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  1. Switch Gaming Bargains Thread

    Snapped this right up(had it on ps3 but never finished - hoping to rectify that this time round) - also bought a few other titles too. Cat Quest Steamworld Heist and a weirdly satisfying basic restaraunt serving game called Cooked Served Delicious 2 - pretty sure I've still come out under a score with a bit of change too. Sales be dangerous!
  2. Among Us (PC, Mobile)

    Hmmm. I have had a slight issue come up so may not make this tonight; also didnt think about time/clock changes and what zones have and havent moved etc. I'll try and figure out making it work but I'm dependant on a ride to carry some stuff(and myself) back home and it's likely gonna be around all that time I think -.-
  3. Kirby Fighters 2

    Checked demo out a bit; seems cool but may wait to see how much people find it longevity wise? I feel like Nintendo is a bit of the new Disney machine just pushing pushing pushing with old tried and tested not much new(also OFFENDED they tried to trailer Wrestler as new and never before seen when it's CLEARLY Suplex!!!) and this is what....Super Smash Kirby?? Admittedly I may be jaded having just dropped a bit for the gem tree on Clash and finding out its slab not progressive/cumalyive currency spent wise I'd maybe be a bit more comfortable around £8-14 mark but not sure £18 will get me diving in. Many other various offerings that could go to instead tbh. Has anyone gone for it? Any thoughts/feelings? Hadn't know there was even a Fighters 1 tbh so also curious if for those who have has it done enough to change and innovate - as I'd wanna hope the online mode stays popular and active enough for a while?
  4. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    Following on a bit from this came across this via something probs algorithms on FB the other day and its REALLY worth a read for all those who have been interested in this whole topic so far - because it will again potentially show many a face of this world that you never realised you do not see; https://www.menshealth.com/uk/mental-strength/a34415128/black-minds-matter/ And yes. You do recognise David Harewood there on the left.
  5. Among Us (PC, Mobile)

    I'll try and be about for that - what sort of time we thinking? Btw don't hold me to it yet @Cube as I'm not sure where I saw/heard it now but I think there was something about potential colourblind support coming to Among Us soon at some point?
  6. this country has gone mad. Manc asks for 85mil but govt says no money after spaffing 12bil up the wall on failing track and trace. Britain is being asset stripped and taken over -.-
  7. General Switch Discussion

