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  1. Bizarre Creations to close down.

    It can still be bought by another publisher in the 90 day period.
  2. My new writing gig!

    I have an AbleGamers print in my room that I bought from the foundation. Designed by the excellent artist Justin Russo. I get updates from them all the time. It's a pretty high profile gig, nice one.
  3. Lovefilm application heading to PS3

    I have the Mesrine films on Blur Ray and they are amazing. As long as you like reading subtitles over a foreign language.
  4. Lovefilm application heading to PS3

    I was just about to post that it is pretty good, until it crashed twice in the same place on V for Vendetta, the second time crashing my PS3 completely.
  5. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    That's pretty hardcore. Nice one.
  6. N-E Winter Meet!

    You must be thinking of another Cullercoats.
  7. N-E Winter Meet!

    Dibs sharing with you. I'm always game for more spooning with you. Perhaps it will develop into something more pleasurable. Reach around?
  8. Car tax

    As long as you've bought it you can drive until it comes. The reg will scan as having been renewed.
  9. Fallout: New Vegas

    I have just finished the game with the Independent questline.
  10. Fallout: New Vegas

    I've just met Yes Man to end the Ring-A-Ding-Ding quest. He is probably my favorite character between Fallout 3 and New Vegas.
  11. Fallout: New Vegas

    Hardcore isn't that bad. Ammunition weight is the nicest difficulty edition. Being unable to heal crippled limbs with a stimpak is a problem at the beginning, but I imagine with caps you can buy unlimited doc kits. I'm enjoying Hardcore. It's not as difficult as it sounds so far. I'm going to be sorry I typed that.
  12. The Hobbit

    I know. These guys have had a bad career beforehand. It's about 4 episodes in. An episode every Tuesday.
  13. The Hobbit

    I guess that Graham McTavish must have clinched the deal with his performance in Harry and Paul
  14. The Hobbit

    I don't know, but the casting is very odd. It wouldn't look out of place in a low-budget ITV drama series. I've just seem Graham McTavish in the latest Harry & Paul for god sake. A small role in a BBC sketch show to a Hollywood movie?
  15. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    I had a problem where I wanted to connect my PS3 to a TV via HDMI but it was configured through the AV port for Component. If I remember correctly, when you hold the power button it will auto-detect an HDMI output for you. EDIT: I did remember correctly. Just hold down the power 'button' when you switch it on until it beeps. This will set the configuration to HDMI. http://askabouttech.com/connecting-hdmi-to-ps3/
  16. 30 Rock

    I disagree. Every episode is fantastically written. Maybe it is just the stupid comedy, but Tracy has great one-liners.
  17. Tuition Fees

    Most employers for programmers are looking for a BSc in a Science or Maths. I looked for Computer Science degrees with a games development focus when I was looking at Universities. I ended up at Wolverhampton doing "Computer Science (Games Development)" through clearing as I had poor A-level grades and went into clearing. Wolverhampton Uni has done pretty poorly on the tables and even asked to be removed from them this year, but I was grateful for the offer in clearing and didn't want to waste a year back at college/doing a foundation year at another Uni. I've done Java and HTML/CSS in my first year, and I'm doing Ansi C now. I'll do my first games module next semester. As far as 3D maths goes Vectors also play a big part. I've got extracurricular projects (which is also a must) and a placement next year, so hopefully I'll be all set with my BSc in Computer Science in 2012. The tuition fee hike won't make too much of a difference for me as I'll only have one year of the higher price, but it is still a bummer.
  18. Halo: Reach

    I don't know if this has been posted but I have just heard that Master Chief is visible at the end of the game if you pan right at one of the cutscenes.
  19. MAG -Massive Action Game

    Someone ban him? Please.
  20. MAG -Massive Action Game

    2.0 is great. I have used the sniper since launch until recently when I switched to shotgun. It is a good game but is really, really frustrating. SVER FTW.
  21. Halo: Reach

    Everyone should know that I did 99% of the work.
  22. Halo: Reach

    Parcel Force are holding all of Game's stock when it is in their hands. Bungie will credit reset before launch anyway.
  23. Limited Edition.

    All a publisher needs to do is write Limited or Collector's Edition on anything and I will buy it. They are magical words.
  24. iPhone 4/iOS4

    Apple auto-refunded my bumper on Thursday. Was surprised that I didn't have to do anything.