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  1. I miss...


    Playing 4 player Mario Kart 64 and Goldeneye.

    Good cartoons i.e. Original Turtles, Thundercats e.t.c.

    80's programs like Crystal Maze, Funhouse, Power Rangers.


    A time when the internet was new, awesome, and 56k was fucking fast.

    Shit 80's programs we watched anyway because we were little like Are you afraid of the dark?

    The war between Sega and Nintendo fans.

    The times before reality TV.

    Reading 'Goosebumps' and actually enjoying it.

    Where's Wally?

    Trading footy stickers for the new 'Premier League' sticker albums. "I GOT MAN U SHINY!!!"

    When consoles were rated by 'bit'. "OMFG! 64 bit!"

    Noels House Party.


    Even more things that i miss, but forgot to comment.


    I also miss


    Decent kids TV (when the BBC and ITV both had shows that i wanted to watch)

    The privilege of using the Internet when it was a reward to use, now it is all over the place and can be used anytime

    My Gerbils (died about 6 years ago)

    Friday and Saturday night TV (now Challenge will suffice for now)

    The time when owning a mobile phone made you popular in school

  2. Spent the weekend watching movies as none of my mates wanted to go out last night.


    Who am I - 9/10. A great Jackie Chan movie. Love the whole fighting at the end and the sequences at the end as well.


    Number 23 - 8/10. A good, yet thinkable Jim Carrey movie. Saw it in the cinema at release, bought the DVD and watched the cut version.


    Die Hard 2 - 8/10. A great sequel to a great movie. Lots of explosions and swearing throughout.


    From Russia with Love - 9/10. Great movie, great acting. Just a great movie really. Only let down was the ending, didn't think much of it. Thought it was a bit weak.

  3. Played a 2 player Rainbow Six with my mate over Live yesterday, kept putting him off over the headset. Just as he had aimed to sniper someone, i'd shoot the guy he was aiming for or shout "boo" really loud so he shot the air.


    Next game i'm probably going to get will be Assassins Creed. Bought Colin McRae the other day and it is awesome. I've already wiped out 3 cars completely.

  4. I see well I have deleted all mine. NOne of great anyway I'll do one again though.


    Wait a minute now I am getting'' This account is suspended''?


    Getting same message, i think someone has been caught out with this. Oh well. I'll wait til daylight to try again

  5. You know, i was thinking exactly the same thing!


    He accuses Vista of not working properly?!?! Im sitting here typing this on an Acer "laptop" that has cracking casing for the 3rd time in 18 months and a defunct battery and charging circuit! It can't leave my desk!


    Amazingly enough, the software works fine! Yes, Vista is obviously the pile of shite that's at the cause of my computer problems...


    lol, Vista causes problems to Acer laptops that are already renowned for problems. That is about as likely as the Dodo coming back to life in the next 3 minutes.


    I've installed the updates and everything seems ok now. My screensaver doesn't take a lifetime to go away anymore, which is nice.

  6. I used to collect Beano and Dandy comics and the odd Simpson comics as well. Still got a few somewhere in the attic and one Beano comic behind a wall. Got most Beano and Dandy albums between 1980 and now.


    Can't believe the price of these comics now, £1 something. I used to get them when they were 30p up until they were 55p then stopped.

  7. The Harry Potter games, they are over before you know it. Did the first 3 games within 6 hours. Took them back to GAME the next day for a full refund (£50)


    I also found Wind Waker very easy. I got the game 2 days before release in UK and by the time it came out in UK, i was already on the Triforce hunt. I beat the game a few days after that.

  8. This does look amazing as i said earlier, with the GTA delay this is now the next game i am getting for the 360 after Colin McRae, which i should be getting soon.


    I just like the fact that you can blend right into the crowd to avoid the guards, it looks cool as well. This is just the type of game i have been looking for since i got my 360 back in December

  9. Just read a pretty good article from the guys over at Teamxbox.com. While all the reasons are good ones I think the last one is freaking hilarious due to the possiblity of it being quite true.






    I think the same as you, the last reason could very well be true. But it will still sell loads of copies due to fan boys.


    Don't hate me for saying this, but i think that Halo 3 is all hyped and loads of copies will be sold to the fan boys out there. The original Halo was good, but 2 did not live up to 1. This new one could be over-rated and not be as good as it says it is.

  10. It was a good game for England a 57 point lead over Wales' 5 points i.e. 62-5 which i think is a record for England with most points in the lead in the whole game against anyone.


    Hope England play well in the World Cup this year as they did last time.

  11. I've only had to get up at 4:30am once and that was to start a shift at the warehouse at 6:00am, which is a nightmare especially when it was the freezing cold snowy mornings back in January when i wanted to stay in my warm bed. Now, its getting up at 7:30am in the summer which is nice to go to work.