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  1. The Disney Thread

  2. General Movie Thread

    I said exactly the same thing to everyone. The use of White Rabbit was awesome though! I'm going to see Malignant today in the cinemas. It's the first time this year I'd be going. I've bailed out of the cinemas for months and I've been dying to go but I'm definitely going today!
  3. bad stuff thread.

    I love that 😂 😂 😂 but whatever happened to toys in cereals or spoons or something. Cereals are so boring now! I'm having store-brand cereal for a little bit. It took me about an hour to talk myself into it, telling myself that would never happen again 😂
  4. bad stuff thread.

    I had the fright of my life this morning to the point my anxiety levels just reached a stupid height. This morning, opened a new box of Cheerios, my absolute favourite thing, to find an ACTUAL LIVE SPIDER in the box! It was proper thick as well! For the record, I'm bloody scared of spiders! I don't give a fuck but it was horrible!
  5. General Movie Thread

    You didn't enjoy Ghostbusters II? I've seen this about 10 times already! I have been waiting over 25 years for this, when 6 year old me practically watched the two films all of the time, and my body is entirely ready for this one right now. Now THIS feels like a Ghostbusters movie! I honestly cried a little bit because Ghostbusters means a lot to me, which was why I got so annoyed with 2016. It just didn't feel like a Ghostbusters film but more of a slapstick mess with no rhyme or reason behind anything. I watched Ghostbusters 1984 in the cinemas before everything went to shit for it's 35th anniversary as it was something I always wanted to experience and it was glorious. I'd have loved a double-feature but I was glad to see my favourite film on the big screen and I'm just as excited to see this.
  6. I know you aren't attacking or hating and I respect that it's a genuine question so there's no worries on my part. If I'm honest, I just think it's way too new to know what the future implications may be. I have considered everything I've read and whilst I understand that it might be safe, if I'm not all in 100%, by good faith I can't do it because it will drive me crazy. As I have previously said, it took me ages to get the flu jab. It naturally just does. I can't help my thought processes, as much as I wish I could. If I had my own good time to process things and actually ease into it, I'd be fine. Yes, I know it's been quite a while but things take a while to get my head around. I've never said never and as I have said a thousand times, I'm not pro or anti. I'm simply against giving a time limit to get something that I, myself, am unsure of as I would have to live with the decision. As of right now, I am fine and happy. I keep distances, I clean and sanitise as I have always done. This is like second nature to me now and even with having the jabs, this wouldn't change for me or make me feel safer in any way. My own good time would probably be the only way for me to be comfortable. Giving me until September makes me extremely uncomfortable.
  7. Photography.

    This is so cute! That quality is stunning!
  8. I thought it was quite interesting, personally. Like all viewpoints, I like to hear all sides and their thoughts. Obviously @Nicktendo ultimately feels strongly about this as do you. Admittedly, it is nice to hear another side as opposed to "get the jab, got the jab, get the jab", which is okay because that's your choice just as it is theirs to not get it for their reasons. However, not having it yet is mine and maybe it was in my head but from the vibes I got from here, if I had said my thoughts, I would be a little hesitant in getting my point in because I'd be ambushed for not having them or something. I did feel a little alone in not having it yet, honestly, but it doesn't sit right with me that a government, who has got everything so wrong for the past near enough two years, is absolutely pushing this to the point it truly is blackmail. And honestly, I'd even be saying this if I had them too because nobody should feel any pressure into getting anything they're unsure of. As I said, get it or don't, it should always entirely be your decision with no other influence. This could potentially be a life-changing for better or worse. For that reason, it must fall into your hands as it is your health and your body and it is entirely you who would have to live the consequences whatever they may be.
