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  1. Another Code Recollection (19th January 2024)

    This is literally a dream come true for me, to the point where I had to double-check I wasn't actually dreaming. Then, upon realizing this was actually really happening, I burst into tears and barely managed to pay attention to the next 5-10 minutes of the Direct! These are two of the most important games of my entire life. The first game in particular played such a huge part in shaping me both in terms of gaming (and literature) tastes and also just... generally, as a person, while the sequel improved on literally everything from the first game and remains one of my favourite games of all time to this day... Plus I've been meaning to find the time to replay them for quite a while now, so this announcement felt like it was tailored specifically for me! I sincerely can't recommend these games enough; anyone who feels even the slightest interest in checking them out should absolutely do so! I'm already planning to buy several copies to give as belated Christmas gifts to all my friends who own Switches. Here's hoping it'll also increase the chances of a Hotel Dusk/Last Window remake collection in the future... Then my DS can finally be retired for good! I dare not even start hoping for the third Another Code game they talked about back in the day to finally become reality... I'm more than happy enough with what they're giving me here. It is lovely indeed, though my heart breaks seeing Ashley crying like that... The director and character designer of the original games tweeted that he's working as art director on the remakes! And he's clearly outdone himself once again with both the wonderful box art above and Ashley's two new outfits! I feel like I'm back in my teenage years, falling in love with Ashley all over again...
  2. The stupid decision to never release the game in mainland Europe meant I never had a chance to play the game myself, despite being excited about it. But I did appreciate it from afar by watching playthroughs of the story content and checking out all the beautiful art and music, so I'm still quite sad to see it go. At least they get to wrap up the main story though, it'd be even worse if it was left completely unfinished like so many other shut-down gacha games. ...Well, honestly I probably would have dropped the game myself at the second anniversary if I did play it myself; that's right around when Genshin released, and I know from prior experience that I can't handle more than three gachas at a time.
  3. Fire Emblem Heroes (Android/iOS)

    As (one of) this forum's biggest Tiki fan(s), I'm super happy to see Awakening-Tiki take the top spot. Personally, I spent all my votes on a certain group of characters I know had no chance of winning, just in the hopes that IntSys would recognize the demand and finally add them all to the game. Also, although I'd be perfectly content if we could just get these five characters to round off the main TMS crew, Tiki=Waifu is great and I'd love to see her appear in FEH as well. I imagine her only realistic shot at it would be as Tiki's companion for a Duo Hero, though. ...Actually, thinking about it, that would be fantastic!
  4. Fire Emblem Warriors

    Oh yeah, the levelling was definitely the most tedious part of the grind. If I hadn't decided to do that I would probably have finished the game over a year ago. My biggest fear was burning out halfway through, so I paced myself as best I could and played plenty of other games alongside it. I'm really happy I managed to stick with it! And yeah, Tiki is the best. She was invaluable for the grind, thanks to Awakening Mode also granting a hefty gold bonus!
  5. Fire Emblem Warriors

    I celebrated the Fire Emblem 30th anniversary today by finishing Fire Emblem Warriors! Wasn't even planned, just reached the end on the perfect day. Ended up with 785+ hours in the Play Activity after playing every single day for exactly two and a half years. My favourite Warriors game by far (though my favourite Fire Emblem game is still TMS♯FE, of course)!
  6. Fire Emblem Warriors

    It definitely depends on what you didn't enjoy about Hyrule Warriors, yeah. If you're not a fan of Warriors games, FEW probably won't do much for you either, but I'd say it's a lot better than Hyrule Warriors — easily the best in the entire Warriors franchise, even — from a gameplay perspective at the very least. There's also more consistent quality among the characters, whereas Hyrule Warriors has a lot of characters that are just an absolute pain to play... Personally, I've been playing FEW every single day since release, got over 770 hours logged (by far my most played Switch game), and I'm finally approaching 100% completion! No other Warriors game has ever managed to hold my attention for so long... I was burned out from Hyrule Warriors before even finishing all the Adventure Mode maps. (Disclaimer: I'm a fairly huge fan of both Warriors games and Fire Emblem. But an even bigger Zelda fan.)
  7. Nintendo Direct 04/09/2019, 11 pm

    Y'all better buy TMS♯FE this time! I know I'm doing my part — gonna buy another 8 copies or so like I did with the Wii U game, I reckon. Man, this Direct was just absolutely jam-packed with greatness... Some really amazing months ahead for the Switch, that's for sure!
  8. Fire Emblem Heroes (Android/iOS)

