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  1. I don't mind the Switch having a slow burn launch - definitely gonna give it a month or two until at least Puyo-Puyo-Tetris comes out (pro-tip - buy some version of Puyo-Puyo-Tetris). My concerns all centre around Nintendo trying to muddy up what should be a simple slam-dunk concept. A single Nintendo system that works on the go or attached to a TV? Great! IR sensors? Multiple controller configurations? "HD Rumble"? Whut? Why? Who? How? When? WHICH?


  2. I'm curious to see how well this controls - reports seem positive. If Nintendo must insist of constantly reinventing the wheel they at least (usually) find ways of making it work.

  3. Nearly two weeks into training at the new job, all seems well so far. Only wrankle is that the other training group we came in with have been wiped out for a week and a half by Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease (not dangerous but very unpleasant and extremely contagious - they've literally had to tape off the room they were training in) so now we're all losing sleep over how run-down we should be feeling.

  4. My one hope is that Ellie is the main playable character this time around. Joel's alright but Ellie's always been the heart and soul of it. Left Behind really benefited from focusing on her for a couple of hours.

  5. Pulled the trigger on a laptop upgrade - Acer, i5 7200u, 950m 4gb, 1Tb+ 256gb SSD, £600 from Ebuyer. Nice for the price, a modest beast but light years ahead of my faithful 4y/o Inspiron (which will enjoy a reasonable retirement as a family photo dipository for my mum).