustrated with it crashing.