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  1. If you're that curious about if you can touch your toes rest your hands on your thighs and slide them down your legs (as you bend forward obviously) until you reach a pain point. It's a bit more controlled. But I'd still say when it comes to your back its best to be over cautious because if you fuck that up you really fuck it up. Maybe even give yourself a week away from the gym.

  2. 8 minutes ago, Julius said:

    Netflix are 100% the crazy ex-girlfriend

    Ironically one of the few shows I still watch on there. 

    But I'm mostly using it to rewatch shows than anything they put out lately so I'm figuring out what I what to do. The easy option is to buy them on something like Prime but that could still be removed. 

    But it seems I'm not affected by this anyway. My mom and nan had access but I think my mom got her own and my nan has now passed away anyway.

    Just feel like there's no real value in Netflix now. 

  3. 3 hours ago, Glen-i said:

    Man, I hate that notion. It's no excuse. Plenty of Kids movies can hit just as hard as any other movie. There's a damn good reason why Lilo & Stitch is my favourite Disney movie, and it isn't just because of wacky alien hijinks, it's because it's a relatively realistic depiction of the issues families can face with child services.

    That movie's great! I wanna watch it again now.

    It's a wonderful film. Got my niece into it so when my mom and I went to Hawaii recently we had to tell her Stitch was on holiday to stop her asking to join. But it does have a really nice message about made family. 

    And I found out recently there's a manga where Stitch lands in fuedal Japan and I need to read that. 

  4. I can understand enjoying it as an adaptation of a game franchise that manages to capture the sense of fun and all the references. 

    However, as a film it is absolutely poor. The narrative is bare bones, characters are pretty flat and the only one that has any kind of emotional development is - weirdly - DK. Even Mario doesn't have one because he starts the film acrobatic, heroic and caring for others. All that changes is his location and the fact that gives him powers. 

    It's not like I expected some kind of narrative masterclass, but the film absolutely deserves criticism as a film. I think it's why critics were divided because if you're critiquing it as a film (as opposed to a much enjoyed game franchise) it doesn't hold up. Even with the common misguided write off that it's "for kids" (as if they can't appreciate a good narrative). 

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  5. You can't really "quickly" recover from something, you can just mitigate making it worse and doing things to help ease the pain. I'm by no means an expert so look into it but my first instinct would be heat (bath, sauna etc) and light stretching, preferably when your body is warm so it's looser. Obviously don't try and touch your toes, but just some light movement in all directions to get your lower back moving. Maybe even an osteopath if you're concerned. 

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  6. 54 minutes ago, ReZourceman said:

    I was actually brought here because I saw a Google Advert and wondered if Coolness Bears was in it.... 

    He's in our hearts, but no idea what happened to him

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  7. I'm now weirdly curious does that mean it will allow you to learn moves your Pokémon has known, or relearn moves that the Pokémon could have known (i.e. the Pokémon's total moveset). Mostly because I'm curious if the game keeps track of moves you dropped. I always assumed if you overwrote a move it just dropped it from internal memory.

  8. I was watching this video which featured some Super Mario Odyssey concept art and I know I've seen the stuff before but was struck by how much I like it. It taps into the kind of things I like (bold colours, simple shapes, stylistic design etc) so thought why not make a thread where we share some concept art we enjoy.



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  9. Don't know how anyone gave this in 10 given this important feature is missing

    And @Glen-i yes but this is the first time using it. Looked into it a while ago for yourself actually as it could be useful for match making stuff but only forum staff could do it so you'd have to ask one of us each time. Was hoping I could just give you the power to do it. 


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