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  1. Football Season 2011/2012

    yeah i checked to see who i had in my team and it wasn't cech!! Woot!
  2. Football Season 2011/2012

    I may play 5 a side, just need to find a team.
  3. Xpert 11 Season 19: Ally or Die

    Aquila was just too strong for me. I guessed his tactics and tried to counter them but getting a guy sent off doesn't help. I am gutted i didnt score at least one goal.
  4. England Riots

    Zero Tollerence. New York was the crime capital of the world at one point in the 80's. New major comes in and puts in a policy of zero tollerence. No crime was too small. They clamped down on the petty crimes first then moved up the scale. It took a while but look at it now. Not crime free but alot better than London is now.
  5. Xpert 11 Season 19: Ally or Die

    Thanks. I was hoping for a good win but 6-0 was no what i was expecting. My young striker scored which is great his form is now a staggering 19 . Looks like i will finish mid table. Have to beat flame pompey on friday then look to get development values up so i can attack next year
  6. England Riots

    Apparently there is planned trouble where i am aswell. The carling Cup match is on and i think it is football hooligans looking for an opportunity.
  7. England Riots

    There is no reason to riot. The law is the law. If the shooting was illegal then it will be dealt with. What is wrong with peaceful demonstration? If there had been peaceful demonstration the last 2 days the police would be under alot of presure. Now people are against the rioters and the shooting is taking a back seat and will be swept under the carpet.
  8. England Riots

    I wish this was unbelievable but unfortunately this is how it is. Just goes to show that it is not only Black Men as stated earlier. I can't think of any reason why this rioting could be condoned. No matter who shot first. The guy was a cocaine dealer he had a gun and was threatening to shoot. Not sure if he actually fired. In my eyes the police could have shot to injure but that is a different matter. How many people are now injured? 2 police in ICU countless more injured. People losing their businesses and houses. There is no excuse. Police should use what ever means necessary to bring these animals under control.
  9. I hate the Radio

    I love radio 1, Moyles and the crew in the morning, Ferne just after and Mills on the drive home. I love Sarah Cox. She is mental.
  10. Football Season 2011/2012

    To be honest if a team is 1-0 up they would take the full time whistle. It only seems to happen when utd need it. It is the phantom minutes that get added that interest me. But i feel this is going round in circles. Utd fans see no issue and every other fan does. That is the way it will be for a good long while.
  11. England Riots

    What a joke. This country needs to man up. Violence begets more violence so i say visit it back on them. Tear Gas, water cannons the lot. It is a minority making a massive mess of the country.
  12. Football Season 2011/2012

    Yes i am a Liverpool fan and i will not try and pretend that my views on United are probably tainted by that fact. Yes Utd play to the very last second. But i dont know many teams that dont, not in the top half of the table anyway. The penalty award statistic is interesting but what i would find more interesting is how many were turned down. This is an oppinion i have about Utd and you may not like it, probably the same the other way around but that is what i think and i am afraid no matter what sort of statistics you throw at me will change my mind. It is just funny how the phrase was coined, no smoke without fire.
  13. Football Season 2011/2012

    Well by the fact that it actually has a name ascociated now "Fergie Time" it seems to happen to United more than most clubs. I honestly do believe Utd get the rub of the green more than most!