    I threw all my Orbs at the Regal Rabbits focus, and although I got Veronica on the first day, it took me until the very last day to get Bruno (after scrounging up every single Orb I could get)... so as much as I like the Picnic Heroes, I think I'll have to skip them and make do with the free Leo. I'm up to 19 Orbs again after today's new Paralogue and quests, but I need to save up again for whichever Legendary/Mythic focus New Year's Hríd will be on... I suppose I can't complain too much, though - considering I did get Bruno in the end! Also, Aether Resort is like the best thing ever. I love it so much.
  9. Fire Emblem Heroes (Android/iOS)

    Well, it finally happened... For the first time, I've failed at getting a seasonal Hero I was aiming for. IntSys have been consistently draining my Orb supply for some time now, with Surtr, Ylgr, Hríd and the entire Christmas focus... and then they had to release that amazing New Year's focus that I also needed every character from... so, as another first, I decided to finally spend some money on the game to get a guaranteed New Year's Fjorm and Laevatein. I managed to get New Year's Gunnthrá too with the Orbs I got from those bundles, but New Year's Hríd just never showed up, and now I've only got two Orbs left... Well, I'll just have to wait for whichever Legendary focus he'll be on in the future. At least I'm only missing one. I'm worried about the Special Heroes coming next week, though... but the anniversary is just a few days away, and they gave us tons of Orbs last year, so... let's hope for the best! Also: EDIT- I doubt he'll win, but... well, I had to try, at least.
  10. Yup, exactly what I expected from the "unmissable Ace Attorney news". I knew that I shouldn't get my hopes up. Well, okay, I wasn't expecting the PS4/XBO/Steam releases. That was a pleasant surprise! And it looks a bit better than the last HD Trilogy remaster, so at least there's that. I'll still buy it and play it and love it, no doubt.
  11. They've said it's an extremely text-heavy game - and with plenty of voiced dialogue, too - so maybe they need some more time for European localization? As said in the first post, the US wasn't even meant to be among the first countries to get it originally. Or maybe they're worried about server load? Well, whatever the reason is, I hope Europe won't be too far behind, because pretty much everything about this game looks right up my alley!
  12. Go Vacation!

    I bought the game for my little sister today - okay, I partially bought it for myself too - and we spent the next five hours playing it nonstop. We wouldn't have stopped either, had I not noticed that it was nearly 10 PM and realized that I should probably get back to my apartment. Basically, this game is absolutely fantastic! My mouth almost hurts from laughing and smiling too much. Really looking forward to our next play session now... my family visits just got 1000% more entertaining!
  13. Pokémon Quest - Switch/Mobile

    This game is way more fun than I expected. Today's random free Pokémon was actually my first shiny in the game - a Slowpoke! (...I didn't actually realize it was a shiny before I looked in my Pokédex, though. ) And because I love TPC's trend of free-to-start games with a strict upper spending limit - I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this one doesn't even have any microtransactions at all! - I bought all the DLC on day 1, so I'm raking in 190 PM Tickets every day, which is definitely helping me progress steadily (using them all on Decorations, and Box Expansions whenever necessary). Now if I could just figure out how to get the Premier Ball Model...
  14. Fire Emblem Heroes (Android/iOS)

    I didn't even get any reds to choose from for my free summon, so instead I tried to get Gunnthrá again... and ended up with yet another 4-star Cherche. Meh. Not really too disappointed though, cause my free summon for the Bridal Bloom focus was Sanaki! I was so distressed when the only bride Hero I wanted was revealed to be yet another green like nearly every other seasonal I've thrown orbs at, but the Gods (...Ashera?) decided to smile upon me this time! ...Well, okay, I kinda wanted bride Ninian a little bit, too, but I won't push my luck. Better to save my orbs for the inevitable swimsuits...
  15. Nintendo Switch paid online coming 2018

    Yeah, I don't think anyone can - or should, at least - complain that cloud saves require a subscription, but not having local save backup options definitely sucks. Just let me use all that space on my microSD card, Nintendo... The family subscription plan is pretty good, at least. I have no interest in playing online, NES games, or their special offers (assuming that they'll probably be eShop discounts, and I always buy physical), so the cloud saves are the only part I'd be paying for, but if I can split the bill with a few of my family members it doesn't sound too horrible... ...But they should still definitely add local save backups.