    So...uhh...I apologise in advance but I tried searching(its been out on like...everything, even mobile) and didn't find any mention of it anywhere on here - but I've just a few days ago rediscovered some old freemium crack by the name of Gems of War is apparently on Switch? For any Puzzle Quest/Match 3 lovers it's gonna suck you right up. Being freemium there is ofc much in game purchaseable stuff but I can't say I've felt tempted at any point - has anyone else played it? Multiplat as mentioned but just finding it on switch(damn you eShop advertising!) has kinda made my week/destroyed my life EDIT: destroyed my life?? Yep! Latest from Rumdum Rages(to their credit one of few server/network issues I've had - also language spoiler for anyone who doesnt read titles or know me
  8. Man this topic is a great read - but it makes me realise how much less I have been engaged this generation lol 🤣 Bought my PS4/jumped in I think probs around late 2014 same time as Ganepark(recently acquired a switch but not spent much on it) and maybe it's given me too much I've not pursued a lot of other games - as I get older or maybe just get used to the current world of tech I don't have good patience for 'long' games and prefer quick hit style stuff. Having said that I need to give a real shout out to Overwatch - I checked stats this week and I think I'm rolling up close to 1500hrs or so clocked in it? I've made friends(and even arguably lost some :p) via it and I still play pretty much every week or so - helped in part from befriending an essex lass and now me her and her sister all play - so whilst not a game I'm really wanting to give Online communication a shoutf out for this gen too. Overwatch itself has proved, at least for me, a curious and educational experience. It's made me consider how complex 'closed loop' or designed systems can be - and how humans can affect and interact with that. Spatial awareness tactical positioning thinking ahead of the enemy etc(even if I'm not the best at it) it all constantly keeps my mind thinking and going. In someways by part it reminds me a bit of Smash Bros - it feels constantly revisitable and that I can still learn grow and improve with every match. Even after all thrse years I've only just started delving into a few characters I never really had. Honestly it's the only thing atm(ie OW2) that is pulling me into the next generation. Also slight recognition to Destiny 2 as Jimbob mentioned; tho for me there were some flaws in there I have no doubt enjoyed its content - but it CAN be quite a bait game designed to just keep you playing to keep you playing. They do do that well though! For multiplayer following suit and giving both Overcooked and Overcooked 2 a shoutout here - fantastic multiplayer game even if it can cause some upsets at times when you fail!
  9. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Does the 2FA thing mean basically owning/accessing your device is what iy uses as the key to unlock? obvs frustrating for me once but credit due where it is - I was in NYC once and with both text verification for PSN on my phone AND my emails too I actually couldn't access my own PSN account lol. Very frustrating but bugger me I gotta say that was a secure experience!
  10. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    Forget my last post(alol) but here's what I want EVERYONE to be aware of - coming in Nov to BBC and also Amazon Prime - The Small Axe Anthology. "If you are a big big Tree....we are a Small Axe.... (Sharp and Ready!) Sharpened to cut you down...Ready to Cut you Down. (-personal remix of unexmployment benefits form 40 and the prince of reggae hisself bob marley) Obvs my leanings are West Indian buy they are London too. If you know about Notting Hill but you don't know about the Mangrove or indeed the Mangrove Nine and the first time in recent history the British Judiciary actively called and ackonwleged the Police as racist acting with racial hatred(a statement they tried rather hard to get retracted and failed) or even that 2 of the Mangrove Nine forewent formal legal and represented themselves then you really really rwally need to be there for the first film of this anthology. I haven't seen it yet and I am SO excited for when it comes because tbh not just cast alone but Steve McQueen has rarely if ever failed to impress me. Srsly. 15th November. BBC. Put it in your calendars.
  11. Super Mario 3D All-Stars (RIP)

    I'm tempted to see if I still have my originals about to bust them out and play - but I can deffo feel you on the camera. It's why I have issues with a very select few levels but your example of the volcano is a perfect one - tho the one saving grace is if you have enough life you can burn a bit and recover. I used to wonder tbh if BBH was made to try and gaslight us into accepting the bad camera and falling into holes(one thing I will say my Mario career has made me very proficient at; especially considering my recent ventures into SMB 35) *breathes heavily in Plumber...*
  12. Fortnite

    Doubt anyone else will be following by a curiosity in the case may arise from one of the US House Committe's recently released reports(~450pages I'll hopefully read through it this week) into Digital/Big Tech and Market Competition/Monopolisation. I'll quote from the chair's foreword; Google US house/commitee antitrust digital competition or so atm you'll get the media articles and their takes but should also get links to the primary source document in question for anyone interested.
  13. Super Mario Bros. 35 (Dead)

    I'd been wondering about the 'small mario' bonus(and keep.meaning to post...was so angsty for new special battle - forget previous chaos i had a good few runs with a 4-1 in it with lakitus spinies and also a few mad hammer bro and bowser recips - but im utilising my pipes where I can!) Think I've taken one 1st on Special so far and maybe one on 35-player too - been finding the latter interesting as more stages are open variety is changing etc and its affecting my strats too! However despite asking yourself the other day how stages and unlocking works despite probably picking 3-3 as I haven't cleared it >97% of the time I go into 35(with a mushroom usually) I have yet to even reach let alone attempt to clear the thing! Now...if you'll excuse me I do believe my Switch is now rather charged again...(honestly this has really eclipsed much of my gaming atm lol)
  14. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    Giving a wee bump having seen this story come up today - interest if any folks have PoVs to offer? I have a few myself but I'll explain a bit later why I'm holding off. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/family-of-man-who-died-in-custody-condemn-disproportionate-use-of-restraints-b921150.html Kevin Clarke.
  15. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Don't have sex with your PS5! Excuse you mate its a brand new console and I'm not sure if I'm gonna trust you over the professionals I read the very clear disclaimer and saw nothing of the sort; I think it's safe to say this will be absolutely fine. #SexierThanXBox
  16. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Somewhere a Hero of Time just stirred... OK actually just watched this. Felt slightly sexy. Madness how much is being put into the cooling side - the machine must be running some beast stuff. A lot of on board/chip stuff but the spacing and knowledge its parallel chips(did they actually say 448 Gbps??) is interesting. My only concern is if things go wrong(tho those easy dust collectors and absolute madness of a heatsink is crazy cool...no pun :p) and also did they say the hard drive was an on board chip so if so what's the deal about the suggestion of previous about aftermarker hard drives and where do they go? In the noted expansion slot??
  17. The Trump Presidency...is Over