  9. I do understand this and I understand that there are risks that come with vaccines even though they can effectively help combat whatever it is. I just find it very overwhelming. It's like there's so much noise with no actual clear cut voice. I think I'd feel much safer if there were further tests being done although I do completely understand why the vaccine was released and why people would take it. That would actually have been cool but I've never had one person think of getting their phones out. As for the hearing question, I did enquire about it before when I was younger and Specsavers said they were giving out hearing tests and they told me I needed to go to my doctors. At the time, years ago, I got an appointment to get them checked out and they basically cleaned my ears out. It made a bit of difference but not much at all. I know I should've followed it and called up but I have a fear thing with messing near my head. It took me a good few months to get my plantar fasciitis on my foot seen to so I guess you can say I'm a bit of a nightmare when it comes to that sort of stuff, haha. Besides, it's only really in the one ear and until now, I was coping okay because I could lip-read and nobody even knew, really. Although interestingly, I understand women more than men and a customer in my store who is deaf thinks it's a frequency thing. But since the masks, it's been worse. It's like I have that issue but if there's background noise as well as the mask muffling their voices, I tend to really struggle. I ask them to repeat themselves twice and still don't understand so then I just read their facial expressions and then try to behave accordingly. Sounds bad, I know, but yeah...it's only really with those who refuse to move their masks though. I believe what you've said is a little different though. Like if it's an individual company who had decided to operate in this way, that is on their head. To make it a law to have them is entirely different, in my eyes. I just don't think that doing this is the way forward towards a better future. If anything, I think it would be detrimental and would cause a further divide in a society that is already so divided. I also understand this because I was one of them who was easily judged. I just make my own judgment calls. If I feel like they are hygienic, I'll be a bit more at ease. If I see they don't care about their standards, I'll back the hell away. That sounds judgmental in itself, I realise that, but it's better to be safe than sorry.
  10. Yeah, I did read about that too. But I think my problem is the fear of the unknown. There's no possible way to know about future effects and that, for me, is something that genuinely concerns me a lot. Obviously the illness itself does too as does the side effects but what about the future and the impact it would have, the boosters for the new variants that would surely happen, etc.
  11. This is what I mean. I do find it very confusing when one moment it's this and the next, it's something entirely different. I've also read on different places the same thing. There's rarely ever any straightforward data anymore. Like I want kids in my future, that's a definite, but I'm actually a little dubious of whether that would affect my chances of having them. As ludicrous as this may sound to you, to me it doesn't.
  12. Not going to lie, I do like this gif and it's one of my favourite episodes too! However, please don't blame yourself for "sparking a debate" as I think it was kind of needed. My problem was that (and this is not me having digs at anybody, I promise) I felt that if you disagreed with the majority here, you were seen as stupid or lazy or awkward when that simply isn't the case. Not a dig but that was just a vibe I had got. If I'm honest, it was a long time coming. I was always toying with the idea of speaking up and although I have a couple of times, I felt like, as I have been a member here for years, this was a safe space to respectfully put my view across so people could see both sides of the "argument" with all respect intact. As I have always said: everyone has a right to an opinion as long as it's respectful and for me, although I may disagree, I will always respect an opinion without feeling the need to lash out. Also, I have read this post before typing this and I must say this is how I would hope everyone would react to someone who disagrees and it is actually why I whipped open my laptop especially to type this so kudos to you! I understand this completely. Although I do agree that they should be worn on closed spaces such as public transport (something in which I would much rather avoid as much as possible but I also understand that that would be impossible for others), wouldn't it be safe anyway if you alone wore your mask? You chose to protect yourself but if others don't want to by not wearing a mask, that's up to them. The other issue for me is the fashion masks. Although I'm sure it's better than nothing, surely getting those thicker masks would help more? I just think there's risk everywhere you go and the best you can do is avoid situations as much as possible. As I keep mentioning, I'm genuinely DYING to go to the cinemas as it's more or less the only place I feel truly relaxed but I wouldn't go because the thought of being in a room for over 2 hours with a load of people breathing the same air as me freaks me out a little. I mean, I even had my