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  1. I still have all my GCN games. Never sold any, and the ones I had lent have already been returned. I have 24, 25 games, I could list them if I tried, but I'm way too tired for that.
  2. Your Pet

    Here's a picture of my cat, Romeu, just lying around (never mind the quality, the photo was taken with a very lame phone camera): I'll try to post some pictures of my guinea pig (Damião) and my dog (Pituxa).
  3. Commercial songs/music

    Yes, it is, and it was my very first attempt to find the goddamn music, but the most recent Martini ad listed there dates back to 1999...
  4. Commercial songs/music

    Shino, I think that ad is exclusively portuguese, as RFM is a national radio... unless there's an international release of the advertisement, in which case it's possible for non-portuguese members to identify the music... And how about Martini's "El Toro", still no available answers? (^o^)
  5. Post Your Purchases

    We used to have Lucky Charms here in Portugal when I was just a little kid... man, I miss those, they were the BEST! Why did our breakfast cereal distributors ceased sales, I will never know... and now we're stuck with Corn Flakes, Chocapic, Nesquick, Cheerios and a few more... I want my Lucky Charms back... Oh, and there was another brand, Crépitas, which absolutely OWNED all the other cereals' faces. Truly. Don't know if you have them over the UK, though...
  6. Since I'm way too lazy to search among the vast multitude of result pages google gives me, on the subject, I though I'd better start a thread in here, we might as well help each other... Having recently found out who the artist playing the song in the latest Levi's tv ad is - it took me quite some browsing skills in order to discover that, by the way, so you can see how much of a lazy person I truly am -, I'm now trying to know what song, performed by which artist, is that on the 2007 Martini commercial ("El Toro", the one with George Clooney playing this 20s, 30s movie playboy, and Leonor Varela castrating an ice sculpted bull ). If anyone knows the answer, I'd sure appreciate if you told me. This song is quite hard to find, since the commercial is an european exclusive, and most forums regarding commercial music are northern-american. As northern-americans don't actually care with what goes on outside their country/specific state, it's difficult to ask them, as they all just go "huh?!" immediatly. Though I'm looking specifically to an answer, this thread serves the purpose of any other member with a question on the matter (commercial songs/music) having their doubts cleared, so, ask away.
  7. I lost friends to WoW (seriously)

    The guy that uploaded what I call a practical video guide on How to Quit WoW just praised my comment on the video... LOL! Check it here. He makes it look like I'm stepping forward, or something, assuming some kind of disease or condition, though... (-_-) Still, it's good to know we're not the only ones seeing things this way...
  8. Holidays (New and Old)

    Hungary (orange):
  9. Holidays (New and Old)

    Spain (does it even count? It's right here, almost next door) UK (only England and Scotland - an aunt lives near London, we visit her almost every summer; my second-year uni english teacher, being Scottish, urged us to make a trip to his country, so I joined with a few friends and randomly wandered Scotland) Egypt (Cairo; Alexandria; Luxor; Assuan; some primitive imperfect pyramids in some place called Sakkara, or something like that...; the Mount Sinai - when going with overly religious people that insisted we went there; a cruise along the Nile) Israel (I have WAY TOO catholic parents that took me there when I was 13) Greece (mostly Athens, though we sailed a few islands) Azores & Madeira (a cousin lives in Madeira; visited the Azores when I was really small, I don't remember much of it) Turkey (once again, doing religious travels with my parents, we failed to see most of the touristic spots, while travelling to those more religion-related) Germany (Berlin, visiting an ex-girlfriend... LOL) Italy (well... as in Germany, visiting a napolitan ex-girlfriend I met through Erasmus student exchanges (>*o*( O.o) )
  10. User Image Gallery

    I also have a beard, and I'm also portuguese, but I bow before the sheer magnificence that is Beardy Man. No copying intended, do realize that - I have grown a beard for some years, now. So, here: One with glasses (please enjoy the decorator's admirable taste) One without them
  11. Rate the Above Poster's Avatar and Signature

    3/5 Average. I personally like Lloyd (more as a character than the artwork for him), and the effects added are cool, and all, but there sure are better avatars out there. EDIT: In a rating of 1 to 10, I would give it 7, I guess... 6, probably.
  12. I lost friends to WoW (seriously)

    I couldn't agree more, somme. Exactly one of my points.
  13. I lost friends to WoW (seriously)

    Same guess here. But, no, I didn't make any of those, as well. No new online friends. And I highly doubt that any of those guys made online friends on wow, as they seem to only be interested in aimless competition and random creature/player slaying.
  14. I lost friends to WoW (seriously)

    No new ones, Hem, just lost the already mentioned one and a few others I didn't talk about, as the text is quite big as it is and I didn't felt like adding to it.
  15. I see myself as a videogame enthusiast, though more on the nostalgia, retro kind of thing, and I actually had a videogame-addiction problem that made me undergo therapy in order to overcome it. I kid you not, it was that serious. Considering myself that, I have no problem talking to anyone about videogames and all related subjects. The problem is that a while ago, the guy whom I've always taken into account as being my best friend started playing WoW. At first it was ok, we went out to the same bars for as long as the same time we always used to, but soon things got a little different. He just wouldn't talk about anything but WoW, using MMORPG specific language all the time, even when relating to real-life matters - this, in english, has none to little impact, as all language used in-game is obviously the same as natives use to communicate amongst each others, but, in portuguese, believe me, it's just lame, particularly when people don't know how to pronounce words in english, and just say them as if they were written in english but read in portuguese. Most of the people we used to go out with started avoiding him, and it eventually ended up being just the two of us out in a bar, while I listened to his continuous praising of the seemingly astonishing wonders in WoW. Things got even worse when he started to go home earlier than usual, and when I got home there he was, Busy, on Messenger, playing WoW. We eventually stopped seeing each other a few weeks ago, as he started going out with his cousins - the ones that introduced him into the game - instead, since they are the only ones that endure an all-night-long conversation on the subject, and now spends his entire time playing the damn game. He doesn't study, doesn't work, he barely sleeps. I'm worried about him, he's my friend and I do care about what happens to him; I tried talking to him, but he refuses to listen... So, yes, I loath WoW for taking my friend's life and turning him into something other than himself. Moderation is key, but is it that easy to accomplish moderation with games that demand you dedicate a great deal of your life to them?