    Its all just such a madness my only hope lies with the judicial branch in the traditional three pillars balance of power. Obvs saw the Michigan thing - bloody good the FBI are on it and not too corrupted by trump administration that they kept her safe but you REALLY have to consider how that even began to came about in the minds of what should be law-abiding citizens alongside Trump's calls to take back Michigan etc. When you are President words have power - Trump knows this. It goes both ways though. Also as much as I can criticise the US shitshow right now the exact same sort of approach has been exported over to here in the UK. We are in for some seriously dark times - I just hope the lights of humanity don't quite 'go out' yet....
  18. The Trump Presidency...is Over

    The Absolute Armchair Lawyer in me read Pannick's art 50 arguments read the illegal proroguement of uk parliament read the uk 'russia report' but also I read all 440+ pages of the Mueller report(as well as watching some of the 'impeachment hearings' particularly Sondland's testiominies) and so I come with this...; There's a few subtle and also not so subtle intricacies to this piece I am linking(and tbh in the face of national security/me not understand all the jusitifications of redactions i cannlt be sure) but this is gonna be fucking hilarious if they crack ANYTHING with it - even unredacting parts of Mueller as it will incriminate Trump further ideally but also if not I feel White House will argue Twitter is not legit as a Presidential expression - hopefully then it'll give twitter and social media companied grounds to shut Trump up. My legal is obvs self-taught and rocky so only just reading this and considering implications but its gonna be hilarious if he is hoisted by his own petard. Let it hopefully be a lesson people - do not give too much of absolute power to your leaders; it may become a double edged sword against themselves AND you the people(tho again I don't think judiciary will risk national security - but i dont know exactly what s302 redactions encompass yet...) https://lawandcrime.com/awkward/court-filing-demands-completely-unredacted-mueller-witness-interviews-cites-trumps-tweets-declassifying-any-and-all-russia-docs/
  19. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Not looked at this at all yet but veru curious is it not? Wasn't the PS4 and XBone basically constructed with more of an off-the-shelf parts model? Curious but good Sony have gone the other way into pushing custom tech and boundary edges with it - for the faults many would have with Nintendo they were always very much into squeezing tech with their approaches it seemed(sadly often just had gaps and often left a lot of gaps/security vulnerabilities in their consoles though).
  20. Ironically I realised the same dilemma re: mafia side talk - I think generally folks tended to setup throwaway .tk forums and stuff back in the day I think? I'm not sure whats still out there but I'm thinking surely a discord can be worked out? I've only really joined Discords so far but surely a protected discussion can be made?
  21. Are you actually fucking kidding me. And people ask me why I got depressed and stopped working for the fucking NHS. Saw all this shit coming. Literally that is such a basic overisght I even would have known to catch it when I was 17. Who are these jokers and why are they getting our money. They don't know an arse from an elbow anymore. God save this country, Jesus.
  22. Obvs I'm v. passionate about the series - will love to hear your thoughts as you go along mate; I may not comment too mich til you finish whole trinity tho.
  23. Super Mario Bros. 35 (Dead)

    Most of my deaths are usually physics related - I started to wonder could it be this is 60hz when most of us grew on 50hz? I don't know much about those things but a 5/6 ration aint exactly small - does it mean the game runs faster than we are used to? (totes sucked so hard this morning. dying first 5 like 5 times in a row....dont do drugs kids )
  24. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    yeah tbh as I'm just getting a ps5 because I'll eventually be getting a ps5 if just love it being mad good fast on loads and stuff over ps4. I got fed up playing some big games with long transition screens between.