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  1. The Best Gaming Music Ever.

    casual reminder
  2. The Trump Presidency...is Over

    I haven't had it myself too much if at all really - but I've been deeply interested in it hence asking(espesh with that QAnon take for reference) - so was curious how you seen/saw it manifest. I deffo had some very pro-trump peoples about but nothing beyond too much of their own personal madnesses - but this weird new world of yearning for 'alternative truths' which is actually just really 'alternatives' or 'alternatives that make ME feel happy' or 'alternatives that males ME feel happy whilst those around me are miserable' seems to be a growing business - and curiously where I would have thought we have a better grasp of material truth and nature than we ever have; with science and logic as well as the arts and others all at our hands - why are so many people seemingly defiant of reality right now? It isn't neccessarily polar either - I see religion and sprituality rising more in a range of my circles and I find it curious. The yearn for something definitely seems to be there(and I've had it in parts myself and found my spiritual and/or alternative ends to go with it to - but not truly or really at any price of what came before. People now seem to just change maybe more than evolve? Forget the past and be something new? Old didnt work but new has potential and right now new does??)
  3. The Trump Presidency...is Over

    Thats basically the play - word for word how you do it. It's a mad tactic but as long as you are careful not to waver or seen to be or to weaken resolve at all - its draws its power. It's not complex but it CAN be effective. Few people are mental or psycho/sociopathic enough to fully stay the course though(because you are often flying in the face of truth) so it isn't always seen too much by people on such a large level because most people just cannot carry it. @LazyBoy how mental did the people mired in bullshit to you get? How close to you are they too? The social impact of political happenings in recent times(covid included) has been a most curious sort of thing to see - all the more compounded by tinternets and social media etc.
  4. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    May post a bigger topic for it but if folks are moving ps4s to cover ps5 costs I may be facilitating on British shores - a few possibles I know seem to be considering a PS4 atm and it's a ripe market with the PS5 upgrades! Sadly being the gamer hoarder I am not ever likely to move on my personal consoles so my PS4 gets its place in the legacy despite my potential monies on that ting
  5. Giant Poppy Watch

    I feel like each year it seems more and more people forget the true severities of war and slowly warp it into something more palatable - poppies are basically claps for the NHS - making oneself feel and look good and belonging to the tribe whilst giving and more so wishing to do actual fuck all about the issues or problems*. *not all poppywearers - but the brigade of people who take heavy stances on it. I used to love the poppy(poppy appeal rolling thru school - telling you how your 5p is supporting great british heroes and you then get to wear your tribal badge of having supported them) but the absolute sycophantic nature of relentless insistence of being Of The Poppy each year is almost such a curiously ironic inversion of the tribalistic tendancies that tend to create wars - when we were all arguably fighting for freedoms. I don't regularly poppy up any more as a result, tbh.
  6. The Trump Presidency...is Over

    More QAnon than Trump; I've been thinking aout posting this somewhere here on the forums giving the intersection of interests but wasn't sure which subforum or topic to go for - so I guess I've ended up landing it here. Medium-long read probably relative to most things folks engage with, but a very interesting take on the QAnon phenom from a game desginer's personal perspective; https://medium.com/curiouserinstitute/a-game-designers-analysis-of-qanon-580972548be5
  7. The Trump Presidency...is Over

    So many fireworks. Even the 4th of July seemingly completed noped the fuck out of Trump's America and emigrated here for the Winter months.
  8. General Switch Discussion

    Anyone here played My Time at Portia on Switch? On any other platforms too? Seen it's in the sale and I'm a bit tempted - however reviews seem to suggest Switch loading times let it down(and considering I'm playing Ni No Kuni which is running very nicely atm this may well irk me) - I understand they patched it since launch but even then it seems some feedback suggests a long niitial load and then some occasional ones throughout the game too - any experiences with it Switch wise from folks here?
  9. Technology In Ten Years Time

    Certainly an interesting read - wish it had been a bit logner tbh! Curious how on point some bits were; though I guess that sort of bias would happen plus we were likely more one of the 'in-touch with' techy/nerdy groups at the time given this whole community's nebulae. SO! Who's up for predicting the next 10-12 years from now then eh?? Let's hope it hasn't moved so far that we're all still here and able to reflect again - maybe we'll have N-Europe-capable microchips directly interfacing with our brains...
  10. Technology In Ten Years Time

    No, no bumps!!! Oh...ah. Uhh...hmm ok yes this is ok. I'll catch up on some of the posts later and give a post; should be interesting indeed! Think I was a bit off radar late 2008-2009 forumwise.
  11. Sean Connery dies aged 90

    Gonma be watching an old classic(a debut of Walken too) from 1971. Caught it randomly one weekend eve on TV back in the more terrestrial days - ome of the early films to focus on mass routine surveillance - and how it has to all be considered in a crook's big heist. Recommend it to folks here as a tribute watch!! Stellar ensemble cast too.
  12. General Switch Discussion

    Man. I dunno what is UP buy damn I am hooked on what you would poss consider trash of a game. Less than £2 jn tbe current eShop sale - looks asife it is a decievingly addictive game. Following the standard idea of being someone cooking meals together in a kitchen - it is mostly a game about memory sequencing and some fine balances with your back burners too. So far I must admit whilst I would be wont to criticise it it has done a sneaky trick of sticking in an absolute button of variation - but all in good measure/good order. There seems to be many many many missions to be had - of which you can play 'Zen' where there are no hig bonua Rush Hours but also less risk of horrendous failure - but still a challenge in itself that will slowly help acclimatize to the game itself. There's a whole wealth of content(apparently) that one can use to customise one's own restaraunt decor and eventual menu too - but so far I haven't bothered with any of that. It's a particularly peculiar title maybe - one for the folks who like to use button combos to beat the clock - but boy oh boy does this have button combos out the wazoo! From cleaning toilets to killing mice to making the best of all the burgers(or chinese food, or waffles, or ice cream cones, or pizzas, or fries, or rice, or......) - but be warned One step wrong in recipe and your meal is ruined and there is no turning back for that customer - so pay attention to the order; quite literally! Once it's in; you can't take it out. One thing I think say will also be applicable to anyone who picks this up and becomes a fan(srsly, its under two quid! its not exactly fancy but its not a bad punt for something different!)
  13. Switch Gaming Bargains Thread

    Seconding MindFreak there for the Ghibli alone its a steal at £8 and I'll be honest I had thought the gameplay was more boring than it is(just tucked back in this morning - had it originally on ps3 but didnt finish) and I'm feeling excited for it again. I recall feeling some issues with pacing previously and others may too but tbh on the whole its a cracking game - maybe iirc its a bit corridor-esque but its gameplay along the way glim and monster mechanics etc honestly for sub tenner you are laughing at the value hidden within this gem. (good to see you posting btw @Kounan been a while still remember when you joined!)
  14. Among Us (PC, Mobile)

    Aye I'm only just in now myself - dunno who is or isn't here? Think I'm busy weds night but otherwise shall we get a plan going? Next Among Us(date/time tbc): @Rummy @Jonnas @Mr-Paul @LazyBoy @Zell @Vileplume2000 @Nicktendo? @Sheikah?
  15. Switch Gaming Bargains Thread

    Snapped this right up(had it on ps3 but never finished - hoping to rectify that this time round) - also bought a few other titles too. Cat Quest Steamworld Heist and a weirdly satisfying basic restaraunt serving game called Cooked Served Delicious 2 - pretty sure I've still come out under a score with a bit of change too. Sales be dangerous!
  16. Among Us (PC, Mobile)

    Hmmm. I have had a slight issue come up so may not make this tonight; also didnt think about time/clock changes and what zones have and havent moved etc. I'll try and figure out making it work but I'm dependant on a ride to carry some stuff(and myself) back home and it's likely gonna be around all that time I think -.-
  17. Kirby Fighters 2

    Checked demo out a bit; seems cool but may wait to see how much people find it longevity wise? I feel like Nintendo is a bit of the new Disney machine just pushing pushing pushing with old tried and tested not much new(also OFFENDED they tried to trailer Wrestler as new and never before seen when it's CLEARLY Suplex!!!) and this is what....Super Smash Kirby?? Admittedly I may be jaded having just dropped a bit for the gem tree on Clash and finding out its slab not progressive/cumalyive currency spent wise I'd maybe be a bit more comfortable around £8-14 mark but not sure £18 will get me diving in. Many other various offerings that could go to instead tbh. Has anyone gone for it? Any thoughts/feelings? Hadn't know there was even a Fighters 1 tbh so also curious if for those who have has it done enough to change and innovate - as I'd wanna hope the online mode stays popular and active enough for a while?
  18. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    Following on a bit from this came across this via something probs algorithms on FB the other day and its REALLY worth a read for all those who have been interested in this whole topic so far - because it will again potentially show many a face of this world that you never realised you do not see; https://www.menshealth.com/uk/mental-strength/a34415128/black-minds-matter/ And yes. You do recognise David Harewood there on the left.
  19. Among Us (PC, Mobile)

