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  1. 1 hour ago, martinist said:

    Are the fans ment to be running all the time? I can't hear the fans themselves but when i put my hand over the top vent i can feel air being blown out even when the console is off.

    I've got it set to instant on mode. Will they stop if i put it in power saving mode? or would that effect my background downloads?

    According to this, looks like that's normal. Gotta keep itself cool while still ticking over. 

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  2. Argh, that sounds horrible & frustrating! I would say you've got to look after number 1 first. It's shit not being able to fight back against someone's unethical behaviour but it doesn't sound like you're the one in a position to do it. If leaving represents an opportunity for something better & lets you protect your health that's a no-brainer and it's not an immoral choice. You are not required to destroy yourself on everyone else's behalf. Better to look after yourself until you're in a position to make a positive difference with proper support, whenever & wherever that is. 

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  3. I've been reading around as I'm also considering a 4k upgrade in the future. To be honest unless you're a real cinephile even the budget brands like Toshiba & Hisense are pretty decent TVs these days, especially if all you want is a good size and plenty of HDMI ports. I'll suggest this one if 55'' isn't too big for your space. 

    I'm waiting until after new year's and seeing what's knocking around used or on clearance.

    I will also mention for anyone who might need to know, I've learned that if you want to make maximum use of the new consoles you'll want a TV with a HDMI 2.1 input specifically. Only some high end TVs include it at the moment though (for 4k120, HDMI 2.0 only does 4k60). 

  4. Just tried my 10 minutes and it worked astonishingly well for me. Obviously mileage may vary depending on connection & setup but it ran smooth, no artifacting, no jumping, and any lag controlling was barely noticeable while playing in handheld with the router on the other side of the flat. Already own it on a decent PC, but if I didn't have one I would seriously consider playing it this way. 

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  5. 11 minutes ago, Ronnie said:

    Interesting, thanks for the insight, I knew about the punishing difficulty but didn't know about being able to choose from a variety of character classes. The premise kind of intrigues me and I think I'd like to give one of these games a go, so maybe will make it this one.

    Yeah, it's a very popular series in the "Let's Play" sphere partially because people are interested to see the different ways different people approach the challenge. I might one day give one another try, it's definitely one where the struggle is the reward. 

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  6. 1 hour ago, Ronnie said:

    Can someone explain the appeal of Demon Souls for someone who's never played it, nor played any Souls games?

    All I saw in the gameplay demo was the main character running through corridors taking foes out with a boss at the end.

    Is it a metroidvania? Are there puzzles? Lots of fun items to use?

    The 'Souls games are their own very unique thing, so while some love them others will bounce straight off. I played a chunk of Dark Souls and decided it wasn't my thing but it still deepened my respect for the series. There isn't really anything you can compare them to outside of the series. 

    The core of it is an extremely dark, European medieval fantasy with deep Bible-scale lore and supernatural elements. It's most basic premise is you are a soul literally fighting your way out of a gothic hell where nothing is quite what is seems and the game play is designed to reflect that. It's a gruelling journey. Every enemy can kill you easily if you're not careful and death can be a significant setback, so the stakes of most encounters are high.

    You can approach the challenge with a wide variety of character classes but you are not a nimble, indestructible fighter - you're a slow & clunky knight in armour, or a physically feeble wizard, or a lock-picking thief in a loincloth. Weapons degrade. Experience collected as "souls" from slain enemies can be lost when you die. Save points and opportunities to level up are sparse. Bosses are powerful, frequent, & radically different each time. You will die many times. 

    Like I said, it's not my thing. However if you want a genuine challenge with interesting lore, phenomenal art, and some brilliant monster design, I would definitely give one of them at least a go. I'd honestly recommend everyone at least try to play one at least once, even if you then walk away, just to see what it is. 

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  7. Finally did something about my drifting joycon and it was much easier to fix then I imagined. All it was was dust - got underneath the little rubber skirt with one of those little brushes they pack with electric shavers and it's good as new again, after months of drifting. You could probably do it with a clean dry toothbrush with long enough bristles. 



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  8. Watched the first few ep of Aggretsuko, really strong start this season. Retsuko & Fenneko exploring VR in their living rooms is the loudest I've laughed at my TV in a while. 

  9. After the first 4 episodes I'm not sold on it but Lower Decks still has a lot of potential. There's no reason not to have a comedy series set inside the 'Trek universe but I'm hoping it'll have moved from being a Trek parody to having it's own Trek identity soon. Still one-too many shades of Rick & Morty hanging on it as well.

  10. It's a real shame for sure, but I'm not totally heartbroken since it's only a remake. I'll give it a look when it arrives but I should probably get some of the excellent comic sequels for a new fix of the good stuff. We'll always have the original masterpiece. 

  11. Interesting race, I'm still rooting for Lewis but it's kinda nice to know the Merc isn't totally unbeatable. Hulk put in a great effort as well, shame he had to pit again. Would love for him to coma back and get that podium one day. 

  12. Maybe this just me turning into a Dad (minus any children) but the new Flight Simulator has me drooling. Maybe it's the Covid and wanting a sense of space. Maybe I recently got into train sims and I don't know who I am anymore. Needless to say the streaming real-world maps looks super impressive, and will supposedly have air traffic matched onto real-life traffic via transponder data. At the very least I'll soon know how to cold-start an Airbus 320, never know when thatwill come in handy.


    Out on PC & PC gamepass next month (consoles to follow). Who wants to join the mile high club with me?

    (The F is for "flight". Among other things)

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