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  1. Nintendo Holding a Conference- October 2nd

    And how many videogames have you designed Serebii? Just because you can't think of workarounds or how to make it work doesn't mean people who make videogames for a living can't.
  2. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Yeah, gaming was GREAT in the N64 days, lots of fun.. But... the last great gaming period in my opinion has GOT to be the Dreamcast days... man I miss the Dreamcast So much potential. So ahead of its time
  3. Britain's Got Talent

    That George kid is always in the city centre here doing breakdancing in the middle of the high street. Gathers quite big crowds too and anyone from Greater Manchester pretty much knows him as 'that breakdancing kid'. I reckon the whole of Manchester would have voted for him about 5 times apiece explaining his win. I didn't watch the final tonight but I knew he must have won when I heard the simultaneous WHOOPs from multiple different houses outside.
  4. Lost : Series 4

    Yeah I guess so. It'll probably grow on me after I watch it again, stuff like this usually does.
  5. Lost : Series 4

    Anyone find that slightly disappointing? Especially when compared to the very excellent previous 3 finales? Lots of questions and skirting around important things to save them for later on in the series. About who's in the casket... :( :( But I bet that's what they're gonna prick tease us about for the next entire season - about how that person dies.
  6. Lost : Series 4

    haha and there I was thinking he'd posted a spoiler of a lostfan108 magnitude.
  7. For everyone to be chipped and tracked from birth and for you to goto jail if you're not!?!? There is so much wrong with that idea. I'd rather be dead than be tracked like that. To say you have nothing to worry about if you're doing nothing wrong is not the point. It's just one step further towards a 1984 scenario and although that is the far extreme, the world is most definitely going that way. I don't mean this to offend you but to be honest I think it's really sad that you seem so willing to give up your civil liberties and the basic human rights of privacy and freedom so easily. Take a look at this for those that have never seen it. It's a "counter-terrorism campaign" launched by London's Metropolitan Police. London, a huge tourist center? One of the most surveilled in the world? THE IRONY? Unintentional Double Post... Source - One source plucked from the arse of google. There are countless others if you're willing to google around. Yes, okay, it is cold hard evidence if you get a clear shot of someone's face committing a crime on a CCTV camera - I'm not disputing that. The fact of the matter is they don't work anywhere near as well as the police would have you believe. They don't deter crime and they don't solve crime.
  8. haha I'd hate to see a country run by you moogleviper!!
  9. Lost : Series 4

    Is that a spoiler for future episodes or spoiler for episodes that have already aired in both the US and UK? Don't wanna be spoiled for the finale.
  10. The biggest 'terrorists' around right now are our own government. They scaremonger to change the way people think as wonderfully exampled in the comment above. They WANT you to think "Oh I'll give up this if it means I don't get killed/get beaten upon/whatever." It's not just paranoia folks. Our country is the most surveilled on the planet yet security cameras have been proven to have a relatively minor effect in both deterring crime and locking up criminals.
  11. If this was anywhere near to being passed it'd be all over the front pages tomorrow. As others have said, dumb shit gets proposed all the time, it's likely to get laughed out. Do note though how our Government infringes on our privacy and civil liberties all in the name of 'preventing terrorism' Hmm...
  12. GTA IV

    How far are you in the game? I've got a feeling that the option to date people from lovemeet might be unlocked after you do a mission where you need to contact someone via lovemeet.
  13. Lost : Series 4

    Easy. Don't watch it. Then it's obviously not quite as shit as you make out. Either read quick episode summaries after they air to save yourself the pain of watching such a 'shit' show or quit your whinging! Taken as the entire season, this one has probably been the best so far.
  14. Most Pleasant Surprise Ever!

    Of recent times... Portal. I knew it was going to be good because I played Narbacular Drop but I never realised just HOW good. So glad I didn't read any spoilers about this game before I played it.