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Found 1 result

  1. MAG -Massive Action Game

    Website and universe: http://www.mag.com Tools, skill points guide: http://www.maggametools.com Leaderboards: http://www.magleaderboards.com (unoffical, incomplete). Online Only MMO FPS. The game uses a new server architecture to support online battles with up to 256 players. A unique fps that utilises tactical and teamwork aspects of online fps extremely well. Features a chain of command and customisable abilites. The game has considerably improved each patch. Factions The game contains three different PMC factions: Raven Industries, a faction with high-tech weapons and armor, comprising of West European Countries such as Germany, Italy and France and The Netherlands, prizing technological advancement as key to winning. Seryi Volk Executive Response (SVER), a guerilla style military force with personnel drawn from China, India, Russia, and other countries in Asia, east Europe and Africa; infamous for their passion of battle. Valor Company, whose soldiers are equipped with more standard-styled weaponry. They comprise of seasoned veterans from the United States, United Kingdom and Mexico; believing that knowledge in battle is strength. Raven Recruitment Video: SVER Recruitment Video: Valor Recruitment Video: Game Modes Suppression: Team Deathmatch. Now faction neutral. 64 players. Sabotage: Secure two uplink stations at the same time to unveil a third and final target. 64 players. Acquisition: Secure and steal two prototype transports successfully from the enemy's base. Features Command structure and active powers. 128 players. Interdiction (dlc): 3 bases for grabs in tug of war. Team with most possesion wins. Each squad has a unique APC. 128 players. Domination: Main mode of MAG. Multilayered defence and attack. Opposing team must defend or attack control panels. To open the control panels, cooling towers must be destroyed first. 256 players. Ofcourse its not that simple depending on your opponent. 256 players. Escalation Beta/dlc 2011: 3 Way team battle. 3 teams fight for 3 control panels. After holding two a fourth panel appears. This must be defended to win. Tug of war battle. 96 players.