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  1. Perfect Dark Zero Offical Thread.

    The problem being most of the video's I had seen didn't do it justice. Then I saw a few that REALLY did it justice! Looking back on the other vids i've come to the conclusion that the person playing while it was being recorded was utter rubbish! I thought it had control issues but it was simply because the guy playing it was poor, REALLY poor! The last few vids I've seen have put my mind at rest and have sold me on this game, it's a definate MUST-HAVE title!!!
  2. For me (my preference) the Rev will be the best of consoles i'd guess, Nintendo make my favourite games, and have a brand new and exciting control method. i'm not disputing that! I'm just commenting on the graphics side of things, I'll be happy if the Rev graphics are as good as Res Evil 4 at minimum (cube version), i wouldn't mind if they're even just on par with it, but i want to know if you'll be mocking the Revolutions graphics if the PS3 puts them to shame? note: i said IF! ha ha
  3. I can see these comments being said back to you when the Revolution and PS3 are out! It's differences like this we'll most likely be seeing! There's no point laughing...
  4. New hints at Revolution graphics?

    ha ha, I'm sorry for being an astute ass! I know what you mean though, as good as Gears of War is graphically, I'd still say from what I've seen Res Evil 4 got the same amount of atmosphere through the graphics as that does! Like I've said before, I just imagine the games to look as good as Res Evil 4 minimum!
  5. Well as much as we like saying this here, all the PS3 owners will be able to say the same about the Rev. I think this could be the difference in what we'll see next-gen.
  6. New hints at Revolution graphics?

    surely you care on some level though! They do add a large amount of atmosphere to a game! imagine Ocarina of Time with "flat" colours and stick men, it wouldn't quite be the game it was, it'd be missing some of the "magic" the graphics gave it! Even more so, imagine Wind Waker with stickmen graphics! I do care about the graphics but not to a huge extent, Res Evil 4 par graphics will do me fine, you can't add much more atmosphere than what those graphics delivered!
  7. Football Season 05/06

    We played much better than we have done for a while which was good to see, I still say I'd have wright-phillips instead of beckham, he was lively all night and won us about 90% of our corners, he only lacked on the final pass tonight which he usually doesn't but you could see him worrying defenders which is good! Ledley King played really well in the holding role too and it was a great goal by Super Frank that sealed the win!
  8. 9/10 the seal of quality gets my approval! 2 thumbs up! I've gone for the minimalistic approach! ha ha!
  9. Questions

    you don't need to put the "insert image" things in there! Delte them and you'll be fine!
  10. Battalion Wars and Zelda, pretty much it for me I guess!
  11. New hints at Revolution graphics?

    Even the PS2 and Res Evil 4 graphics are great! I never thought they would've managed to pull those graphics out of the bag for the drastically weak PS2, but they did! Rev will not be as powerful, yes, but I'd guess it'll have pretty much just as decent graphics!
  12. I can't wait for Twilight Princess! Anyone remember the Spaceworld Zelda video? That was sweet! I'd love to see Link facing off with Ganondorf like that in Twilight Princess, a little cutscene before the duel! I think that after releasing Twilight Princess (on the Gamecube), Nintendo should do a bundle of it with the Revolution, for those who missed out on it on the cube but could play it on the Rev! It'd sure help Rev sales too! ps: wouldn't it be awesome to see Fierce Link in Twilight Princess, he'd look so good!
  13. Revolution jokes, parodies and gifs.

    I could spend hours on the Revolution Spank Game!
  14. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    IGN say that Kameo feels like the most "next-gen" game on the 360, they even say it's got a "Nintendo feel" to it! That can only be good! PD0 has had some mixed impressions, but i'll give it a go definately! I'm not picking up the 360 on launch, I'll wait a short while until (i have money) a few more games (of my preference) are out!
  15. Xbox360:Too Human First Look

    IGN have an interview with Denis Dyack about Too Human http://xbox360.ign.com/articles/657/657404p1.html Silicon Knights sure are making me feel this will be unmissable!
  16. Perfect Dark Zero : Info

    Well IGN have posted more gameplay impressions http://xbox360.ign.com/articles/657/657501p1.html Overall the graphics were solid though there were the occasional framerate hiccups. The controls remained tight, the reload animations very flashy, and the sounds immersive. This launch title is definitely looking to be a first rate game, we'll have more as it comes. Gametrailers also have a couple new vids up, one of a multiplayer battle and another single player. Both looking very nice may i add! Any doubts about this game have been put to bed now, Rare may well be back! MUST-HAVE!
  17. Death

    ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No more Zelda after death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *rushes off to find eternal life*
  18. Jack Thompson's game scenario

    I say the 14yr old kid should be beat every day with a baseball bat for the rest of his life as punishment, jail isn't punishment enough!
  19. Revolutions Name

    I think it's approx 3 DVD caes in size aint it?! Anyhoo, I wouldn't mind if it was to be called Revolution but I think if they can come up with something that sounds better, then rename it!
  20. Advertising the Revolution...

    I think "Take control" is alright as a slogan, right to the point and short! Plus I couldn't think of much else that worked. Not sure why I put in "don't lose control", I guess it was to emphasize the Rev having a better control method. Oh well, edited it now! Still can't think of anythin else that works as well. There'd be a couple of these ads varying the game that the person on the couch is playing. Have them centred around launch games. Each time the Controller is utilised to show it's a better control method! "Take Control"
  21. Perfect Dark Zero : Info

    URGH! I shudder at the thought of watchin that vid again!
  22. Nextgen Zelda - First Person?

    Yes! Please do! Don't play with our beloved Zelda too much!
  23. Advertising the Revolution...

    It starts with a guy on his couch playing a game (lets say a shooter - FPS for example) with a standard control pad, mashing the buttons and wiggling the analogues. He's getting nowhere, you can tell by the look on his face, getting frustrated as ya do, then you hear it: GAME OVER! Followed by the customary toss of the pad to the floor with a shake of the head! Then it cuts to another couch, another gamer this time on the Revolution. This guy is having fun, pointing and firing (not like a madman in the promo vid, but as you would - albeit a little exaggerated). Then it cuts to in game footage (eg: metroid prime 3) showing the action on screen, different short clips from the game ending on you taking someone down. It then cuts back to the guy on the couch, smug in his victory, blows the smoke from the gun barrel (controller). Then the caption on screen with voice over: "Take control!" Back to lots of quick clips from different types of games and gamers playing them. Ending on Nintendo *insert final end product name here*, in stores *insert date* The different types of games should include your typical genres as well as new and "non-game" genres.
  24. Perfect Dark Zero : Info

    Over at IGN in the 360 section the 2 Xbox 360 editors say it's a "love it or hate it" game! One that shouldn't be compared to Halo! Sounds like it is a little "far-removed" from the original!
  25. Nintendo Marketing & sales?

    Metroid Prime has been my defining moment for the Cube! It's a REAL shame that the sales figures fail to show just how good this game is! A game that truely has the calibur of Ocarina of Time! I think it's going to be hard to emulate the impact that Ocarina had on the gaming public, as that was the first real 3D Epic Adventure. This took it to heights that developers will now be hard pressed to reach. I dont think any game this gen comes close to such an impact! However, I have faith in Nintendo and with the look of the Rev and new control methods it offers, I can see this bringing more immersion into the gaming world. With this I think it may be possible to have some of these "defining" moments once more!