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  1. Whaat?! You mean Newport in South Wales, right?! Cineworld/UGC?


    The very cinema mate. I was quite surprised when i saw the set-up for the screen myself. It might still be there if your lucky or it might have been for the opening weekend only

  2. I planned to go and see this film on Saturday 20th after spending the past week watching the previous 5 Rocky films. Went to see it at 11am as this was the only time that i could get a ticket because all other showings of the film were fully booked. Anyway, got to the cinema and got the tickets for the film. Got told to go to screen 7. I would have worked out which screen without getting told from this




    Never seen something like that before in a Newport cinema so i was pleased to get the Red Carpet treatment for a change. Later i found out this set-up was only for the opening weekend showings


    Anyway, back to the film. I thought it was absolutly brilliant. It was a lot better than i was expecting it to be. The end fight was set out much better than i was expecting as well. The whole film was full of drama, excitement and still contained that classic Rocky humour that was present in the previous 5 titles which all that kept me glued to my seat right till the end. Rocky Balboa is a great ending to an awesome film series and it well deserves the score of




    I'll probably see it again early on next month.

  3. I'm looking forward to this film a lot. I've been watching the previous 5 Rocky films to get me in the mood. I'm going to see it on Saturday at 5pm as my local cinema was fully booked for the Friday showing

  4. My top 10 GC games


    1) The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

    2) Metroid Prime 2 Echoes

    3) Super Smash Bros: Melee

    4) The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

    5) Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes

    6) TimeSplitters: Future Perfect

    7) Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones

    8) Metroid Prime

    9) F-Zero GX

    10) Sonic Mega Collection (Bought back a lot of memories)

  5. Finally had the money to get a 360 the other day. The pack i got was £299 and it came with


    X-Box 360 Premium


    Live Arcade Unplugged

    Smackdown vs RAW 2007

    Play and Charge Kit

    Extra Wireless Controller

    12 Months free X-Box Live Gold


    As soon as i get a cheap wireless adaptor (cheers for the tip 1UP). I will be online in no time at all.

  6. Rumble in the Bronx


    Fairly good film starring Jackie Chan. The action is good throughout and the supporting cast give good performances as well. There are some humourous moments in the film as well. The whole end sequence of the film was very entertaining. 8/10

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