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  1. Formula 1 '09

    I remember hereing that actually, Man I wish the F1 game was decient .
  2. your top disappointing games

    Imo on other consoles maybe but not on the Wii, that introduced the Pro Evo motion controls which are the best way to play a football game. I can still enjoy playing a football game with a pad but the new Wii controls are even better IMO. No just no....
  3. Formula 1 '09

    So Codemaster screwed up Dirt 2 on the Wii and now it looks like this will be fail as well, Typical, Wii owners 'deseve' a good new driving game - lazy Codemasters >
  4. Muramasa: The Demon Blade

    I bet GAME are one of those not stocking in store - game suck . Oh and why is it taking sooo long for this be released in Europe? -it is out in the States.
  5. MadWorld

    lol, Classic mate, classic.
  6. MadWorld

    I think this game is amazing, Im on the 'Court Yard' Level with the zombies, anyway I play this game for a couple of hours or so then leave it for a few days n come back to it and its great to play that way - I have no idea how close to end I am. I am loving the game play in this one, so responsive n fresh (imo) so much fun (if brutal lol) to play. I can really see me replaying levels at whim when I finish this, it is that good. Plus of course theres the hard mode and the ! objectives Ive just learnt about reading this thread. The graphics - amazing its like playing a graphic novel (if this did not sell 'to well' due to the fact its in monocrome (apart from the blood) then I really do worry for mentallity of the general public, lol). Looking for brutal chain combo ways to butcher the goons is a new classic video game moment for me - I think this could be a future classic.
  7. Gran Turismo PSP

    Fair enough.
  8. Gran Turismo PSP

    I was already a little erced that it seemed to take fact sony the wanted to flog there latest PSP model to finally get some new (potentally) AAA titles/big names on the PSP (eg LB plannet and Soul Calibur- GT as well but im not a fan and won't be getting that) but now the UMD versions of games could have more content but could well not due to the downloadable versions - just seems like typical sony to me. I reciently finished Loco Roco it took me all of 7 hours - great while it lasted and I can go back to see if I can better my scores but as the game is totally 2D and simple looking (but great all the same) I thought it was a bit of a let down. Depending on how LB plannet and Soul Calibur PSP turn out (content wise) will really effect my opinion long term of sony as a gaming company.
  9. Ha your self Yes as I said I have a head for big games but what you find good I find boing in this case.
  10. Metroid Prime - Far to easy to become completely lost - I have a head for big games but I just gave up on that one - ridiculous. SSB Melee and MK Double Dash - the worst in theres respective series by miles imo. Oh n I love Sim City and Super Monkey ball (both single and multi player)-fantasic games! (also loved Time Splitters).
  11. If the games are burnt to the discs in the right mannor your dont need a boot disc. I will PM you.
  12. Michael Jackson Dead

    What you said there mate pretty much sums up what Ive been thinking as well. R.I.P. MJ.
  13. Micro Machines 2

    Played this at mates the other day on his Megadrive, this game owns- multi player especially - knocking your mate off the playing field is cheap but funny- I did this a couple of times, lol.
  14. Hope you enjoy your new game. Ive kept mine, I was going to trade it in but they said they needed something with my address on at the gamestation I tried to trade it in at - is this standard? or just a backwards policy of that shop I wonder (I was having to live in Sunderland at the time, lol) (they would not accept the printed balance Ide got from the bank (as I needed it for other purposes) not 10 mins before. Im glad I kept it now, as if my Wii breaks one day (touch wood it won't) I will have something to play my cube games on at least - it a wee thing of console anyway so does not take up much room.
  15. Pleasing 'der hardcorz' (sorry but on a personal level all I think these labels are so lame) and sales are two different things-not totally but still they are. If you mean people who really love there Wii for it's motion controls jumping ship to Sony or Microsoft, I cant see it happening, as for new buyers, the Wii is known for it motions controls though blanket advertising, this is enough for the casual buyer, a 'hardcore' gamer should be aware of motion plus, be aware of titles up and coming such Sin and Punishment, Tatsunoko Vs Capcom, Metroid Etc and also be aware of titles out there allready such as Mad Worid, pro evo overkill etc - the softwares there I think. As for a serious gamer thinking (for example) Well now the PS3 does what Wii does so maybe I will just get a PS3, with the credit crunch that may be a bit of a factor but I think the apeal of buying that cool little white box with Wii sport as starter game will still hold lots of appeal. Also PS3 is still expensive, some people who are not new to gaming may just purchase a Wii - as I did. Oh and the new 360 new controls seem like they won't take off to me . As a side note I mentioned finding labels lame, sure there are people more into games and gaming culture than others (im playing thunder force 4 right now!) and maybe hardcore gamer is a handy way to describe a certain type of gamer on line but anyone who would call them self that in life might as well where a t-shirt saying 'WOMAN STAY AWAY FROM ME 100% GEEK HERE' lol. For Sony the Eye Toy was never much more than an after thought, maybe there new motion controls could well be the same - I would not be suprised, they do consoles ok, can develop good games, (little big plannet- also- and sure If ide like a machine to also play Street fighter and Soul Calibur 4 on others will too - but apart from that on personal level I can easily do without the rest of the games on the platforms) but inovation aint there thing imo.
  16. Need For Speed Nitro

