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  1. Pupils attacked by teacher

    Had a few knife fights? Guessing he has killed quite a few people then. Its a sad story all round to be honest. The bare bones of it is that even if the kids were being little twats, it doesn't condone that sort of behavior from a teacher.
  2. Post Your Purchases

    Where are they from?
  3. Mcoy likes icecream

    This man speaks the truth.
  4. All I can suggest is to volunteer? Get some more experience?
  5. Rate the last film you saw

    Was there any stuff after the credits? I didn't stay because my girlfriend was being a bitch.
  6. Rate the last film you saw

    Sideswipe? RC? Didn't get much screen time but they where still there.
  7. European Elections

    This is a sad, sad day.
  8. Britain's Got talent 09

    Tonight was shite really . . . Only the street dancing lad deserves to go through.
  9. Britain's Got talent 09

    Flawless are much, much better dancers than Diversity. This little girl doesn't deserve a second chance.
  10. Post Your Purchases

    I love originals too Although I'd steer clear of that style though, the rubber part on the front turns yellow quite quickly.
  11. The Inbetweeners

    Tonight didn't make me laugh. In fact I thought the last two episodes we're a bit poor. I must have no soul.
  12. Tales Of Vesperia

    Is this getting a UK release on the 360?
  13. Resident Evil 5

    Just realised you need two 360 pads, silly me.
  14. Resident Evil 5

    I guess I'm lame. I'd say more lazy.
  15. Resident Evil 5

    Anyone got 45 rotten eggs to give me? I'll pass them on to other members, I promise.
  16. Jade Goody Dead

    With Elvis and Tupac?
  17. Post Your Purchases

    Okami for the Wii was £9! I would've bought it, but I'm after Resident Evil 5 this week.
  18. Hey Guys Im Back :)

    Do you think you can just pick us up and drop us whenever you feel like it?!
  19. Post Your Purchases

    I feel so sorry for you.
  20. Post Your Desk/Bizarre Set up

    Looks like you've been trying to hack Nasa.
  21. Happy Timothy

    Thanks guys! Start of last nights shenanigans. ;D
  22. Random urges

    I doubt he can yet. Oh, and I've had the urge to buy a massive Lego set for my birthday for nostalgia's sake. I used to love the stuff, Eiffel tower I'm thinking . . .
  23. Post Your Purchases

    Haha! Thats all kinds of awesome.
  24. Your Curse Words of Choice

    Fuck Sticks?
  25. Resident Evil 5

    Enough rounds and he goes down like a bitch. Regenerators are horrible in Pro mode - they have plaga all over them.