    I'll try and be about for that - what sort of time we thinking? Btw don't hold me to it yet @Cube as I'm not sure where I saw/heard it now but I think there was something about potential colourblind support coming to Among Us soon at some point?
  20. this country has gone mad. Manc asks for 85mil but govt says no money after spaffing 12bil up the wall on failing track and trace. Britain is being asset stripped and taken over -.-
  21. General Switch Discussion

    So...uhh...I apologise in advance but I tried searching(its been out on like...everything, even mobile) and didn't find any mention of it anywhere on here - but I've just a few days ago rediscovered some old freemium crack by the name of Gems of War is apparently on Switch? For any Puzzle Quest/Match 3 lovers it's gonna suck you right up. Being freemium there is ofc much in game purchaseable stuff but I can't say I've felt tempted at any point - has anyone else played it? Multiplat as mentioned but just finding it on switch(damn you eShop advertising!) has kinda made my week/destroyed my life EDIT: destroyed my life?? Yep! Latest from Rumdum Rages(to their credit one of few server/network issues I've had - also language spoiler for anyone who doesnt read titles or know me
  22. Man this topic is a great read - but it makes me realise how much less I have been engaged this generation lol 🤣 Bought my PS4/jumped in I think probs around late 2014 same time as Ganepark(recently acquired a switch but not spent much on it) and maybe it's given me too much I've not pursued a lot of other games - as I get older or maybe just get used to the current world of tech I don't have good patience for 'long' games and prefer quick hit style stuff. Having said that I need to give a real shout out to Overwatch - I checked stats this week and I think I'm rolling up close to 1500hrs or so clocked in it? I've made friends(and even arguably lost some :p) via it and I still play pretty much every week or so - helped in part from befriending an essex lass and now me her and her sister all play - so whilst not a game I'm really wanting to give Online communication a shoutf out for this gen too. Overwatch itself has proved, at least for me, a curious and educational experience. It's made me consider how complex 'closed loop' or designed systems can be - and how humans can affect and interact with that. Spatial awareness tactical positioning thinking ahead of the enemy etc(even if I'm not the best at it) it all constantly keeps my mind thinking and going. In someways by part it reminds me a bit of Smash Bros - it feels constantly revisitable and that I can still learn grow and improve with every match. Even after all thrse years I've only just started delving into a few characters I never really had. Honestly it's the only thing atm(ie OW2) that is pulling me into the next generation. Also slight recognition to Destiny 2 as Jimbob mentioned; tho for me there were some flaws in there I have no doubt enjoyed its content - but it CAN be quite a bait game designed to just keep you playing to keep you playing. They do do that well though! For multiplayer following suit and giving both Overcooked and Overcooked 2 a shoutout here - fantastic multiplayer game even if it can cause some upsets at times when you fail!
  23. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Does the 2FA thing mean basically owning/accessing your device is what iy uses as the key to unlock? obvs frustrating for me once but credit due where it is - I was in NYC once and with both text verification for PSN on my phone AND my emails too I actually couldn't access my own PSN account lol. Very frustrating but bugger me I gotta say that was a secure experience!
  24. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    Forget my last post(alol) but here's what I want EVERYONE to be aware of - coming in Nov to BBC and also Amazon Prime - The Small Axe Anthology. "If you are a big big Tree....we are a Small Axe.... (Sharp and Ready!) Sharpened to cut you down...Ready to Cut you Down. (-personal remix of unexmployment benefits form 40 and the prince of reggae hisself bob marley) Obvs my leanings are West Indian buy they are London too. If you know about Notting Hill but you don't know about the Mangrove or indeed the Mangrove Nine and the first time in recent history the British Judiciary actively called and ackonwleged the Police as racist acting with racial hatred(a statement they tried rather hard to get retracted and failed) or even that 2 of the Mangrove Nine forewent formal legal and represented themselves then you really really rwally need to be there for the first film of this anthology. I haven't seen it yet and I am SO excited for when it comes because tbh not just cast alone but Steve McQueen has rarely if ever failed to impress me. Srsly. 15th November. BBC. Put it in your calendars.
  25. Super Mario 3D All-Stars (RIP)

    I'm tempted to see if I still have my originals about to bust them out and play - but I can deffo feel you on the camera. It's why I have issues with a very select few levels but your example of the volcano is a perfect one - tho the one saving grace is if you have enough life you can burn a bit and recover. I used to wonder tbh if BBH was made to try and gaslight us into accepting the bad camera and falling into holes(one thing I will say my Mario career has made me very proficient at; especially considering my recent ventures into SMB 35) *breathes heavily in Plumber...*