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  1. Sonic Unleashed

    one of the only decent games coming to wii at the moment, gotta say im disappointed with the line up of new games so far.
  2. Halo 3 ODST: Fall 2009

    its looking good, also will have new maps for multiplayer when it comes along so its all good.
  3. Dawn of War II

    i dont understand why this game hasnt got more hype, best rts out there in my opinion. Probly a little biased being a 40k fan anyway.
  4. Mario Kart Wii

    wooo just got it, havent played it yet tho probly wont do till the weekend
  5. Halo 3 is awsum

    you lucky cookies
  6. Halo 3 is awsum

    haha dont remind me, my wii came at 1, im hoping for this a bit earlier. anyone fancy some games of halo 2 to pass the waiting?
  7. Halo 3 is awsum

    has anyone received their copies from game by parcel force?
  8. Halo 3 is awsum

    You should have it in about two to three weeks time
  9. Halo 3 is awsum

    Well my post has been but im guessing the legendary edition is too big to come by normal post so i expect a van of some sort.
  10. Halo 3 is awsum

    haha yeah i got it back just in time for bioshock, then won blue dragon in a comp on eurogamer so its been going well, for once.
  11. Halo 3 is awsum

    Apparently GAME sent mine at 10:30 saturday morning, id be so happy if it came today.
  12. Halo 3 is awsum

    eurogamer gave it 10/10
  13. Halo 3 is awsum

    My legendary edition was dispatched yesterday morning so i mite have it earlier than expected, cant wait.
  14. Blue Dragon

    i won this game in a eurogamer competition and im glad i did as im enjoying it thoroughly, im also at the bit where i need the plant to cure the sick village people.
  15. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

    yeah ive died that way too, aswell as spawning in the middle of an air strike just after being taken out by the same damn strike, other than that the games amazing from what i can tell so far.