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  1. My Uncle At Nintendo is back… Switch 2 has apparently now been seen in person (probably shown off behind closed doors at Gamescom). Deets to come from certain reporters very soon… Looks like it’s finally happening!
  2. I very much appreciate how 90s as hell that trailer is
  3. Sonic Superstars

    Utter bloody suicide
  4. SAGAFTRA does indeed cover video game voice actors, and they did organise an industry-wide strike in 2016-2017.
  5. 1080p on PS5/Series X is still crap, just less crap than the Switch version.
  6. Xbox Series S | X Console Discussion

    First fridges, now wraps. Is Microsoft looking to open up a restaurant?
  7. Mario is an odd thing in that Nintendo have always recorded new clips for each and every game; alongside reusing old voice clips. They could easily have gotten away with just reusing voice clips from their vault years ago and yet they keep recording new lines. I don't see them stopping any time soon. Though it is a shame that we'll never get to see Martinet do another fully voice acted Wario game again... Wario Ware Gold was so good!!
  8. Nah, they'll probably just get a sound-alike in. This isn't the first time they've recast one of their characters and it won't be the last. Edit: It won't be long until we find out who's voicing Mario & Luigi...
  9. Horrible news I swear to God, they had better not be replacing him with Chris Pratt...
  10. Knowing Konami? I wouldn't be surprised if they cut the credits sequences out of all three games in their entierty... That's exactly the kind of thing that they'd do...
  11. Previews are going out now... https://www.nintendolife.com/features/hands-on-metal-gear-solid-master-collection-vol-1-could-be-so-much-more-but-isnt 720p 30FPS on all platforms (half the FPS of the original HD Collection). #FucKonami.
  12. Red Dead Redemption

    Very short notice, but there ya go! Coming to Switch, PS4 and... wait... that's it?
  13. General Retro Discussion

    I’d question their legitimacy… DS bootlegs are super common now. It’s like how GBA carts used to be throughout the late 2000s on eBay when it comes to DS games right now.
  14. Smash-a-likes

    Agreed. Smash Bros is such a tough act to follow that even Smash Bros itself basically has no future now after Ultimate. That's why it's not worth trying to go head to head against it, you're never going to come off looking favourable. You need to do something drastically new and original.
  15. Vampire Survivors

    It's out... oh no... the addiction begins all over again!
  16. Wow. Star Trek Rivals' inspiration is... pretty blatant. I kinda low-key love how brazen it is
  17. Vampire Survivors

    Reviews are coming out now, and it sounds like performance is pretty good on Switch; with FPS drops only really occuring in co-op. https://www.nintendolife.com/reviews/switch-eshop/vampire-survivors Good to hear
  18. PC Gaming Discussion

    So I just found out that this is a thing... https://www.acer.com/gb-en/spatiallabs https://store.acer.com/en-gb/acer-ds1-monitor-asv15-1b-blue-ff-r1wek-001 Acer have just recently brought out a range of autostereoscopic PC displays and laptops, and it's actually available to buy commercially! It's not some sort of fancy prototype pie-in-the-sky concept device, it's a real thing that you can buy and use with your own Windows PC today! Oh baby! That's the good stuff! It's basically exactly like the New Nintendo 3DS screen, complete with eye tracking... except that it's a 4k display that can show S3D content in full 1080p resolution And in a shocking move, they're actually working with game developers to give games a proper stereoscopic 3D makeover. And this isn't just your typical PC gamer shite that I'm not interested in... because they've actually given the full S3D treatment to the likes of Octopath Traveller 1 & 2, actual good games that I would actually care about! If you know anything about me, you know that I fucking love stereoscopic 3D! Right now it costs a bomb, but I really hope it does well and we start seeing larger versions of the display, prices come down and more games get the S3D treatment. I'm really happy to see someone push autostereoscopic 3D tech once again, I've missed it so much with the Switch. Acer does what Nintendon't!
  19. Figured that with the release of TCG on the GB/GBC NSO service, we could do with a dedicated trading & battling thread. So here it is! As this game on NSO has full online battling and trading support, this thread is dedicated to those looking to fill out their TCG GBC decks and do some battles with fellow card fanatics. Also, since Card Pop! is a thing that is fully supported in this NSO re-release, you can also use this thread to find people up for a Card Pop! Note that there are two cards that are only obtainable via Card Pop!, as stolen from Serebii... https://www.serebii.net/tradingcardgamegb/cardpop.shtml Venusaur (PXX) Mew (PXX) Let the Children’s Card Games begin!
  20. Pokemon TCG NSO Trading Post & Battle Hub

    I just pulled off what must be the single greatest comeback in all of Pokemon TCG history... From this... ... to this! Video capture of the last 30 seconds here (If Twitter/X decides to stop crapping itself)... Feeling pretty dang good right about now
  21. Pokemon TCG NSO Trading Post & Battle Hub

    A win’s a win!
  22. Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet

    He's not kidding. The Seniors match is bonkers! Seniors BTW, the other finals are timestamped for you below if you fancy watching those as well... Juniors Masters
  23. Pokemon TCG NSO Trading Post & Battle Hub

    Yeah, make sure that you save immediately after each Gym Leader, before you get ambushed by Ronald and his offer of a Promo card... As always, Mario & Luigi offers the correct advice