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  1. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    I had a quick go the other day but have been busy with DQXI. Now that game is finished though (kind of ) I can properly check this out.
  2. General Switch Discussion

    Courtesy of @Londragon: Have done this several times myself and can vouch for its effectiveness. It's not a permanent solution, but it is the easiest and cheapest way to alleviate the problem.
  3. Dragon Quest XI

    So I've got everyone up to level 99 (it's unbelievably quick in this game thanks to those 2 pep skills! ) and also have what I assume to be most of the best gear, but the final boss is still absolutely impossible! Had about 5 or 6 attempts at it now and the best I can do is... It seems massively down to luck. Sometimes I can survive for quite a long time, other times he'll wipe out the entire team in the blink of an eye! Not really sure what else I can do at this point, what with grinding no longer an option.
  4. Dragon Quest XI

    Man, you were not kidding!
  5. Sea of Thieves (XBO/PC) - New Rare game

    So it looks like it’ll work in the same way as Rocket League seasons, with some free stuff getting unlocked as you progress, but quicker progression and more rewards for those that purchase the pass. I’m still only about halfway through the Tall Tales (and have been super distracted with DQXI ) but definitely want to try and get back into this a bit while I’m resubscribed to Game Pass.
  6. Dragon Quest XI

    A few metal slimes later and the credits have rolled : What a game!
  7. Wargroove

    This is out on Friday, and looking pretty good indeed. Despite not being a huge fan of turn based strategy (and also being absolutely terrible at them ) I do kind of miss the Advance Wars series... so yeah, thinking I might have to check this out. It seems to have some fantastic customisation options and editing tools as well. Not only can you create custom levels, but entire campaigns, complete with little cutscenes! As seen in the opening of this review: Very cool. Who's picking this up?
  8. Dragon Quest XI

    I reached that part earlier on today, such a sad scene. I'm now at 38 hours played and have arrived at what I'd assume to be final area (were it not for everyone saying how long the game is ), but Hero is only Lv. 42 and the very first encounter at that location saw my team getting absolutely obliterated! Just gave it a second attempt but was killed even quicker than the first! I've avoided it for most of the game, but definitely going to have to do some grinding now I reckon. Anyone know the best location for metal slimes?
  9. Questions

    Yeah, that certainly doesn’t help matters. I do miss the days of the forum sharing the exact same layout as the main site one.
  10. Monkey Barrels (Good Feel)

    I take it that's a no then. Getting the impression this game must have bombed quite spectacularly on Switch, in that case it's no wonder they want to release it on other platforms.
  11. Questions

    There might be a slight delay before it shows up, yeah. It's not showing on the main site just yet either. Hehehe! Like I said, that particular change was done by Ashley. And it was a good one, because some silly person *cough* didn't actually realise that the logo would be pretty much invisible on that header otherwise. It's been a while since I made one of these, that's my excuse anyway.
  12. Questions

    It was a necessary change for the new header I made: But blame @Ashley, because it's actually his fault.
  13. Yakuza 7 (PS4 2020)

    @Happenstance, awesome! What exactly is that thing? I think I need one.
  14. Monkey Barrels (Good Feel)

    Did anyone ever play this? Just seen that it's coming to PC soon and will feature cross-play with the Switch version! Looks like it'll run a lot better too.
  15. Dragon Quest XI

    Not sure how much of the game is left, but even at this point I think I can safely say that DQXI has overtaken Ni No Kuni to become my new fave JRPG. It’s just superb in every way. Yeah, I’ve definitely noticed the repetition but the tunes are great and so catchy that I can’t say I mind. I’ve been humming a lot of them recently too which is always a good indicator of catchiness. Interesting how this was your very first DQ game (what an entry to the series! ), I’ve not played that many myself to be honest, just IX, Heroes and Builders. And two of those were spinoffs, so I guess you could say this is only the second DQ game I’ve played. One thing is for certain though, I sure as hell won’t be overlooking this series again!
  16. Dragon Quest XI

    KiryuThumbsUp.gif Wow. I’ve not used the 2D option at all. There was one part where I was forced to play in 2D briefly, but other than that it’s been 3D all the way. The retro look is a nice additional option to have I guess, but with just how much work has gone into the 3D presentation, it sort of feels like it’d be a waste to play the entire game like that. Anyway, you’re in for a treat with the voice acting if you do replay it in 3D, as the English dub is indeed fantastic.
  17. General Switch Discussion

    DLSS is fantastic. Wasn’t clued up to it before getting back into PC gaming last year, but have used it on several games since then and yeah, it’s great stuff. Nintendo would be very wise to make use of it in either a Switch Pro or their next system.
  18. Dragon Quest XI

    Played this A LOT over the weekend, too much actually. Yeah, collected all of the orbs and... I’d have made even more progress if it wasn’t for the casino! Must have spent a good couple of hours playing the slime slot machines in there. Addictive doesn’t even begin to describe it. Anyway, thanks once again to everyone that recommended this game to me over in the Game Pass thread, you guys picked an absolute winner!
  19. Dragon Quest XI

    Well, despite my "ungrindiness" I've been making pretty good progress in this. Only hit a couple of roadblocks so far, the first one was getting paired with a guy who had his eyes closed (and was also off his face) for a fighting tournament. He kept messing up my tactics of using the sleep spell to prevent the opponents using their pep team attack. Every time I'd get one of them sleeping, the dickhead would attack and wake them up again! Managed to get through it though, eventually. The second sticking point was that guy's drug dealer, a giant spider. Actually had to do a bit of grinding to get past that thing! Luckily those good old Metal Slimes were conveniently hanging around in the same area though, so it didn't take very long. Anyway, I'm definitely enjoying this game. Not sure if it'll dethrone my current favourite JRPG of all time (Ni No Kuni), but it's certainly got a very good chance.
  20. Monster Hunter Rise

    Definitely going with droopy ears for my Palamute.
  21. I wish Nintendo would make a reasonably priced, stand-alone version of Bowser’s Fury, even if had to be exclusive to eShop. But again, they’re just not thinking of those that were onboard with the Wii U.
  22. Mario Kart Tour (mobile)

    Hell of an unlucky yet hilarious moment on this earlier on. Got a Super Horn Frenzy and must have set off over 30 Super Horns during that time, then at the exact moment the frenzy ran out I was hit by a Spiny Shell! Shame this doesn’t save replays. Another great music track has been added with the latest tour BTW: The real world courses are actually pretty bland, but at least they usually have good music. Well, apart from London, I wasn’t really a fan of that one.