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  1. has anyone been to this, this place is awesome, i got the object dock, which is so good and my desktop theme is now the windows vista one, which look cool


    is the website

    http://img47.imageshack.us/img47/8153/revoeurope4kz.jpg is what it looks like the vista one, it looks so cool.


    I already have that, and the Vista skin sucks in all(how many l's do I need here?) ways. I als ogot those sticky notes that is from some other software of Stardock, but pretty cool :P

  2. if you want to be a pilot you have to be in absolute PERFECT health..no glasses, no hearing probs, etc. someone i know wanted to be a pilot but couldnt cause he had a history of a collapsed lung



    I know and there comes the problem, I wear glasses, so goodbye dream, but maybe I'm going to some more techinichs.

  3. royal air force. also heard they closing a few of the stations my dad was in, in the north of scotland


    hmm royal air force, 'tis in england, amybe something if I really wanted to be pilot, which I don't so...

  4. Bitches. They best have sent me an email. I did it with two email adresses because I thought I may have mispelled the first one.


    I'll sit and wait. And if it never comes, oh well. But the offer was open when I downloaded the software.


    that was the same with me... I'm still waiting to get that email and it was also still open when I send my reqeust, maybe it is just a publicity stunt... aw well need to wait for it, and else I'm going to what I did earlier, reïnstall it without those trial features, I'll wait for tommorow :D

  5. Windows XP. Its a new dealy, they got it on the 29th August.


    They should call tech support ^^;


    if it's from 29th august it should be still in it's garuntee (did I wrote that correct?), and mostly that is fre, atleast it was by my brother... but be carefull with that... and do things that were already stated above.

  6. oOOoo!!

    Look at THIS!!



    So if Nintendo play their cards right and pull out their big guns (and ones from other companies), they will rule if Sony do lose 3rd party support.

    And I have noticed that companies (big japanese ones mainly) have been supporting Nintendo more.



    If I see that post at that forum, I sure will think that Sony will end up third, Xbox second, and Revolution first, evweryone wants these days gameplay and more realistic games, and that is what you get with nintendo.

  7. hey you know that you asked, me to make one for you = finished tommorow! I think, if I'm feeling a lot for it I make it today, but first things first, i need to type out something for school or else the teachers can't read and I wanna go badly to next class, but anyway results tommorow! *checks msn adress to be sure*