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  1. What will Microsoft and Sony say?

    Sony and Microdik will respond by making their console graphical power even better (for a slight pricetag increase) and extra coolers to prevent it melting away while playing lol.
  2. I think the Revolution has a big chance of reclaiming much of the ground that was lost with the Gamecube and after the Nintendo 64. Because the Revolution will be the cheapest, has revolutionary controller / gameplay, huge library of past games and more. Nintendo is also in a much better position to make a console after Revolution because it hasn't put as much money in it as Sony. So the cycle can be much faster and Sony will have to do with their Playstation 3 for much longer which can be negative later on when the competitors move on and they still need to sell PS3 to make a profit lol.
  3. Jesus...not a lot of great feedback on this

    Nintendo will do mega promotional stuff when the launch of the Revolution comes near and then many important titles will be finished too so I don't see any problems at all.
  4. Rev controller protected?

    Hmm they should have the most important technology of the Rev controller patented because if everybody just copies things then you could just as well wait and see what the other makes and then create a improved clone. That would be very unfair.
  5. Kojima should make a special Revolution version of Metal Gear Solid that would be sweet.
  6. Black or White?

    I think Platinum / silver or Red. Red is my favorite color so it depends on what kind of red will be available exactly heh.
  7. What I'm wondering is if the Revolution controller is protected with patents so that the competitors Sony and Microdik can't make some kind of clones with similar technology. Does anyone know?
  8. Snake gone old? That means this is one of his last games unless they make more prequels. I can see it now Metal Gear Solid 5 stealthing with snail speed and using your walking stick as a weapon lol.
  9. The Revolution will be awesome!! The controller is very innovative. I can't wait to get my hands on it.