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  1. Nintendo Collectables!

    I finally bought the Figma Link. In the end I bought it from a seller on Amazon. I love it! I've not bought a toy since I was a child so having this on my book case with all my DVDs is great! I love how pose-able it is.
  2. Nintendo Collectables!

    Wow! Thank you for the advice! You've been a big help! Figma Link, here I come Thanks again!
  3. Nintendo Collectables!

    Yeah £50 each. Here's one website doing the Link figure for £50 for example: I've never ordered from Asian sites before. Could you recommend a reputable one? Have you ever been hit with any customs charges? I ordered something from America once and had to pay £8 extra when it arrived. Thanks in advance. EDIT: I'm in the UK by the way.
  4. Games You Tried To Like But Didn't

    I LOVED Time Splitters 2! One game I just couldn't get into was Assassins creed 2. I felt like they spent lots and lots of money making a really pretty environment and cool characters and then a week before the deadline they went: "woops! We should really make this into a game!"
  5. Nintendo Collectables!

    Can anyone give me some advice on where to order the Figma Link and Samus figures? There's a seller on Amazon selling for £75 but I've found other sites selling for around £50. However those sites list anything from September 2013 to January 2014 for the release date so I don't know where to order from. Ideally I'd like to be able to just go and buy one from a shop!
  6. My first app!

    Thanks a lot for the feedback! It really helps! You're right about the look of the app being a bit too "busy". I'm only really used to designing "professional" layouts so it's my first attempt at creating something that looks "fun".
  7. My first app!

    Hello all! This is kind of a plug, but I also would like some feedback too! I have created my first app, it's a simple party game, the free lite version can be downloaded here:!-lite/id554634310?mt=8 Anyways! I was thinking of making a "gamer" verion of the app. i.e. all the names in it would be characters from games or people from the gaming world (e.g. shigeru miyamoto), does this sound like something people here would be interested in? THANKS FOR LOOKING
  8. Great Games You Struggle To Enjoy?

    Assassin's Creed 2!! Sooooo boring!!
  9. Questions

    Hi! I know this is a site issue and not a board issue but I couldn't find anywhere else to put it. When I view N-Europe on my iPad, the news column is lacking a background and is consequently the same colour as the text. It's fine in any other web browser, just on the iPad (and I imagine the iPod too). I don't have time now but I'll post a picture later if this doesn't make sense.
  10. 3DS Console Discussion

    If a 3rd party can get good graphics out of a system, then I'd definitely use this as a judge of its power more than a 1st party game. Nintendo made the hardware so it's only natural that they'd know how to get the most out of it without having to milk its power. But 3rd party developers, at this stage at least, will have had less time to experiment with it, so if they can still get good graphics, that's a better indication of the system's power. But as it stands so far it looks like Capcom have got better graphics out of it than Nintendo.
  11. 3DS Console Discussion

    I didn't bother looking at any screens when it was announced. I just saw the trailer for resident evil. I've watched the videos showcasing the games and resident evil still looks good, but Kid Icarus looks really jaggy. I think they could do some more work on mario kart too. Watching the video has made me realise it is much more powerful than the DS, I suppose sometimes it's just hard to see now much better things look on still pictures.
  12. 3DS Console Discussion

    The graphics in those screen shots don't seem to be overly improved from the DS. I could have sworn that Capcom said the resident evil trailer they showed was "close to" the real time gameplay graphics. EDIT: Ok, the animals look quite furry in nintendogs and cats... but still, I was expecting more
  13. Metroid: Other M

    I've just finished the main part of the game and all I can say is "WOW"! If Zelda had a story this awesome... then omg we'd have a TRUE classic on our hands. I can't wait to start the epilogue.
  14. Starfox 64 3D

    Wow wow wow! I am so excited for this. Lylat Wars was my favourite game on the N64 (after Ocarina of Time of course :p)