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  1. My contribution is . 1. METROID PRIME - The god of games , id love to find a way to use my cube to get samus jump into those xbox live halo frags , and watch them all cower . 2. Zelda , OOT. - Its a game i have passed on to my children with strict instructions for them to do the same when they have kids , and so on . 3. Goldeneye - You know what made it so great for me ? . I played it right through twice without ever seeing the movie . 4. Shadowman 64 - A cracking story with a great atmosphere , soundtrack and ultimate non linear gameplay . Jaunty was well cool . 5. Body Harvest - Someone must update this quality game for the next gen . It was great how you could save school kids from the aliens with just an ice cream van , magic.
  2. London Underground

    Err.. Sorry . I can be a bit doom sounding at times , but it does get it off the chest . Ive got lots more similar storys if you want to hear them . ? Anyway , its coming up to xmas so i better not eh !
  3. Do You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?

    Visitors who come round at xmas and get drunk and never see you again till next xmas.
  4. London Underground

    To be honest ive never heard it before but i totaly laughed my balls off listening to it . Ive worked in the rail industry for 17 years now and i can really understand the frustrations joe punter ( travelling public ) has to endure going to work etc. I work in a signal box , so its true , i do get £30k a year for sitting on my arse but i dont think a 4 year old could do it . I think the song was refering more to LUG tube drivers being greedy and lazy , I wont go too much into the managment/ union politics that is the LUGs main problem. But there are a lot of things that rail staff have to deal with and it can become extremely stressful . Let me tell you a tale . One day last february i was working a normal weekend shift when i noticed 3 youths placing stones on the track not far from my signalbox , Line speed in that area is 90mph . An accident did happen , the speed of the train and the curvature of the line caught one of the boys of guard . The train run over him and sliced his two legs off from the top of his thighs . Obviously , i called for an ambulance and went down to the boy to check if he was still alive , the train driver had stopped his train and met me at the scene . The boy was around 11 years old and sitting upright ( with no legs) . one leg was lying in the 4foot (between the rails ) and the other was jammed on the front of the train . The boy begged me and the train driver not to tell his parents that he had been playing on the railway and we calmed him and told him every thing was going to be alright ( even though we knew he was dying ) . To try and calm and reasure a dying youngster as his other two friends are screaming their fucking heads off beside him is a very difficult task . Sadly the boy was dead before the ambulance arrived , but the police closed the line , which is a normal procedure just in case foul play may be involved . After all that i proceeded to work the rest of my shift normaly (between bouts of crying my fucking eyes out ) . Im sorry to tell you all this story but it is the one that has really stuck to me. Anyway , sorry to be so doom and gloom . But if you are standing waiting on a train to work or going home and that pleasant female voice on the tannoy tells you your train is delayed because of a signal or track failure or problems with the trains engine , just remember it may be something else that they dont want to upset you with . Afterall , the delay on that terrible day was called an (obstruction on the line ) . BTW , has any one had that , leaves on the line excuse for their delay?. Leaves on the line can be a laughable excuse to some but it can be a very serious matter . Any questions are welcome .
  5. Face recognition: what celeb face do you have?

    Apparently , i look just like me .

    Come on , someone must have a decent joke to tell us . Get us laughing man !!.

    Ok where the hell is your sense of humour . Ive noticed on a few forums that there is a joke thread but this one seems to be somewhat lacking . I understand that some jokes can be funny to a lot but may actually be rather offensive to some others , So i think it would be sensible to keep them free from any racist or religious content . And , should anyone feel offended by any joke that is posted i accept full responsibility and have no complaints should admin decide to delete or lock the thread . Well , im sure everyone has a good joke to tell . Allow me to start with one . This gentleman boards a plane heading to new york for his holidays , as he finds his seat a man and a labrador dog join him . Rather curious , the man asks why he has a dog on board with him . The man with the dog quietly explains that he is an airline narcotics agent with a sniffer dog . When 30,000ft up the agent lets the dog off the leash and the dog walks down the aisle a few rows ,points its nose at an old lady then walks back and lays one paw on the agents lap . What does that mean ? asks the curious passenger . The agent says that the dog just told him that the old lady is carrying cocaine in her bag and she will be arressted when we land . Amazing , says the passenger as the dog walks to the back of the plane , points its nose to a young man , walks back and lays two paws on the agents lap . Even more curious, the passenger asks what it meant this time and the agent explains that the dog shows that young man is carrying heroin and will be arrested on landing also . The agent decides to show the abbilites of his dog one more time and commands it to the front of aisle where the dog points its nose to a middle aged man then runs back , jumps on the seat and shits all over it . Gagging on the stench the passenger asks , what the hell is that supposed to mean then? . The agent replies , were fucked , that guys got a bomb in his bag .
  8. WOW man , what a thread . A genius idea Bowser57. As you may notice i live in the middle of nowhere surrounded by a moat full of crocodiles , approach at your peril dear friends . Actually im lucky enough to live in a brand new house in a brand new estate where the streets and postcodes have not been registered yet . Its not on GPS either. Hey , maybe thats a good thing , if only those bloody relatives got lost too eh!.
  9. Whats your Fav "Feel Good" Song?

    Sylvester - Do Ya Wanna Funk. Steve Earle - The Revolution Starts Now. The Grid - Fire Engine Red . Neil Young - Hey Hey My My . Echo And The Bunnymen - Lips Like Sugar . Garaunteed to bring a huge smile to any sad face . Go on , Download now man!!
  10. National Identity Cards

    ID cards are a very very serious issue, Especially in a democracy that prides itself on its valued freedoms and rights to inividual privacy. I am strongly opposed to the introduction of ID cards , heres why . The current cost of implementing this scheme is estimated at £19billion of taxpayers money and is expected to rise even further . The new cards will utillise DNA and iris scanning technology and there is legislation in motion to make them compulsory for all at an average price of £300 per head in the future. Some may agree that the cards will aid the fight against terrorism and crime etc , but the sacrafice you are making by accepting this draconian idea must be fully understood . Think about it , ID cards make us accountable to the state as a numbered collective rather than the state being accountable to us as free democratic individuals , You are essentialy being given an identity by the state packaged in plastic rather than you determining your own identity freely . The argument "if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to worry about" is a short cut to thinking . By introducing ID cards the state already assumes you have something to hide and this immediately reverses the role of accountability between the government and the electorate , something western democracies are quick to condemn as the workings of dictator states. If Al Qaeda are the ruthless Islamic fundamentalists we are led to believe then it stands to reason that they will still try to kill us regardless of any changes we make to our way of life . As the London bombings proved, some terrorists have no intention of concealing their identities and sometimes take pride leaving videos of themselves with a motive explaining their actions. The government says it will not give in to terrorists and the reason these terrorists hate us so much is because of our freedoms and way of life . But if my government plans to curb the freedoms i enjoy they are telling me that they are listening to terrorists and that the terrorist method works . Any alteration to our way of life is more or less handing victory to these terrorists . ID cards have little effect on the determined terrorist or criminal as the Madrid bombings demonstrated . I could talk a lot more against ID cards but i dont want you all nodding off ,. lol. I just think those in favour should think more deeply before handing over hard won freedoms that are essential to maintaining OUR control over OUR elected government.
  11. Most recent game you have completed

    You are right , there was a hell of a lot of backtracking but with metroid there was always something jawdropping at the end of your travels. As for the non-linearity, I found that one of the games high points , the map was also one of the most genius of any game ive played.
  12. conundrums

    Philosophy, good thread man . There is a god ,of sorts. It is too psychologicaly dangerous to consider ourselves without one (according to some anyway) . Belief in a god can be and is uttillised to absolve us from the responsibility of our actions so there will always be a god . Benevolence and Omnipotence are subjects experienced from the human perspective on reallity and therefor cannot be applied as a form of moral guidance to a being that is considered unearthly and all knowing. ( that dosent make me religious does it ?.)
  13. Most recent game you have completed

    Utter sacreilige man, May you be burned slowly at the stake for such heresy. Ive just finished Panzer Dragoon Orta , again . Im also getting on a bit in Geist.
  14. Look What You've Done

    Seems to me as if you are already dealing with the depression you mention because you are talking about it and sharing a very personal family problem with us that a lot might try to sweep under the rug . I dont think your blogging selfishly, one persons misguided attitude in a family can affect the other family members greatly depending on how much you give a shit about that person . It seems you give a shit where others would give up and that is the stuff real decent men are made of and you have my respect for that. It takes balls of steel to post such personal feelings and having trust in those reading it . With you around there is hope for humanity yet , I take my hat off , Thank god there are still some real people in this world . We need more like you.
  15. Reggie talks Zelda, metroid and mario movies!

    Another Mario movie , OH NO!. Id love to watch an animated Zelda or Metroid movie especially if nintendo is doing there own production , it will be quality. As for Mario , well, I curse and cringe every time i see Bob Hoskins or Dennis Hopper on the telly.