qualms about the gym but honestly, my gym is great for cleanliness and respectable distances so I've been okay with that so maybe there's hope for me yet...sorry, I just drifted away there...but that's my take on it. Everything about the bus or train freaks me out but if you (as in yourself) protect yourself all you can inside it, surely that is okay? I get that, actually. Although I'm all for choice when it comes to most things, I think it's sensible to actually wear something on a bus, train or in a hospital or surgery. The problem for me is that people got by for the longest time without a mask before it was law, even though I was wearing one for hours at a time (which turned out was not healthy for me at all). Honestly, another thing as well, I don't know about where you are but where I am, a lot of people never really wear them properly anyway. For instance, they cover their mouth but not their nose. Another thing is the face shields. I was asked to wear one but when I did it, I didn't see the point at all in them because, as you've said, if it's in the air then you can still breathe it in anyway so what was the point? I've gotten by without anything and *touch wood* I've never had it. That's not me saying that because I'm fine, it's totally safe and it's proven, but I am saying that a bit of self-awareness, hygiene and caution can go a long way. Okay but we have seen sporting events recently with them doing the exact same thing. We have seen Black Lives Matter protests doing the exact same thing. We have seen Anti-Lockdown protests doing the exact same thing. We have seen Anti-Paedophile protests doing the exact same thing. We have seen Women's Rights protests doing the exact same thing. I mean, honestly, when it comes to that, this isn't exactly anything new. You're always going to have differing viewpoints where people think masks do/don't work. I do agree that we all need to fight for the right to a choice and a voice though. This right here is a healthy way of doing this. I'm hearing your side and you're hearing mine. You respectfully disagree with me on some things and vice versa. Some people want to protest this and I understand it. It's a way for us to be heard and it's slowly being taken away. People notice it though because it's about the passports coming through and not because it's about race, gender, etc. I never heard many comments from anybody anywhere about wearing masks and distancing and when they did, they were shot down with "some things are more important" and the like. This is the same. For me, I believe this is important because we already live in a divided society, which is now becoming further divided with the vaccinated and unvaccinated and I hate it. I do think everyone needs to view it as a "glass half empty" situation though because effectively, this is a scary situation to be in. It's like, if they can do this, what else would they be able to do against your will? I don't want to take something I'm unsure of for the sake of "getting back to normal". It's a scary position to put people in, especially with those who may have issues with taking medicine and then putting a time limit on top of that. Okay, here's what I'm saying: If you're vaccinated, you shouldn't have anything to worry about, right? Because your vaccine will protect you against Covid more than it would against me. So with that in mind, if you were in a nightclub and God forbid you did have Covid and that entire club was exposed and a lot of them had vaccines, surely it's more of a risk for the unvaccinated? Because the vaccinated shouldn't feel the effects as much and isn't life-threatening and it's simply a case of having a bad cold (from what I was told)? So with that in mind, although it isn't life-threatening to you, surely it is more so to me (through my choice)? So using your club scenario, my life is way more at risk than yours is as you would have "a cold" and I would potentially die, which wouldn't be your fault obviously. Exactly my point, honestly. This government will 100% abuse it. There is absolutely zero doubt in my mind that this would happen. Look at everything that has happened for the past two years and it'll tell you exactly how this will be handled. I just know this is a bad idea all around. As I have previously mentioned and I will do so for effect, I'm not anti- or pro-vaxx but I am all for making your own choices when it comes to your own body, life and health. If you feel it is safe to take it or not take it, do so or do not as long as it is your choice and you have looked at everything. Unfortunately, not a lot of people are like you and this is through my experience entirely. I used to wear a lanyard saying "please remove your mask so I can understand you better" as I can pretty much lip-read. If there's no background noise, I can pretty much hear but if there is and there's people talking and music playing, I struggle to understand. I flash them the card and even tell them I need to lip-read and they either refuse to do so or move the mask down to their mouth. In the end, I just give up and don't bother anymore because nobody even took notice of it. I even got myself the sunflower lanyard, which is recognisable as Hidden Disabilities, and they still don't. I ask them twice and if they can't do one simple thing for me, what's the point in trying to converse? As I have said previously, my heart genuinely goes out to those who rely