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  1. The day the Earth died

  2. The day the Earth died

    You ginger heaed freak! I really could nt give a flying fuck what you or any of your little pussy mates think.
  3. The day the Earth died

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^That was below the belt mother fucker. Come on BAN ME.
  4. The Mighty Boosh

    Time to revive an old favoirate. Theres been plenty of new commers since i last posted this so any one else interested?
  5. The day the Earth died

    OK, Ok i would but every time i post a new thread I get flamed by each and eveyone of you so really if thats gonna happen you can ban me right here right now! You do realise i can just log in under a different user name?
  6. The day the Earth died

    I'll take 25 minutes starting from......NOW.
  7. Majora's Mask

    Yeah my version locks up all the time. Only does it with that game so there must be a bug inherent in them all.
  8. Vote Conservative

    Who do you want as the next Torie leader?
  9. The day the Earth died

    It was november the 11th 2005 and old_gregg was posting some crap when suddenly he thought. "The world is dead! we spend our lives in an eternal struggle with our selves. Spending our days interacting with other collective matter (humans) before sitting at a desk and pressing our selves in to the electronical void that is the Internet." But when did the Earth die. Was it in the 30's when we first got motorised metal shells to carry our groups of insignifficant monkey matter around in? or another time in the vastness of the universre so distant that it can't be thought of through sheer force alone. You have no idea what i am talking about i am sure but you will...One day...
  10. Flame

    Why not flame someone you don't llike on thsi thread. Eveyone's doin it. its the latest thing like tamagothchis
  11. Favorite Starfox Character?

    Wheres Fey the Poodle from Starfox 2???
  12. STAR WARS, EH?

    I don't Know who that as aimed at so if it wasent me then I apologise in advance. I wasent saying that Star Destroyers could take down planets in fact I was saying they Can't take down plannets. My point was that the Death Star alone can only take down plannets and even that cannot take down Stars. It was called the Death star rather than the Death Plannet because the latter sounds like a pile of shit mounted on top of a car with no hub caps and a banna for a steering wheel.
  13. The Official Emotion Thread

    -Ashley. Well I wouldent know about this summer. But at what point do I say I was joking about it. I was trying to raise a proper point and as I have pointed out there was a good adult disscussion going on and no one was joking about anything. Personnally I think the issue has been done so lets just shut the hell up about it, regardless of whethrer it was right or wrong. Oh and as I said before i would appreciate it if anyone still wants to disscuss it with me or just have a general go, please do it by PM's and not this or any other of my threads. I made this before that thread, as i have pointed out previously. So Ash if you want to reply to this post could you PM me and not on this thread which as far as I am concerned is a totally different issue all together. PS. I would like to thank those people who PM'd me in support of said thread, i appreciate your support in the matter. Edit: Again as I have Pointed out to the Admin a threat is somethiing you say you will do to someone and not what I did. In fact you threatend me so if anyone will be taking it further it should be me. But I won't, as I don't hold ridiculaos grudges against people. Edit2: This thread is in no way related or has ever been related to my previous thread(s). So will everybody concentrate on the point of this thread and not any of the other threads. The point of the thread is to give people a chance to say what they are feeling about something that happend to them earlier in the day in the real world and not something that happend on this or any other website.
  14. What Animal...

    Personnaly, I see myself as a Badger. Wise, elusive and only come out at night.
  15. STAR WARS, EH?

    And at no point did I say you did. Also I made absoloutey no comment about the naming of x-wings or B-wings etc, I am saying that star destroyers cannnot take down stars which is what you previously stated. The Death star has a weapon a thousand times more powerful than any Star destroyer and even all the Star destroyers in the empire could not take down a Star as the Death star can only take down Planets. I think your point is that if its called the death star it can destroy Stars, well no it would not have been called a Death Plannet now would it? Stop putting words in my mouth.