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  1. Mac vs Windows

    I have an iMac OSX or something for fun. *silence* *attempts to leave as if the awkward silence never happened*
  2. Post Your Purchases

    I hate how in Game forums everyone has like an amazing sig. I can't compete until I get photoshop. I need one with Raine from Tales of Symphonia and Arisia from Dc Comics for fun. Oh, yeah. How does one get a last.fm box thing in their profile? I have last.fm, but don;t know how to do that.
  3. Pick a Picture

    I like the second Coffee One, the first cross one and the middle gambling one.
  4. Post Your Purchases

    Come ROLL in all the wonders all around us! The rain and the wind are my siblings, lets play with a hoop! [/ Pocahontas] I bought a packet of Sour Puss./ Gums.
  5. Jim's (Flink) Last Post

    *comes in late* *places hands on face in a shocked fashion* Lordi-Lord. I hope everyone's allright.
  6. I've done my entire Design Tech course GCSE, and Art. I've done stray bits of English and French too. Next is French and Maths.
  7. Random Wikipedia Articles - The Game!

    Paws With A Cause is a non-profit organization that trains assistance dogs for the disabled. Founded in 1979 by Michael Sapp, Sr., it was originally called "Ears for the Deaf," and specialized in hearing dogs.[1] Since then, it has expanded to include mobility assistance and seizure response dogs as well, and services a large part of the United States. *makes purring noises for a big laugh*
  8. Rate the last film you saw

    Spider-Man 3 - 7.3/7.7 out of a possible 11. I'm half way through Cage aux Foles/ I don't know what it's called. It's a french film about a more fun transvestite club.
  9. I've not played this in donkey's years/2. It was my fave game though. Sheena and Raine tying for most fun. I love using Raine to hit people, rather than using her actual spells. "Hey! Ya! HIT! **** This One!" *points at a giant chicken*
  10. This thread could be really funny. *listens to "Mer Girl" by Madonna intently* *leaves a note on the table, reading " The above avatar gets 5/10. Don't ask why, or do" *