entirely on lip-reading because they must feel cut out from society. I used to be told I have the patience of a Saint but honestly, recently, my patience wears thin. Not to the point I get angry but to the point I become fed up and just say "It's okay, don't worry about it" and walk off until I find someone who doesn't wear a mask who could help me. But there will always be different variants. Heck, in September, if they bring this in (which I hope they don't), there might be a new variant that will prove ineffective against the vaccines. Germs mutate and grow stronger and resistant. I don't want to put stuff in my body I'm sceptical of right now. Honestly, even with the flu vaccinations, I have been ill from the effects of having them, which is partially why I do not want this right now. It had taken me years to even have that because I was a bit apprehensive but I did it in the end because I knew I'd need to but that was years. This is months compared. I've just been extremely unsure of this, let's face it, new vaccine and although I have people telling me "you'll be fine", they're not the ones who would have to live with the unknown future effects afterwards or the side effects of it after getting it- it would be me. With my survival rate also being very, very high (granted lower than others due to my "vulnerability"), I'd still rather take that chance for now. If it was below 60% or something, I'd probably highly think of getting it and even then, I'd be the same now. But this is what I was previously saying, if they were repeat offenders who had got released and struck again, if they were double jabbed, they would essentially get more freedom than I do? Isn't that a little warped? I'm not saying this is always 100% the case but I'm saying that if you have extremely violent thugs out in the streets who randomly attack people for fun (which has happened recently in an Asda supermarket), if they were double jabbed, they would get more freedom than me, an innocent law-abiding person who just refuses to inject something in his body due to uncertainty? Isn't that a little messed up? I understand what you mean about consequence but who are the government to decide what you put inside your body? The government are the ones who have made things worse in my eyes with their confusion, uncertainty, lies and deceit and I have major trust issues when it comes to whatever they say and as far as I'm concerned, they have blood on their hands that will never wash away. My issue with the vaccine as well is that we have the government telling us basically that it's their way or the highway and that's not very fair considering everything that has gone on. I understand people have lost loved ones, I have lost people too but the government can't more or less blackmail you into taking something to gain a life back that is rightfully yours anyway. I'm not taking it because I want to be awkward, I'm not taking it for my health and for the fact I know I commonly get side effects from medicine. Even if it wasn't on medical grounds, I would support anybody's choice to not have it should they not want it just as much as I would with those who would have it. So why wouldn't people who have had it support my choice? (and this is not a dig to anyone, it's just a general statement). Oh, this was more of an example. I've known people in real life as well as those adverts say stuff like "I'm taking a vaccine to protect you, a random person buying condoms in Morrisons" and I'm like "Come on!". It's not some act of selflessness, you're doing it to protect yourself and that is absolutely fine. I've heard people say they purely do it because they want a better society and taking the jab is a way towards that but my point was that if they want a better society, there's more things we need to fix before we even have that. Homeless, delinquents, crime, etc...these are all things that would need more attention to build a better society way more than having a jab. I'm not saying to give change to every homeless person you meet but I'm saying as a way of gaining a better society, there's things that can be done first that aren't being paid attention to. I'm not saying this as you but as in general. I'll be the first to admit that I could do a little more but I'm also going to admit that I would take the vaccine for more selfish reasons, which is fine. Oh, it can be. I was talking more about the people who say they're doing it for selfless reasons alone. You're doing it to protect yourself, which is absolutely okay. I would be the same too. It can be for whatever reasons you say it is but let's face it, you're doing it because you don't want to feel the full effects should you catch it, which I pray nobody does. Here's what confuses me though: people who have it say they have it to protect a person but how would it protect them if you (vaccinated) accientally gave it to them (unvaccinated)? Surely it would only benefit you... I'm thankful that you've noticed this because in all honesty, and this is not me trying to be sly here but has been something I have felt, I feel that people have judged me for not having it when in actual fact, I've done all I can to create a safer environment for myself and as an effect of that, for others too. For instance, I have a friend who does nothing but bang on about masks but I brought up the "bare minimum by just mask-wearing" argument with them. They had a pop at