    Maybe not all the cars but I do have most unlocked im fairly sure.
  17. Need For Speed Nitro

    Im playing again now for the 1st time in ages (gave it ago again to reavalute my opinon before posting -comment above) now finding it ...ok, Ill keep playing maybe there is a better game to be had here if stick with it. Looking for to Nitro now also.
  18. Need For Speed Nitro

    Ive only played Burnout Legends on the PSP (which I think is great) and Burnout 2 on the Cube whicjh is VERY lame imo.
  19. Need For Speed Nitro

    Really? you guys like burnout 2 on on the cube? I have it and I find it slow, dull and frustrating (you just have to graze another car and you crash/come to a complete stand still).
  20. Anime and manga discussion

    I have that but thanks all the same, not watched it in ages, so perhaps that may be on the cards.
  21. I am penguinophobic

    I see where you are coming from but having the conservatives in power to tackle corruption is like having an alcoholic tackle 'binge drinking' (to use a poltical buzz term). As you can proberbly tell I don't really like the tories For the reccord I totally agree with you on this, a lot of regular people (your self included im sure) are finding/or have found this sort of thing irritiating (i think the BNP are ussing this to there advantage are far more sinister than a lot of people relise though but thats a little beside the point now though maybe). Also I agree having Sharia Courts in England is a disgrace (IMO) one country, one set of laws. also IMO Sharia Laws are bad news for women.
  22. Wii Game Collection

    My games and opinons on them. Wii Sports (fantastic) Wii Play (ok bunch of mini games for a couple of quid more with a controller) Mario kart Wii (classic I love) Super Smash Bros Brawl (classic - v fun, tons of content) Super Mario Galaxy (AAA Classic) Excite Truck (full of win) Boom Blox (underated uber game) Mad World (very good all round video game) Castlevania Judgement (ok 3D fighter that will not be remembered, really fun at times - not as bad as some may say) PES 08 (must buy Wii title - unless you hate football/football games) PES 09 (improved follow up) House Of The Dead 2&3 (good fun but have not been into lately more interested in HOTD Overkill) House Of the Dead Overkill (v good game if short on actually game length) Ghost Squad (Very fun game, have not played in a while though) Star Wars - The Force Unleashed (very good all round video game) Dewys Adventure (seems decient for the little ive played it)
  23. Anime and manga discussion

    Hey guys I was wondering if you guys could reccomend me any anime feature length films of a certain style (I have a few Anime DVD', like Anime but dont take a regular interest in it) anyway I like films such as The Bourne Trillogy, Heat and The Shooter, you know the kind of stuff 'intelligent' political/cop/military action films and wonder if anyone could reccomend some Anime (the grittier the better) DVD's like this. Of course it can be set in the future . I have the apple seed film.
  24. I am penguinophobic

    Not having a go here but felt I have to comment on this, IMO The Tories are a bunch of self serving nasty little toads who look down with aloof and comtempt on anyone not in there socal standing - if they get back most people will be in for a very bad time (ok so labour are far from perfect eg (IMO) far to eager to give power to brussels and far too soft on immigration - but I think over all they think of the common man, the torries hate him). BNP Pack of racists - end of. Oh and problems with the 'credit crunch' are global but the govt. should have to done more to stop it here. Anyway (general comment) I have something new to add to this - This may sound harsh but one thing that gets me is Immigrants selling the big issue - Its like - ok so you come to the England to beg on these streets - something very wrong with that.