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  1. ...because you write that, not because I think you're sheeeeet. Only at X11.

  2. I saw this gif and thought of you:



  3. I am happy for the happy one! I hope he brings more excitement to the club and won't just buy everyone and everything but actually builds the club up with youngsters.


    Also,check out Area D - Inou Ryouiki

  4. Dude, Feng Shin Ji - fully recommend. Good story, good drawing all in colour!

  5. I want DOROHEDORO

  6. Yeah though I can't believe you could ever make that up yourself.

  7. I can't believe I'm saying this but one of your jokes actually made me laugh!

  8. Same old Flinky always complaining

    Same old Flinky always complaining

  9. Wow you caught up quickly! That is a lot of reading!

  10. Does that mean chapter 17 as in you're now up to date? Or just chapter 17 of the actual manga.


    Where I read it, they have it in 17 "chapters", but I think they're actual volumes with like 180 pages each!


    Its pretty crazy but also well thought out.

  11. Pretty gorey - just a fair warning! :p

  12. Hey man, I fully recommend: Dorohedoro.


    It's pretty confusing at first but its really captivating. I think it is also coming to a close soon as well.

  13. It helps me sleep better.

  14. I don't see it like that but I can see your point of view.


    C'est la vie.

  15. I know this is probably bringing up an old tangent now, but for what it is worth, I was agreeing with you(although some bits MAY have been slightly overdone) and if Happenstance wanted to remain the moody pessimistic sod then I'm glad he's gone. You weren't exactly insulting him.


    P.s. I hate you grey layout on your profile.

  16. Surely I'm Pichu, everyone knows I'm electrifying!



  17. Which one am I?

  18. You never replied to my last message about new vagabond =[


    I have in fact read you giant eating twisty turny recommendation. It is pretty good. I'm not a fan of the constant time jumps that seem to just happen at the beginning of chapters and only after do you find out what it is referring to!


    I guessed the clever giant was annie early on but still pretty decent idea. With definitely keep reading if I ever remember the name :p

  19. I'll give it a look...more importantly, NEW VAGABOND.

  20. Summary?


    I've been reading blade of Regis and suseqiently cavalier of the abyss I think it is called, quite good actually if not a bit strange.

  21. You trended on twitter?

  22. A free football manager game that a load of us play in N-E, I'm the current reigning champ and may retain my title!


    http://www.xperteleven.com just check it out/ check the thread in the "playground" part of the forum. We've even hooked flinky in!