me because I don't wear a mask but when I gave them a list of basically everything I do in my every-day life, I got told I'm being OTT because I wipe stuff before it comes into the car/house or I mouthwash with Listerine or hand sanitise very regularly or carry cleaning stuff with me but I don't think I am. I'm just being careful and for me, *touch wood* that has worked so far and I'll continue to do it. I don't even think of it anymore, it's just become second nature. I'd rather be careful than care-free. I'll be honest with you right now, even if I had the vaccines, I'd be exactly the same as I am now. I would not be any different at all. I've said it before and I'll say it again, although I think it is making a difference, I just don't think it would benefit me massively. I'm very apprehensive of going to places. Even eating out is a bit of a mixed reaction to me because of people preparing my food. It sounds weird, I get it, but it's a little daunting to me. Eventually I'll get over it but right now, it's a bit of a mixed bag. I was quite sceptical of having a takeaway that was ordered for my birthday but I ended up having it and I was fine so I'm definitely stepping forward slowly but surely. But this is my mindset and how I am. It sounds totally crap and like I'm overly cautious or very scared and timid but I have a pretty confident personality but I'm just also very subconsciously cautious.
  13. I definitely will! 100% agree with this. For me personally, I would much rather have the future health implications known before I even take it. It seems to me that there's loads of research being done, which is great, but I would want certainty not only in the research but in myself as well. I don't want to rush in to getting something to get back to normal, which is what many people have done (and that is fine because it is their choice). If it did fall to it, I'd rather be ostracized before taking something against my will and something I'm unsure of and I'm more than prepared for it. It's already happened to me anyway with people becoming heated for not having it yet...that's fine, I can take it because at least I still have my rights to choose what I do with my health and my body. I'd much rather be 100% safe in the knowledge that it would not affect my future. It's been crazy with my mental health overthinking absolutely everything and I know if I had the jab and went in with both feet to find out later that there would be something in the future, it would drive me insane. The way I see it: My body, my choice. Your body, your choice. Voluntary consent without the use of pressure of any kind no matter how small is important in any aspect of life, especially when it affects one's physical and mental health.
  14. This right here is what I mean though. Whilst I understand abortions and vaccines are different procedures, what you CHOOSE to do with YOUR OWN BODY should entirely be YOUR CHOICE and yours alone. Also, I'm very mad about the right to protest too because it's taking away everyone's right to voice their opinion but isn't it awfully strange that that had come in and then, after saying passports wouldn't happen, suddenly from September we can't go places unless we have one. Honestly I can't even believe that there are people who do not understand just how wrong this is. I even know vaccinated people who are just as outraged as I am about this. Also, just for the record, I'm seen as one of these vulnerable people but I still disagree with the emotional blackmail (let's call it as it is) of getting a vaccine to keep me alive. At the end of the day, you do you. Are you going to walk past everyone in the street and ask if they've had theirs? No you wouldn't. Does it necessarily make a difference in my life if you have or haven't? No it wouldn't because I'm still going to live the way I want to anyway. Just to reiterate, although I disagree with getting the vaccine until there's further tests and data regarding future health implications (and for the record, I'm like this with a lot of medicine anyway as I tend to get side effects), I'm not against the vaccine. I'm against the government pressuring you to get it through not allowing your freedom to do what you want to. As I mentioned earlier, I love going to the cinemas but it's MY CHOICE not to go because I don't feel safe enough and everyone who's getting the vaccine for other people's benefit won't change matters for me. I totally realise that I can catch it and possibly become worse but that's my burden, not yours. It sucks but I crack on with it. Honestly anybody having the jabs will be treated just the same as someone who hasn't had it. I keep a respectable distance and that's that. If I want to wear a mask, I'll do so if I have to be in close but even then, it's hard for me to wear them for long before my breathing becomes affected. I just honestly do not buy that everyone is getting the vaccine for unselfish reasons though. I don't buy that the majority has booked theirs and said "I'm not doing this for me, I'm doing this for the random stranger I might meet in a bus stop. I'm doing this for a better society! ". Let's not lie here, the majority are not really doing it for a better society but for your own health and that is okay to be selfish because I don't honestly blame you. That is entirely your choice. If you were trying to gain a better society, there's a fuck ton more that needs doing.
