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    wow. just wow lock/delete yet?
  2. Rate the last film you saw

    great movie, my dad is a huge johnny cash fan so i grew up listening to a lot of his stuff. Phoenix played it so well, just a great movie. Anyways... The Dark Knight Saw it last night finally. Absolutely amazing. "A little fight in ya? I like that" "Then you're gonna love me!" Haha, classic stuff made so much better with Bale's husky voice. Ledger did such a good job with the joker, very unique to the old joker done by Jack Nicholson. I really, really liked this movie. Bale and Ledger were fantastic. The gadgets were great, the action was awesome, and there was a good amount of humour. The only downer was whoever the minger is that played rachel. 9/10
  3. N-E Picture Caption Game

    Haha, yeah can't really do much now that the *something at the bottom of the slide* call has been used. That was pretty win
  4. Football Season 2008/2009

    The same that would pay 20mil for an over the hill keane who's only goals last season were tap ins... I really don't think Liverpool is in any sort of financial trouble given there recent transfers, hopefully... =/ Then again, look at leeds a few years back, spent big on shit players... In other news my beloved spurs have lost Malbranque to sunderland He was in great form at the end of last season, even though he was playing on the wrong side for most of it. Lots of losses for tottenham so far, and if Berbatov goes to man utd as speculated, ohhh dear. Can handle losing keane, but both our main strikers in the one season, come onnnnn. Bentley is a decent pick up, but he's not exactly top-quality
  5. Well That Was...Odd!

    I hardly ever remember my dreams. Sometimes I will awake from one and remember it, and think to myself "I'll tell the gf about that one" then I won't remember it later on. That happens all the time. I can't remember the last time I remembered an entire dream =/ One that i have repeatedly though (which i always remember) is I'll be driving down a hill up to a stop sign and someone dear to me will be in the passanger seat. Its sometimes my gf, family members, good friends.. anyways i go to brake for the stop sign. No brakes. Truck. Last thing i see before i wake up is the passengers face with a look of terror. Worst fucking dream in the world. U just reminded me of a dream I have alot, the details are always scetchy, but I'll be either at uni or high school and I'll have an exam due in the next day which I haven't started. Or due that day which I didn't know about. I wake up freaking out thinking, SHIT better get to the library. Takes me a few seconds to come to my senses, 'Jim u dipshit u've been out of uni for like 4 years now'. haha.
  6. Final Fantasy VII without a doubt Sadly enough i had a ps1.. I played VIII but didnt complete it. Edit. Add to that Pikmin and Eternal Darkness
  7. First film you saw at the cinema?

    that was the 2nd movie i saw couple years gap between that and my first experience with milo and otis
  8. Well This Is Awkward...

    haha, ohhhhh dear. I have had so many awkward moments, somehow I just always get caught saying the worst things at the worst times. I have to gap it to bed now, hopefully I'll remember to come back to this thread after work tomorrow
  9. Whats Wrong With This Bloody Country?

    I need to try a packet of these... Im putting it on my list of things to do before I'm 30. (Still 6 and a bit years to go, plenty of time)
  10. First film you saw at the cinema?

    milo and otis
  11. Whats Wrong With This Bloody Country?

    Clearly they need a "don't evict any" option. I voted for chocolate, even though I've never heard of revals here in aussie land. Surely everyone can do without the chocolate flavour 'for a limited time' Was anyone else strangely reminded of the X-Files game on the PS1 while going through the voting? :s
  12. N-Europe Wants YOU!

    anyone else confused about a US recruitment tool being used for a Euro site
  13. Whats Wrong With This Bloody Country?

  14. N-E Picture Caption Game

    hahaha, seriously. all good captions... The guy on top wears a black armband in memory of the guy who had his job only a few weeks ago...
  15. Computer problem :(

    do a good old fashioned rebuild. if that doesnt change anything, i'd say its as apple said.. prolly video card related.
  16. Time For The Pokérap!

    Wow, you own serebii.net ? All this time and I've never known that. I've spent FAR too much time on your site crunching through move sets... so here's a big thankyou (I'm not big on comp. pokemon battles though, cos i CBF IV breeding, just wanted good type coverage in my team!) Happy bday too btw, here's some misty cosplay we've all seen too often =)
  17. Whats Wrong With This Bloody Country?

    it's a female thing, i swear it. I love jaffas (do u guys have jaffas over there?) but Im not a big fan of anything with a stronger flavour than those. My gf loooves orange chocolate though, esp the really strong stuff. So did my ex's :S
  18. Coffee: A thread for addicts.

    I think its the smell that drives me off coffee. I've never had a cup, im actually quite against the stuff, for no good reason, asides from teeth staining (but i drink bourbon and coke, so there goes that point) Just not a fan of it, i got my girlfriend to stop drinking it too. She's always preferred tea though.
  19. Red Steel 2 (£4.95 @Zavvi)

    holy shut the fuck up already... there are clearly no games worth playing coming out for wii between now and then... what are you, 8? grow up, for christs sake. the e3 dissapointment thing has been and gone, and guess what, the other 2 companies were no better (if not worse). If you dont like ur wii, sell it, and get the hell out of here. Sick to death of every thread in here turning into an"omg e3 sucked" debarcle. Its ruining good discussion. Also ReZourceman, that shit was funny 2 weeks before e3. It's time to stop. /endrant Anyways, there's alot more that needs fixing as far as I'm concerned in this game. The precision of the sabre wasn't close to the worst of it. Trying to aim off the screen with guns was just impossible, especially if u needed to aim up higher. Jesus, just thinking about this game makes me angry! But, that said I'm interested in the sequel.
  20. Whats Wrong With This Bloody Country?

    alot? *starts a fight with the poms in the pub* ur cricket team is shit and ur rugby team gets carried by johnny wilkinson. *mumbles more about how bad poms are at sport and goes back to his drink*
  21. Hello folks.

    I remember a Tendo. I also remember a nick like urs from a long long time ago... Hmmm, did u post on C-E? (off-topic)
  22. What do you game from?

    The Wii and ps3 are connected to my housemates HDTV and my gamecube to my SDTV in my room.
  23. Rate the last film you saw

    im signing off from this thread until ive seen the new batman movie
  24. Post Your Purchases

    i got nba 2004 off ebay a while back on the gamecube. i hate basketball, dont ask me what made me get this. but still, its provided a few hours entertainment.
  25. N-E Picture Caption Game

    I declare this the winner I liked alot of them, but for some reason i just like this one the most.