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  1. Platty gone! Noooo

  2. Project.One - my own action short

    I still check the place out from time to time. I see cube-europe/N-europe as the beginning of my career! ;-) Keep on gaming!
  3. Ahh, I remember when I first met people from Cube-Europe about 10 years ago... Pretty much shaped the rest of my life! Hah Good luck people!



  5. Project.One - my own action short

    It was not intended to make you sad! Watch the Monster video to cheer you up ;-)
  6. Project.One - my own action short

    A few people have emailed me saying a similar thing. Can't see it myself. The video just makes me want energy drink. Got a few free crates from the job as well, I was buzzing for months.
  7. Project.One - my own action short

    Apparently it was a bit legendary, and I'm pretty sure all the other websites followed suit, including IGN. It's just... none of them have done it better. Although it probably led me to shoot and edit things like this: ;-)
  8. Project.One - my own action short

    Hey beautiful people of N-Europe Aye, I know I haven't posted in ages but on a google search I came across this thread! It's years old now and oh how N-Europe has come along and is pretty damn awesome now. If anyone who was on this thread still uses these forums the full short film is now online at: http://www.youtube.com/embed/8Dm8exMK_3M Keep on gaming!
  9. My first directed music video! :)

    Bit shortsighted of you to be calling someone a skank who you've never met. Sure she has silicone fake breasts, and makes some money out of it, but she really isn't a skank.
  10. My first directed music video! :)

    Heh, thanks Sanchez. Can't say the song is right up my alley either, but to be fair I think its better musically than most of whats in the charts at the moment (again that's not saying much). Still! I hope the band make it as they have put in a LOT of effort whilst being unsigned. Next up is a girlgroup, now I'll have some fun with that one!
  11. Zero Punctuation!

    The EVE review was spot on. One of the better recent ZP reviews!
  12. My first directed music video! :)

    That was exactly the point though fex! And hey, I can only direct and produce the ideas that the band wanted.
  13. Hey hey hey people of N-Europe. A few months ago I directed my first music video (was on a tight budget for what was wanted!). The song gets released today and hopefully the band will make it into the UK Top 40! They are unsigned and deserve success so if you like the song give it a download (have a look at their site!). Didn't have much time during the shoot and well, I put in all I could technically/creatively! I'm very pleased with how it came out, was good to be involved in the entire process from listening to the song and looking at the two available locations and drumming up an idea the band were happy with. There is a making of video uploaded too. I know a few of you have seen some of my stuff before! I'm currently working on Prince of Persia the film! Which is crazy because I remember helping the founder of Cube-Europe out with reviewing and going through the original GC game all those years ago! Enjoy and lemme know what you think or just comment on the vid on youtube. See you IN GAME. woohar
  14. Just rent the game and return your funked up one
  15. Music Video: Never Leave Me Alone

    It'll always be Cube-Europe to me.. but for some reason 'Cubeions' didn't sound right! So I went for the next best thing