  15. I do wish there were more people like you who would remove their masks for them because in all honesty, it's a pain in the arse for me and I've noticed I become more impatient and frustrated whereas before, I had loads of patience. As I say, keeping a distance and still removing their mask should be okay but there's seems to be extremes on both sides of the mask and unmask debates. As I said, I understand Covid has had a huge impact and whilst I understand they're not the same, the flu can also kill just as much. Why else do you see adverts every year to "catch it, bin it, kill it" and to get flu jabs for? It can be bad news for the elderly and people with severe asthma and immune system difficulties if they did catch it but in my experience, people refuse to get it because "they don't want to be ill for a couple of days". With that in mind, considering it would be bad for those people, isn't that not helping build a better society? A person is a person after all. Here's the thing for me: whilst you're not harming people, you're still effectively harming the homeless and your society. Also, you say this but isn't it harming yourself (mentally or physically) getting a vaccine. People can say all they like that they get it for strangers but let's be real, the majority are not really doing it for society but for their own health and potentially their friends and family too. I do agree that PEOPLE have a PERSONAL right to stay away from those who have not been vaccinated as it is THEIR CHOICE but for the government to make it law to treat others differently just doesn't sit well with me. Also, I'm not religious but I believe that it's their right to not have one if it falls on to religious reasons. We've been taught growing up to not treat others differently due to their religious beliefs, race, sex, orientation, etc. Wouldn't this be totally throwing it all out of the window? As regards to the paedo quote, I believe it is something to absolutely think about. If it's this easy to exclude others from society for not injecting something into their bodies that they're unsure of, why isn't it this easy to do the same with paedophiles, rapists and very violent people? We talk about a safer society but wouldn't that be safer especially if they are repeat offenders? Finally, I understand this one and I believe there should be a balance but I don't think this approach is it.
  16. I get your points. However if you're wearing a mask (a strong one and not a fashion one as most people wear) and you're not in someone's personal space, that's not bad, right? I just don't think a mask is going to MASSIVELY help as most people either don't wash their rewashable ones, reuse their disposable ones, the majority never wear them properly anyway or they're not strong enough. I get something is better than nothing but still. I'm not even saying this but I've known people get it who do wear masks just as much as those who don't. I've also seen people who "wear masks" mostly (as in it only covers their mouth and exposes their nose, defeating the purpose). As I previously mentioned too, the hearing impaired are the ones who truly suffer with lack of communication due to people refusing to remove their masks. It wouldn't be bad if they wore the window masks exposing their lips but everyone don't. I've not seen one person with one and yet you can get them from shops everywhere. Like I say, I just ALWAYS notice people doing the bare minimum which is wearing a mask and nothing else. They almost never sanitise their hands, their trolley handles, basket handles, sanitise their hands before touching phones, etc, and germs spread just as much and live on surfaces. Now with this in mind, next time you go out, actually take a look around and see how many people do it. I don't know about other countries as I'm in the UK but very little people do it. The only time I can honestly say I see them always do it is in my gym, which is very surprising. I still find it wrong that you're not allowed freedom if you don't have a vaccination because it "don't help society". A lot of people don't have flu jabs and other vaccinations so do they get restricted freedom because of that? Not only that but people talk about helping society but I'm willing to take this point a little further and possibly OTT and stray a little but actually ask if people help their fellow man. Do they partake in charity work? Help feed the homeless? Etc. I know it isn't the same as having a vaccination but that too would be helping build a better society but because people may choose to not have a vaccination they're unsure of (and rightly so if it makes them feel anxious about their own health that they have to live with for the rest of their life), they should be more or less blackmailed into having one? Most are innocent, law abiding human beings who deserve to have the right to accept or refuse vaccination for whatever reason they may have. I might agree or disagree and that is my God given right as a human to have my opinion just as its your right to agree or disagree with me respectfully. The belief thing is where it becomes very problematic as not only will you gain a huge divide in society on which there's already one regarding race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc, but you'll also cause them within these sectors too. It's very troublesome and will ultimately cause issues with discrimination and lack of freedom. Personally, in my opinion, the fact this is happening quite frankly disgusts me considering you have crooks and true criminals out there such as paedophiles and rapists that do not deserve freedom and should have more time focusing on having less crime in areas and yet could possibly be given more freedom than a person who has not been jabbed because they're unsurehow it will impact their health? We are living in crazy times. This horrible illness won't be going away anytime soon. I think people are deluded if they think it will. We need to resemble as much of a normal life as possible because honestly, this is no proper life. Mental health issues is very high right now and it's going to get worse. I know mine has suffered tremendously but slowly I'm starting to come back to my normal self again.
