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  1. good stuff thread.

    Went to my first concert since 2018 yesterday. While I had the concert in mind for quite some time, the actual decision to go was made.. past last minute. Sometimes Often I end up not doing something more or less planned because I hesitate too much, this was almost one of those cases. I got up late that day, still went to exercise like I planned, but this resulted in a situation where I'd really had to hurry if I also wanted to make it to that concert. Got home, had a quick bite too eat, took a shower as fast as I could (that's 25 minutes).. Then got on the internet to check all the details and arrange stuff (like getting the train ticket). I called the venue for some details (I was already late anyway, but there were some unknows, like when the main program was going to start), but I couldn't get through. Often this is where I just give up and go do something else, but this time I thought "fuck it", printed the train ticket, brushed my teeth, and left (and cycled hard to get to the most convenient train station within 30 minutes), and went "op de bonnefooi". To go "op de bonnefooi" is a Dutch expression, which seems to have its origin in French, but I don't know of an English equivalent. it means something like going somewhere without a concrete plan, and hoping for good luck. Like I said there were some unknowns, mainly what time the main act was going to start. I could perhaps make that, though I definitely was going to miss the support act at that point. Theoretically it could also sell out, but I thought that was very unlikely. Anyway, long story short, it worked out. While I did get in late, the main act actually just started, but I didn't miss much. Better yet.. Someone left an unused ticket at the counter, so I actually got in free. I spend the money I saved on merch. Too bad there was no signing.
  2. Neutral stuff thread

    But seriously, I occasionally have something good happen, then something bad to cancel it out, or similar situations. I've wanted to post this topic several times now, but bever did until now.
  3. Marvel's Phase 4

    My brother really liked it, though I'm not in a hurry to watch it myself.
  4. Routine

    Yeah let's bump another old thread.
  5. Routine

    I’ve posted an old Gamescom trailer of this game in the indie games thread, but I think this game deserves its own thread, especially with the new alpha gameplay trailer released yesterday. This is a survival horror game in first person, with rogue-like elements like perma-death, level randomisation, and unreliable power-ups. The game’s style is an 80’s vision of sci-fi, and it’s set on a lunar base, where things have gone horribly wrong. And that’s were you come in. One of my most anticipated titles. Edit: Oh it's PC for now.
  6. 1-2 Switch (March 3rd 2017)

    You see, now that's the kind of announcement I was hoping to see in an E3 Direct.
  7. So still no word on a Nintendo show? That's a damn shame. Regardless of the actual quality of the show, I always look forward to it. it's also probably why I'm absolutely not aware of any other shows, because apparently I've totally missed the LRG show (and I probably can't be arsed to watch any other shows). At first glance that list doesn't contain many interesting titles, but I'll (finally) get Doom at least, and Turtles. On the other hand, I'm kind of bitter I'll have to order a LRG version after pre-ordering a regular version that's cancelled, it won't fit with the other game.
  8. The Star Wars Thread

    The problem for me is that you're right, and I can see Marvel heading the exact same way, with all these shows coming out. I still following the films because I love the characters, and all the castings have been on point, and there's usually some funny dialogue. But story-wise not everything has been great. WandaVision definitely wasn't great, and I don't care much for any of the other shows. I can imagine a future where I stop watching Marvel stuff altogether the same way I stopped watching Star Wars stuff. For now, I'll keep following the films, but I'm all but done with the shows. I'll give the 2nd season of Loki a chance, but have no interest in any other Marvel shows at this point.
  9. The Star Wars Thread

    I did, and for the most part it is to me, though I'm still going to judge individual stories on their own, if for some reason I'm still giving something a chance. I wouldn't mind trying Fallen Order for example, and to be fair, I've watched 3 films since the latest reboot before I gave up on the films, so you can't say i didn't give it a chance. Last thing I'll say about Obi-Wan Kenobi:
  10. The Star Wars Thread

    It feels different to me. It needs some drama, but I didn't feel anything besides annoyance. It's just badly acted, directed and written. None of the characters besides Obi-Wan, including Leia, were interesting to me, and all the plot points so far felt pointless.
  11. The Star Wars Thread

    Then they've still done something wrong, because that's not at all the vibe the show was giving. You must remember that 1] I once was a Star Wars fan, and 2] I had no preconceptions at all before watching this show, no bias whatsoever. I haven't watched any of the trailers, and didn't know anything besides the show being about Obi-Wan. My opinion is as objective as possible. I had no particular interest in watching the show, but neither did I have any particular reason to not watch it. If I knew I was going to hate it beforehand I wouldn't have watched it.
  12. The Star Wars Thread

    I don't even know what red letter media is. I was laughing out loud during that scene when that green guy ran into that branch after two minutes. I was wondering if anyone uploaded that clip, and that was one of the videos that showed up.
  13. The Star Wars Thread

    I happen to have watched the first 2 episodes of Obi-Wan Kenobi, as my brother was here and started to watch it, and I thought "why the hell not" and watched along. I've not seen a single episode of any Star Wars shows, including the Clone War animations, so here's a fresh take on it. It's fucking shit. This was too good to hide in a spoiler. At one point the show was so dumb that it was hilarious. This pretty much sums up the show for me.
  14. Lego!

    None of the previous 500 sets interested you?
  15. Your Gaming Diary 2022

    You don't respect the Goose? You motherfucker. (Don't play Gris)
  16. Football Season 2021/22

    Hmm, I don't follow football, but I'm going to be aware of the result tonight either way, as I live next to Feijenoord's home city, and I'll probably be in Rotterdam myself tonight.
  17. Marvel's Phase 4

    I'll skip this one, I must admit I've seen a bit too much of Dr. Strange beforehand.
  18. General Movie Thread

    Surprising cameo for the Chip'n Dale film. I actually admire the marketing genius behind that.
  19. Marvel's Phase 4

    @Julius set it up, blame him.
  20. Marvel's Phase 4

    I bet Daredevil didn't see it coming.
  21. Dead Space Remake (27th January 2023)

    That's why they invented the search . (Dead Space) The game was great, though I never finished it because of a floaty mouse.. I'll need to re-install it some day and play it with a controller. If you haven't played it I'd say go for it, but personally I don't have any need for a remake. I'll happily play the old version.
  22. The sequel! https://www.spike-chunsoft.co.jp/ai-nirvana/en/ Yep I'm pre-ordering the limited edition.
  23. @bob I haven't seent the show, so I have nothing to say.
  24. Happy birthday

    I didn't!