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  1. Wii Pricing?

    I pre-ordered my Wii in Smyths, think it cost 280 euro, and the games average between 50-60 euro. Lance
  2. Funny videos, flash games, etc

    Uhh, thats really disgusting. The girls must have been so embarrassed, think she started crying at the end Lance
  3. Final Fantasy Official Thread

    Is that the release date for the game or just when you think it's gonna come out? Lance
  4. Superman 64

    Is it really that bad? I always thought flying around as superman and what-not would be brillant, great potential for a game Lance
  5. Thats brillant, but anyone know what they gave the WW and OOT? Just like to see the scores to compare :wink: Lance
  6. Wii Hardware Discussion

    Sorry if it's been posted already but..... Order Wii Component Cables by Phone Nintendo makes graphic whores happy. November 14, 2006 - Eager Nintendo fans worried about the availability of component cables in stores at launch now have a new option available to them. It was previously believed that these cables would only be sold at Nintendo, Circuit City, GameStop, and Best Buy online stores, and only after launch; however, it has now been divulged that the cables can in fact be purchased before the launch of the Wii, but not online. In fact, the only way to secure component cables at this point in time is to call 1-800-255-3700 and order them by phone. The cost of the cables themselves is $29.95 plus tax and shipping fees. Standard shipping is only an additional $5, but it may not be the most reliable way to ensure that you will get the cables at launch. Two levels of expedited shipping are available: 3-5 business days costs $7 and 2 days costs $13. Prior to writing this, we called and ordered the cables for ourselves, so we can verify that this is, in fact, quite true and quite convenient. While this may not be a viable option for everyone -- many gamers out there may prefer to save money by picking up third-party cables in stores -- at least gamers who want to make sure that they can play Wii games in 480p at launch have a surefire alternative. Lance
  7. Funny videos, flash games, etc

    ROFL! TEH RINGS!!!!!!! Lance
  8. Football Season 2006/2007

    Everyone seems to be English here :P Anyone at all watch Irelands match? Won 5-0 against San Marino, but I suppose that's nothing since Germany beat them 13-0 and czech republic 7-0. Still, thanks to our shit manager, we are doing crap, and a wins a win At least Robbie Keane was promising, been on bad form lately but put in a good preformance and scored a hat-trick, one of them being a penalty. Lance
  9. Zelda: Wind Waker/OOT?

    Just started playing OOT on my N64, havn't replayed it in quite a few years and........I just forgot how good this game actually is........watching the opening movie where navi flies through kokori village quite literally brought a tear to my eye OOT definitly >>> MM >>>>>> The WW, but then again I can understand if you played WW first........ and playing OOT is much better on the N64 with the original pad rather then on the GC, so the experience might not be as good. Lance
  10. Wow, just found this article on gamerankings, it's quite old but I'm so amazed by it I had to post it Do you pretend you are the Hero of Time in your sleep? Are you the biggest Zelda fan on the block? Well, take a gander at what this Zelda fan owns... When we read that Paul Hantschel, one of our forum users, owns a real-life replica of the famous Master Sword from the Legend of Zelda series, we couldn’t just leave well enough alone. So we contacted Paul and asked for some details on his little artifact. Mr. Hantschel emailed blacksmith Rob Miller of Castle Keep, located in Scotland, with the initial concept and original artwork. Around a week later, Rob responded and requested detailed dimensions for every aspect of Link’s Master Sword. After a ten-month wait period and a £1,800 transaction (around $3,300), Rob began work on the sword of legends. The blacksmith provided updates of his progress during the one-and-a-half-month forging process. With them he included photographs of the sword, which Paul has graciously shared with PGC: Lance
  11. Wii Hardware Discussion

    ROFL Ok, maybe I was wrong I suppose I did find it off some weird site, and to think, I was starting to get worried for old people Lance
  12. The Reviews Thread

    6.8 for Excitetruck? I'm going to get the game anyway, but I still think the score is sorta dissapointing.........hopefully it won't put too many people off getting the game::shrug: Lance
  13. Need for Speed Carbon

    I have to say, EA are really starting to impress me. The last few games they have released ( Battlefield 2142, FIFA 2007, and now this ) are actually quite good, and looking through their line-up of games for the future there are a few i'm quite interested in Lance
  14. Wii Hardware Discussion

    Lol oh, thought it was unique to the Wii >_> Lance
  15. Playstation Discussion Archive

    (MCV) Famitsu reveals PS3 software tie ratio is just 0.98 10:00, Nov 14th Leading Japanese games magazine and data specialist Famitsu has revealed that the software tie ratio on PS3 over the launch weekend was 0.98 – less than one game per console sold. Hardware sales over the two-day period (November 11th-12th) were 54,600 units of the 60Gb version and 33,800 units of the 20Gb model, giving a total of 88,400. The top three selling software titles were Ridge Racer 7 (Bandai Namco) which notched up 30,300 units; Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire (Bandai Namco) with 30,000 units; Resistance: Fall of Man (SCEJ) at 20,889. The fact that less than one game was sold per console has further underlined suggestions that some consumers chose to buy the PS3 to sell on at a profit. Lance