  17. I get it. I don't go to the cinemas because I feel too closed-in and feel like sitting there for over 2 hours would heighten my risk of catching it and I absolutely love going to the cinemas. I think in busy places such as trains and buses is completely understandable as it's closed spaces but even so, it's their choice and as long as they don't get in my personal space, they can do what they like, in my opinion. As I've said before, keep a respectable distance and have good hygiene. As I've also said before, I see nobody even washing their hands in and out and even going around today in shopping centres, the bottles aren't being filled up. It's funny though because as I enter a shop, I put on sanitiser and I always see someone behind me, who blatantly wasn't going to sanitise their hands, sanitise them because they see me do it. I do disagree with the passports and I think it's very wrong that the government are trying to do this. It is your body and it should be your choice. I'm quite intrigued to know how this would work for people who can not get it for personal, medical or religious reasons. How are they even going to police it? I just think be aware, keep a distance as much as you can and just keep your common sense about you. If you feel like you need a mask, have it on you along with hand sanitiser. I keep everything I need in my bag: dettol wipes, dettol spray, mask, hand sanitiser, gloves, etc.
  18. For me, regarding the mask thing, I understand when it comes to places like a bus or somewhere extremely close but anywhere else should be fine. I don't like them because sometimes, communication for me has been bad. I can ask people to remove their mask for me to lip-read even though I'm keeping 2m away or behind a screen but they still won't and it can be frustrating to the point you just walk away because you literally see no point. I even have the lanyard with a card stating "please remove your mask so I can lip-read" but nobody took any notice so now I don't bother. Out of 10 people, I would honestly say 3 would remove their mask, 5 move it down to their nose still covering their mouth and 2 wouldn't do it. I have hearing difficulties and it's something I've got by with by lipreading and I've been fine until now. Sometimes I can hear but when there's noise, sometimes I struggle very bad to the point when they don't remove their masks because I can't hear, they constantly have to repeat themselves. My heart truly goes out to the fully deaf people who have to go through this worse than I do. Whilst I think masks should always be a choice, and whilst you don't have to agree with me and that's okay, all I ask of you guys is if someone struggles to hear you and asks you to remove your mask to lip-read, please...PLEASE do it and just keep a respectable distance. I'm not saying you don't or anything but it's just a tad annoying because it's literally cutting someone away from communication. The thing that will never fail to astonish me is how invincible people think they are just because they've had two jabs. I genuinely know people with and without jab(s) who have Covid or are/was in hospital. That worries me. I've had people literally try to shake my hand or hug me now they've had the vaccine and I'm like *fist bump if you really need to and then hand sanitiser* 😂 Thats another thing. Hygiene. It's literally the easiest thing (or should be the easiest thing) but people hardly/never do it. As you all know, I'm exempt from a mask because I have bad asthma (especially in this heat) however I sanitise my hands a lot, wiped stuff before it enters my car with Dettol wipes, wash my clothes and mouthwash and shower as soon as I get in the house. The fact is people think slapping a piece of fabric on your mouth (not even covering your nose with most of the people and re-used time again without swapping or washing them with some people) is enough but fact is, you touch something a thousand people have touched and then you touch your nose or face or mouth or even adjust your mask without thinking because it's second nature...well, that's not good. I'm all for everything returning to normal but come the fuck on. Basic hygiene should honestly be the bare minimum over everything else.
