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  1. When I left the shrine and decided to climb a few trees, test out Link's movement, and generally dawdle, Zelda's voice came in with a pop-up box urging me to hurry to the waypoint. Haven't seen any of those since thankfully.
  2. That would be cool, away this weekend anyway. Let me know. On topic: Loving the game. Full of surprises, and I've barely scratched the surface.
  3. If you can find it and it's not getting any use, can I pinch it off you for a tenner? Did we done business before? If that's too much hassle no qualms.
  4. Just realised the stick placement is the same as the tablet pad. Whyyyyyyy? You still using yours @Happenstance ?
  5. My WiiU arrived today. Feeling the vibe for this game in a major way. Was a little let down by some textures/draw distance and being barked at by that omniscient voice when I didn't immediately run to the objective upon leaving the resurrection shrine (is there any way to turn off those obtrusive notifications?) Other than those niggles though, just wow! It is incredibly familiar Zelda territory and yet unlike anything Nintendo has made before. The complexity of the systems at work is what strikes me, physics wise, movement wise (e.g climbing, magnet trial), scale wise, combat wise (headshots, Nintendo?!) all the way down to the ways you can interact with the world and get lost in the nooks and crannies. In past Zelda games every item, path and enemy was confined to a very limited context, but now that's been thrown wide open. It's more like an immersive sim now with its interlocking systems, than it is a tightly choreographed RPG. I mean, it obviously still is tightly choreographed, but the sense of freedom is intoxicating. Is it worth getting a pro controller? I'm struggling with the controls/inventory, and I'm not sure how much is down to me being unfamiliar with the WiiU pad, and how much is me being unfamiliar with the cumbersome game controls.
  6. New Software!

    Struggling to see a rule for when the the star/circle icons are visible/clickable, but I think I'll grow accustomed to clicking the time-of-post link displayed on the right instead, as that's in the same area as the last-post button was previously. Final page thing is fine, was seeing phantoms with that one. Yeah, I meant the thread listing when you go into a board. At the moment different sections of the site seem to be floating in place/unfinished, even though it functions fine (see also the N-Europe banner that creates dead white space where lines don't join up. Picky/pedantic I know, BUT IT'S MY HOME TOO!
  7. New Software!

    Maybe I just need to get used to it, but is there any way you guys can add an icon/button that takes you to the last page and/or reply for threads? At the moment there's only a linked date that takes you to the latest reply. Obviously that's picky and not much of a priority for you right now, but I might not be the only one. Also, maybe a theme that gives the topics a hard border would be good.
  8. Managed to buy a second-hand Wii U with Breath of the Wild, Minecraft, Splatoon, Super Mario 3D World, Super Mario Maker & New Super Mario Bros for £120 including delivery. I feel like that's a pretty good deal, to the point I'm worried about getting conned. Pumped for Zelda. I've been extremely disciplined in the way I've avoided pretty much all footage of the game (apart from the early videos showing off the overworld). I don't know for example how the dungeons work, or even if there are conventional dungeons at all. The things I do know a little about like the breakable weapons, a sense of mystery inspired by the original game, collectibles and recipes etc are the kinds of bold moves I've been wishing for Nintendo to make for a long time, and by all accounts it sounds like they've delivered with this one. Argh, it's gonna be lit! (Please don't take the above as an invitation to spoil everything for me)
  9. General Switch Discussion

    Oh really? I thought there were draw distance and frame rate issues but maybe I've misremembered. Had forgotten about that option so thanks for pointing it out.
  10. General Switch Discussion

    I'm desperate to play Breath of the Wild but I don't have anybody I can borrow/rent a Switch from. What would be the cheapest way for me to play it? I'm happy to buy a Switch and a copy of Zelda and then sell them on as soon as I've completed the game, so would buying the system second hand and selling it on be the best approach? Not intended as a troll because Mario also looks great, albeit not as important to me, and other than the prospect of The Last of Us 2 and hinted FromSoftware projects, I have no urge to buy another PS4 after selling my last one a year ago.
  11. Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy (PS4)

    Trivial I know but the name for the trilogy is pissing me off. Dr. N.Gin was a cyborg character from the originals who had a missile lodged in his nut, and even though his name was a weak pun on 'engine', there was a basis for it. Compare to N.Sane, for which there is no character to base the pun on, and which doesn't even work phonetically. Who pronounces insane with an 'e'? Basically, the name can fuck off.
  12. Clegg was a far better MP than Farron.
  13. Metroid Prime 4 (Switch)

    It's a big ask for a new developer to come in and capture the essence of the originals (1 & 2 in particular) while making the series relevant to today. I think they need to overhaul the lock-on system without turning the game into a straight-up FPS, or do something to tweak the combat. Add melee weapons? Turn the screw-attack into an actual viable attack? Anything that incorporates the extra abilities into the combat would be great because compartmentalising every upgrade into ultra-specific functions (e.g. traversal only, morph ball only) is a little outdated now. I'd be interested to see if they could make snapping between first and third person more fluid so that you could maintain momentum between the two, or anything that avoids slow confrontations that devolve into games of ring a ring o' roses. The new DOOM has shown there's still life in the genre to explore mechanically, especially movement wise.
  14. E3 2017 - PlayStation Live from E3

    Stop feeding him.
  15. Monster Hunter World (PS4)

    Won't be playing this because I'm vegan.
  16. Super Mario Odyssey

    Holy fucking shit, this looks incredible. Really hope the transformation stuff allows for creative solutions/mad speed runs.
  17. E3 2017 - PlayStation Live from E3

    Spider-Man could be special but it's hard to judge how much of it is open world at this point. Insomniac have really pulled it out of the hat though. Edit: seems pretty open world, fears allayed
  18. E3 2017 - PlayStation Live from E3

    Don't jynx it. I am so fucking tired but I didn't stay up last year so I'll see how it goes.
  19. E3 2017 - PlayStation Live from E3

    First megaton is upon us guys: Knack 2 trailer. Game's gonna be huge.
  20. The Last Night

    I hope this game tanks.
  21. Good point. What I was trying to say was that he had to make some compromises like cutting corp tax to get Murdoch onside (maybe they were compromises for the party rather than his neoliberal brand of politics). Pretty much word. I think there are some legitimate criticisms of him as far as leadership is concerned - messaging/PR wasn't always clear, he didn't play the political game enough (I get that this is his appeal, but little things like dressing scruffily and not singing the national anthem turn more people away than it does win them over) and sometimes his incompetence has undermined policy announcements e.g. doing shadow cabinet reshuffles when the party was announcing rail transport plans, which meant the plans failed to gain traction in the media. All of these things in the grand scheme are negligible though when it comes to his actual vision for our country's future. What is certainly true is that he has managed to politicise a huge number of young people who were previously uninterested in politics. He's given them (including me) hope, an understanding that there's a real alternative to the status quo. His legacy will last beyond this election campaign, and he's only served 2 years as leader. I've been amazed at his campaign so far, he's truly turned things around and brushed up on his image. He's finally conceded some of his ideals to appease the PLP, when before he was obstinate, but he hasn't compromised too much. He's achieved so much in a short space of time. <3 Corbyn.
  22. Blair was so successful largely because he pandered to Murdoch. It is depressing.
  23. The Corbyn election memes are too much. Some context before the first one though (Alan Partridge-esque Tory campaign video): And new Cassetteboy if you hadn't seen it already:
  24. I've been waiting a long time to hear a leader speak some sense during these campaigns but Corbyn's right on the money with this: A useful policy breakdown as well: