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  1. Fallout 3 Picture thread

    Umm.....that's a bit ot.... May I ask why?
  2. Fallout 3 Picture thread

    I changed the color in the main menu. For the PC just go into settings and under visual it allows your to change your hud and Pipboy hud. I reckon the process is similar on consoles.
  3. Fallout 3 Picture thread

    Eh maybe, but it's was mentioned in the first ever preview of Fallout 3 and was even demonstrated in one of the gameplay videos. In other words, it may a spoiler, but it's a well publicised one that has been mentioned numerous times in the Fallout 3 thread.
  4. Fallout 3

    I killed Dukov, he's a [email protected] alright. Dogmeat is in the wastes
  5. Fallout 3

    If you can buy something you can sell stuff, just click on anything you want to sell in your inventory and it'll move to their inventory and tell you with and arrow how many bottlecaps are going to whom for the trade. In the begining I suggest buying ammo and stimpaks and don't waste money on other things. You can get XP for killing, completing quests, hacking, lockpicking, disarming traps and mines. All skills are useful, same thing with your stats and perks. if you made some bad choices that could be affecting your combat.
  6. Fallout 3

    Drink water to get your health up. Don't worry about the radiation, it doesn't affect you until nearly 500 rads. In megaton you can rent a bed in the saloon for 120 caps(kinda pricey), or wander the wastes a little bit and you may find an unoccupied bed. That or you can liberate a raider or their bed. To get money, do some side quests for small cash, but more importantly collect anything and everything. Everything you find has a price and can be sold even pre-war money it'll net you about 6 caps each. Stealing things is also useful and unlike oblivion/morrowind you can sell stolen items and not worry about bieng caught. Some one else mentioned that they think the game is doing what Oblivion does where enemies are as tough as you, well that isn't the case. Fallout 3 has no level scaling, Bethesda realised after oblivion that level scaling didn't feel right especially when you see run of the mill poor bandits with all glass armor and weapons. In Fallout, if you go somewhere your not strong enough to be, you'll have a hard time staying alive.
  7. WTF EA

  8. Fallout 3

    Liam Neeson does your fathers voice.
  9. Rate the last film you saw

    The Exorcist isn't all that frightening by todays standards, but when it was released......different story back then. The crawling down the stairs thing is still creepy.
  10. WTF EA

    Well tbh I think your wrong, but that's beside the point since that isn't what is happening. Read the upateI posted, or check the site again and read the update right at the top.
  11. Fallout 3

    The game mechanics are quite different from Oblivion, karma has a real effect throughout the world and on the story. Leveling is done via experience points, as opposed to having to grind each skill untill you can level. The 3rd person view is infintely better than anything Bethesda has tried before. The shooting mechanics are well done, a bit hard to get the sensitivity right though on the controllers (but I had been using K/M for the past 11 hours...) The characters are much more unique compared to oblivions set, where you could find the same person 3 times in each village....just with a different name. Wandering the wastes is incredibly more enjoyable than wandering wandering the wilderness. It all feels unique. As for the length (it's only single player fyi dazzybee) I've playeed 25 hours barely even explored DC and still haven't touched the main story. Although, I'm guessing that if you invested the same amount of time just in the main story and rushed through it.....well it'd be beaten. Oh and I totally think the Ce is worth the extra monies. The lunchbox is nice quality the artbook is very well done, I haven't looked at the making of yet, and the bobble-head is quite nice. (and wobbly :p)
  12. WTF EA

    It's been updated
  13. Fallout 3

    Level 11 now! only took 24 hours to do. I've only done enough mainstory to get me out of the vault...
  14. WTF EA

    If you say/do something wrong on the forum, I agree there should be consequences, but they should stay on the forum, while conversly anything done in-game should be punished via the game(or particular service). Think of it this way, your walking down the street and call a nearby officer a prat, and he takes away your driving license. The two things are unrelated, it's a punishment not fitting of the crime.
  15. Fallout 3

    Take a dump in the lunchbox then...
  16. Rate the last film you saw

    TDK is pretty similar to the Graphic Novel it's actually based off of though.
  17. WTF EA

    Well, people bitched about Bioshocks DRM and it was changed. People have complained to EA and they are now working on a tool to allow people redeem their installions after an uninstall. Besides you missed the point that those people complaining about the DRM (I don't know how they went about it rudely or not) would be banned from their games...the games they paid for. Policing the internet goes against the internet...
  18. WTF EA

    Wow......I'm wholly surprised at the good reactions. This is not a good thing, does anyone here remember people being banned for complaining about Spores horrid DRM? Well do you really think they deserve to lose all of their privileges for voicing their complaints? What if some mod starts abusing power? That's a large headache for people that don't deserve the ban, and whoever they have to appeal too to remove the ban. Like Jimbob said, what if other companies follow suit, this is just not good.
  19. Fallout 3

    I"m only level 9.....
  20. Fallout 3

    I'd like to comment on how engaing the mainstory is, but I'm too busy doing side quest for the last 20 hours.
  21. Left Brain Vs Right Brain Test

