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  1. Nice! Great to see another game getting a performance or graphics toggle, works wonders in FE: Warriors. For me it will probably be 60hz though, the difference between 30 and 60hz is much more visible to me than 720 vs 1080p.

  2. I play it on PC occasionally, but alsmost never get into the top 10. My aiming is still too bad and I'm still learning the weapons, and also quickly switching between building and gunning. Especially when you see some people on Twitch, damn I still have a lot to learn haha.

    I loved 50 vs 50, too bad that was only a temporary mode.

  3. 10 hours ago, Dcubed said:



    HOLY SHIT!! You can tune the fucking piano!! You can even change the types of sounds it makes depending on how you build it!!


    Game of the Fucking Year! That’s class! :D 

    That piano needs to work with the Korg gadget!

    All in all a really cool move. I don't see this conflicting with the real franchises. Statements like "Nintendo go back kiddie again" make no sense. PS did it with LittleBigPlanet and the move controllers, XBOX with Kinectimals which both were targeted at a young audience. Nintendo does the same, only better and they show some real creativity here.

    However, I think we will see a lot of fan creations of Gundam suits, Animal Crossing houses and Mario Karts being made from these kits!

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  4. 41 minutes ago, markderoos said:

    I also caved and bought Rocket League yesterday. I’m not realy an online gamer and can’t really plan my gaming time so I’m not sure if it makes sense to join the Whatsapp group.

    now to find out exactly how hard I suck at playing football while driving ;)

    The more people in the app the better! I am not online too often (also since I am in EU time so usually the UK guys get online when I go to bed haha). But I have played some games, and it is much better than with randoms (especially unranked) since there not everybody plays for the team.

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  5. Yeah I enjoyed Resi 5 as well, although it is already much more action-heavy compared to 4. If you like the more traditional tight-space Resi try Revelations. Only let-down there is they traded the zombies for mutants. 

    How is Resi Revelations 2 by the way? Never played that one as well.

  6. Finally played some rounds of Clam Blitz, quite fun! And I think the mode with the most of tactical stuff going on in Splatoon. So yeah, some better voice chat options wouldn't hurt... 

    Also played around with the Squeezer, works quite well and has some actual range with the single ZR press option.

  7. Great, would love to join the Whatsapp group! What do you usually play, 3v3 ranked right?

    With normal mode I must say matchmaking is all over the place. Sometimes it is well balanced, but sometimes the gap in skill is huge.