  19. Huge Resident Evil fan so I would definitely say Resident Evil 4 is the best one in the series closely followed by Resident Evil 2 and then Village. Whilst I understand that Ethan may not exactly be the greatest character in the series, Ashley is 100% the worst and yet it doesn't spoil the game even though she's one of (if not, the) major flaw in it. I do believe that Village brought the series back to it's survival horror reputation, nicely mixing the survival aspect and the horror without overusing the action, much like Resident Evil 6 did. For me, I enjoyed the characters in Village as much as I enjoyed them in Resi 4. Most Resi games are enjoyable to me with only a few I couldn't play because they were either boring, they sucked or they sort of aged a little.
  20. General Movie Thread

    I enjoy them. I really liked it BUT it's the weakest out of the three. The Nun is awful though. It was about 90 minutes of nothingness.
  21. How do you deal with annoying people?

    It depends on the level of annoyance for me and depends on the place of where I'm at but most of the time, I confront the problem in the nicest way possible.
  22. The Circle TV show

    @Josh64 @EEVILMURRAY Circle, open "BEST CIRCLE SLAGS" chat. So guys, I have something interesting to tell you all. Completely out of the blue, I bumped into Manrika. Shocked face emoji. She was with her mom, shopping. She seemed pretty nice but there were a few others around her as well and she gave off the vibe that she wanted to be left alone but wanted to be polite. However, she did say that she still talks to Hashu regularly. I really wanted to ask the burning question of if she spoke to Natalya after the Felix ordeal and about the cameras in the bogs but chickened out because she genuinely looked like she just wanted to carry on with her day. But yeah, there you go! 😂 Kiss kiss, send!
  23. You have to do what is best for you. My thoughts are with you on your loss, mate. I'm sorry to hear the news of your friends.
  24. Spiral

    I've just seen it. It's definitely not the best. It doesn't even feel like part of the SAW franchise. MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD! For me, it felt so slow. The problem it also had was the traps themselves were sort of unwinnable. For instance, all of them could've been beaten but it would've been very slim. That's not what John Kramer was about, that was more Hoffman's style. Which also brings me on to another point: how was there even no mention of Hoffman? I understand that Final Chapter was his sudden reveal but to not even mention he was still missing or something? Also, there was a picture of Obi and Kramer but not Lawrence Gordon or even Amanda, given their connection. Obi had very, very minimal interaction with Jigsaw. I don't know how I feel about the film, honestly. I feel that Chris Rock did great but I actually genuinely guessed everything correctly within 10 minutes. Normally with the SAW films, I can kind of guess its ending but the execution of how it ends is normally shocking. The reveal was a bit flat for me too. It felt like it was trying to be Se7en a lot. I enjoyed it for what it was but if I was to give it a SAW ranking, it would probably be 5th or 6th out of 9.
  25. It's not massively different where I am as there are still people wearing masks (and I'm still struggling to either hear or struggling to get people to take them off so I can lip read even though I'm standing at a distance). Personally I can't wait until masks are done but purely because it's been a bit of a struggle for me to have a conversation. Like, I have a card that I used to wear saying "Please remove your mask so I can understand you better" and when I need to, I also say "I need to lip read, could you please remove your mask a sec?", I'm blatantly standing 2m away anyway because I do but you'd be surprised that most people just move it down to their nose and still cover their lips. The people I feel sorry for are the deaf community. I struggle to make out words a little and can 80%-90% get by on keywords but I know a deaf customer who has said this has been bad for him. I think if all people had those window masks, it wouldn't have been so bad but I suppose it can't be helped but still. Just made me feel bad for the guy.