    I can see here going different ways with those (only the directions listed) but on the original I still can't switch. If I look at only one of them, the other one will follow the same direction though.
  22. Fallout 3

    I'm lazy and copying this from a different forum post, so I address some issues that another user had, while they are relevant, the context may seem a little weird without the other post. That said here is my long impressions plus pics. Well, first and foremost I'll address NBTs complaints. In my 10 hours of playing Fallout 3 I have encountered 4 glitches. One of which I'm not positive of. I've clipped into a wall once, and all I had to do was leave through the edge (the edge being the end of the wall). Another was when the ground texture didn't load in at a seam in the world (I have a pic for this one). The third definant glitch happened in Megaton. I walked out of a building and saw straight across from me a body falling off a ledge then land dead at the ground. I'm certain she died before the fall because the radgoll physics were in effect (and going whack). The last one is the most odd. Instead of being evil and blowing Megaton up, I decided to turn the guy in, so I went and talked to the sheriff. The sheriff(Simms) and I went to go arrest the culprit, we go to the saloon and after a bit of talking the guy decides to go peacefully, but as Simms turns away he pulls a gun and kills him. Naturally I reloaded to try and save Simms, well I got the drop on the enemy and attacked before he could shoot Simms (which broke his AI btw) as this happened Simms ran away like a little girl. After the fight, I went to try and find Simms......well I did, but he was dead at the bottom of a hill. My guess is that saving him somehow may break the scripting and thus isn't possible. Now that were through with that. The pip-boy, imo is worse than Oblivion's UI, at first at least. It took me a little bit but I am use to the Pip-boy and it isn't too bad, but navigating it is still a little odd, my mouse lags while using the PB. There is no hotkeying weapons (at least on PC...) so until you get use to the PB switching weapons (and you'll do it often at first) is a bit of a pain. For me VATS works great, except it suffers from the same mouse lag as the PB and selecting different body parts also lags. At first I found combat without using VATS hard to do (may be poor preformance on my laptops part) but I'm more accustomed to the ins and outs and can generally kill things out of VATS. The 3rd person view is over the shoulder and many times much better than any 3rd person attemped in TES games. Melee combat works well and can be effective (got a pic for that too) but while in Melee VATS only allows a attack at the enemy, instead of specific parts. As far as levels and enemy power (in response to NBT) no Molerat should have survived a well place grenade, I was beating them to death with a baseball bat at level 2. Skills and perks....well they kept plenty of things intact from the old games yet changed them to reflect the changes in gaming. Every skill is useful to have, although depending on your playstyle there are more useful skills to have. I'm not sure what else to write on this subject. Exploration.....is wonderful, it all feels much more varied from Oblivion where one dungeon was interchangable with nearly any other dungeon. Out in the wastes it feels unique, and so far it seems that places to explore are less in numbers than TES, but I think that may be since the overworld it's self is like a large varied Dungeon you could take an uneventful stroll through a ruined town, or you may step into a town and sniper fire could rain down apon you. As to the differences in experience between NBT and I, it may be *shudder* platform differences. As I was playing so was A Reaver, and we were confering as we played, and near as I can tell we both had enjoyable experiences with nary a game breaking bug. now for pics... These are all just straight up Medium Quality no AA 1280x800(photobucket resized though ) Mother-****ing Fire Breathing ANTS!!!!. They're attacking each other in that pic. ^ One ant killed the other. This thing scared the **** out of me, I was looking up at a corpse hanging on meat hooks. Shot him in VATS. Finished him with my bat.....I was practically out of ammo. Grenade exploding near some Mirelurks, they have tough armor. No Texture, for like 10 seconds. I took half a step after the pic though and it appeared. Spooning Skeletons. el oh el. Damn sniper blew a car up. Car again. Sorry NBT... She was sleeping and I shot her head off. I reloaded after that though. I wish I was quicker on the button for this one, VATS slo-mo followed my bullet until it hit their face and took off the head. Wow, this took 50 minutes to type. Ummm yeah, just remembered I forgot AI. Well not too much to say usually it's basic, but downright stupid, people will wait for you to come closer before revealing themselves(occasionally). The best example so far would be a group of 3 Super Mutants, but I only knew of two. Well we had a fire fight (one had a minigun he crippled my head...) I was wandering about looting and exploring still. When I got close to where they were the third popped out from behind a crumbling wall abour 3 feet in front of me and charged with his Melee weapon. I was surprised that he was smart enough to hide until I got close to him as oppose to charging into bullets with a 2x4. Oh and I dropped the Minigun mutant first, and his living buddy ran up and took the minigun to use on me. I've also shot weapons out of raiders hands at which point they will turn around and scramble to re-equip their weapon.
  23. Rate the last game you played

    Fallout 3 9 radioactive fire breathing ants out of 10
  24. Left Brain Vs Right Brain Test

    Clockwise only for me.... And is that a nipple I spy on the figure...
  25. Fallout 3

    Absolutly beautiful.... even on medium settings.