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  1. Thanks Tellyn! x

  2. Where are you? I miss your face (and I need to expand about frinday night!) xxx

  3. Molly

    Yes but how amazing is my netbook. Jeeeeez. :heh:

  4. Yeah I watched the first few! I'm sure you saw my post about George Michael getting to me every so often and going into fits of hysterics!! It's good.

  5. Dear Ell,


    It won't let me look at it, it says 'Forbidden'; is it fruit?



  6. Football friends

  7. Oh don't worry about that! We just did the idle fake chit chat small talk that is forced upon us all with people like her, lol. xxx

  8. Molly

    I've got a white apple laptop though. I'm over white, black is my new love.

  9. Molly

    Lol. It doesn't work, needs fixing; that's why I bought this. Name dropping? You have a castle, shut up. :heh:

  10. Molly

    Please get rid of the anorexic living dead Tori, she disturbs me.


    Am I typing in comic sans? what is this?! :heh:

  11. How very presumptuous of you! :heh:


    I am, of course, there. xxx

  12. PM on its way xxx

  13. Ha, I chose last time, up to you. I'm easy like a Sunday morning xxx

  14. You can see I am you nutter!

  15. where is the Wimbledon thread?

  16. Welcome back doooood!

  17. Really? For me its ''cyclists on the road''. Have I...gone mad? Link me, please!

  18. Hahaha. The one where ReZ passed me the phone and I thought I was talking to someone, when in fact it was a voicemail? love it. Glad you enjoyed.

  19. See HWYD. xxx

  20. I'm good! I wish this weekend would go on forever! xxx

  21. Nah I'm not bothered about that one. I need to save some money, spent loooooads recently! xxx

  22. Molly

    You've changed your sig! Your old one was the best I've ever seen (apart from mine) :heh:

  23. You finally got it, yay! Haha, don't worry about the copy; one day I'll buy at least 1 comic of my own :heh: