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  1. Funny videos, flash games, etc

    hahaha some of these movies are quite funny
  2. Anime and manga discussion

    I woudl like to start watching this Azumanga Diaoh too, will have to see what its like sounds good! seen already Berserk: finished after 25 eps and in the most anoying place ARG! oh well. im watching at the moment Bleach: Best anime EVER!. Naruto: cool but like people have said before its getting repetative. tsubasa Chronicls: Awsom! even rivals Bleach i think. Air: revry how can i say.. hart moving Sasuka: i also like this it is a romance but it is good. uta-kata: okay.
  3. Obese pigeon

    thats one fat! pigeon, see thats the real reason why you shouldent feed pigeons lol!
  4. original game boy!?

    ah the good old days of black and white lol where did they go.....
  5. Soul calibur 2

    ARG i can and i do arvoid every now and then but it is devistating but i just anoy you with muy grabs lol! and my favourite characters must be Yoshimitsu and Astaroth whom both have realy anoying attacks eh cheapshot!! Take The quiz yourself!
  6. Soul calibur 2

    i was just wondering what your favourite characters or character in soul calibur 2 for the game cube is?
  7. "Press UP, X or Y to jump"

    i use x most the time i think and sometimes y,
  8. i agree with him to him! and cheapshot u have a point we do have to live life to the fulest.
  9. User Image Gallery

    right pic wont work get back on when it will? :S
  10. original game boy!?

    LOL! ech that was my first game boy game to! Take The quiz yourself!
  11. Did any of you own a game boy advance original im shure you all did, what games did you play on it?
  12. did i pay too much ?

    You did the right thing man, good game choice to.
  13. the subways...tonight!

    havet heard them but they sound good, iw ill have to buy there album.
  14. Halo Discussion

    lol i just read most of the thread and i realy wish i had halo now! gonna get halo 3 on 360 when it comes out so heres hoping will be as fun!
  15. The new World of Mana Games? So...

    Good chioce! hope you enjoy your DS! i might get one two!, but im saving for a 360 first!