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  1. k, safe mode doesnt make any difference, so ill have to use the restore disk (and hope i dont loose all my models/texturing/scriptong work
  2. New controller picture!! ....x and y?

    yes, and the little a and b is on the reflection too also, wheres the Revolution logo on the console gone....its been replaced
  3. CSS anyone?

    i have it, but have never played it
  4. Another budget Laptop Thread

    have a look at this one: http://www.acernotebooks.co.uk/Acer_Aspire_5024WLMi_LX.A4605.048/version-1.asp Much better AND cheaper. max resolution is 1280by800
  5. Opera is now a free browser.

    i tried opera when they were giving it away for free. Witout an easy to use adblock plugin, its not worth bothering with.
  6. Adverts That Blow - Secondary Remix

    the old "The 3rd Place" adverts frome aeons ago. Worst. Adverts. Ever.
  7. Revolution not completly revealed?

    oh noes. not the visor thing again.
  8. [Video Game] Wallpapers here! (56k)

    Maiky-NiSuTe, any chance of releasing the rev and GameCube models?
  9. Norton Antivirus

    I got notron with my laptop...i uninslalled it in less than a week. I reccommend AVG.
  10. 6/10, nice, but the N64 controller looks really bad
  11. using firefox (win XP), its fine for me.
  12. confused : Which laptop?

    Well, if you can afford a bit more (£620) get thre Acer Aspire 3023WLMi from http://www.acernotebooks.co.uk Runs Half-Life 2 (with medium textures/models) extremely well...havent played CS:S yet, even though its installed.
  13. 10/10 very futuristic, love ones like that
  14. Questions

    thets how many people have put you as their "refferer" when they registers Why are postcounts visible in the profile? i thaught you had turned them off?
  15. Things That are Excellent!

    I got a few days off school as there was a fire there
  16. Things That aren't excellent

    My school has no canteen has it was badly damaged in a fire
  17. This is MY thread. Well, now i can finally get rid of my stupid underscore. 6/10 ok, but doesnt look amazing