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  1. PRE-E3 NINTENDO DIRECT Conference

    There's still a lot of unanswered questions though, like whether or not they have the MK7 Communities feature working on an OS level and how the online store setup works. It's a bit early to start proclaiming superiority over all other services, but it does look very promising indeed (so long as I can turn off notifications while playing a game - I wouldn't want to be playing a game like Zelda and get bombarded with Facebook style spam, I hate that crap!)
  2. PRE-E3 NINTENDO DIRECT Conference

    The Pro controller is for "gamers" and developers who are scared to touch anything other than a 360 controller.
  3. PRE-E3 NINTENDO DIRECT Conference

    I think I've figured out why they swapped the 2nd analog and the face buttons... http://uk.xbox360.ign.com/articles/108/1081673p1.html Patents: D521,015 D522,011 D547,763 D581,422 D563,480 D565,668 So what will be the excuse to not support the Wii U now? (I'm looking at you Kojima...)
  4. PRE-E3 NINTENDO DIRECT Conference

    Bingo. It's so blatantly obvious that this controller is not of pure Nintendo design (it's co-developed with 3rd parties ALA Classic Controller Pro/Circle Pad Pro with Capcom) Kind of sad that they have to do this, even with the tablet featuring all the same controls as a 360 controller. Just shows how uncreative and resistant to change most 3rd parties really are...
  5. PRE-E3 NINTENDO DIRECT Conference

    Screw the Miiverse and the Wii U Controller Pro, the real megaton here is the Curtain! (I'm only half joking) BTW, did anyone else notice the strangely high concentration of Boo in that video? He appears more often than every other character combined; suspicious...
  6. PRE-E3 NINTENDO DIRECT Conference

    What in the unholy fuck!?!?!?!? WHAT!? WHY!? I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE ON AN E3 BLACKOUT! What the hell happens to my E3 prediction Bingo card now!? (does it still count for things that are outside the press conference!?) What the hell do they need a THIRD SHOW for!? This is AWESOME! :D Lol, Sony and MS must be PISSED (they're like, hey let's go first this time to steal the attention away from Wii U - Nintendo: "SURPRISE!" ) Maybe this is how it's gonna work? Sunday - Nintendo Direct focusing on hardware, show off new console/controller design and features (so that 3rd party conferences can show off their games without issue) Monday - 3rd party press conferences with Wii U games Tuesday - Press conference (Wii U first party software with probably some third party), website will probably be updated after conference with even more games/info, developer discussion with Katsuya Eguchi. Wednesday - Software showcase (All 1st & 3rd party games - including 3DS stuff)
  7. Castlevania: Mirror of Fate

    That teaser is complete bollocks, not even a CG trailer!? The Mega 64 vid was the only good thing about that "conference". Not even any real funnies (The pathetic Ronaldo shilling was a small exception though )
  8. That wasn't the one I was thinking of, but yes that video is awesome!
  9. Monster Hunter 4!!!!

    I don't care anymore since we're probably not gonna get this game anyway. If Capcom aren't interested in releasing 3G, they can go fuck themselves
  10. I know! It's crazy just how much production values have increased over the years. I was going back and watching the E3 highlight vids of all the past years and I was shocked at how low key some of the early stuff felt! (the GCN reveal in 2001 feels like that episode of Alan Partridge where he's shilling his book at the train station! ) It wasn't until 2004 when E3 finally became the event we know and love today (ignoring the dark times in 2008-2009, when they tried downsizing the event)
  11. [Rumoured] Kingdom Hearts HD Remix Wii U

    This would only happen if KH3 is coming to Wii U... But either way, this is way too generous of a collection to ever be offered by S-E. They'll sell them in at least 2 volumes (If we're lucky - more likely, they'll sell them all piecemeal) I call BS.
  12. 3DS eShop Thread

    It's VVVVVVery good! Amazing just how much they get out of a single control mechanic! It's not really a platformer in the traditional sense, since there's no jumping (just gravity flipping and that's it) It's very well designed and well worth the money (hell it's worth it for the bitchin C64 style soundtrack alone!)
  13. Castlevania: Mirror of Fate

    Looks good (there are more scans out there now) and the details sound good. Cautiously optimistic about this one. LOS was flawed, but made with a lot of heart and was a clear step in the right direction for 3D CV.
  14. Shin Megami Tensei IV (30th Oct)

    Wait a sec. Wasn't Strange Journey SMT4?
  15. 3DS eShop Thread

    Yes it did (a year-ish after the US release, but it got there!) and it's a great little score attack game. Criminally cheap (200 points/$1.80) and it's one of NST's best games! Get it ASAP.
  16. 3DS eShop Thread

    This week's haul: Wii VC: Mega Man X2 (SNES - 800 points) 3DS VC: Rayman (GBC - £4.50/€5) 3DS Download Software: Sweet Memories Blackjack (CIRCLE Entertainment, £3.60/€4) Not bad all in all. Here's hoping that NOA follow suit so that I can get the superior US version of X2
  17. 3DS eShop Thread

    Spot on. That's something that's really brilliant about this game, in that unlike many other puzzle games, there's a lot of room for creative thinking here. While a puzzle might be designed around an intended solution, there is more often than not, lots of other potential solutions (with some unintended ones too. Thanks to the realistic physics used, you can come up with some really crazy solutions like where you end up passing by the skin of your teeth with the block just about to fall in the water and the timer just happens to run out just in time ) I think Shinen are at their best when they take a very simple gameplay mechanic (that may have been done before) and build upon it. Aside from their shmups, their best games are the simpler ones.
  18. Sony Hooking Up With Gaikai?

    Wow! Sony's E3 conference just got a lot more interesting for me! The question now is, how will it be implemented and what will it be used for? Just instant streaming demos? (ALA current PC Gaikai) Or something more? This could be really interesting, especially if they roll in Gaikai's service in with PS+. Get free ad supported (with intrusive ads as detailed in this recently filed patent http://www.google.com/patents?id=lDb9AQAAEBAJ&pg=PA1&dq=sony+entertainment&hl=en&sa=X&ei=mLS-T8TGIqqI6AHM__GqCg&ved=0CEYQ6AEwBA#v=onepage&q=sony%20entertainment&f=false) versions of retail games when you subscribe to PS+ perhaps? Could we be looking at PC games on PS3/Vita? Use of the Vita with the PS3 as a Wii U ripoff? PS3 games on Vita? PS1, PS2 and PS3 backwards compatibility on PS4/Vita!? Or maybe, just maybe... What if the PSCloud... IS the PS4!? If they're not gonna do anything new with the controller, why spend the money on a big hardware boost when you can give people PC level graphics in 1080p 60FPS via the cloud on their current PS3? Saves Sony a ton of money on R&D, manufacturing etc and they can take advantage of their current userbase (no need to start from zero!) AND it kills used games in one fell swoop. Of course latency is still the big problem and it's one that has only been solved locally (Wii U)
  19. Mario Tennis Open

    Chance shots are not really overpowered and aren't always the best option to choose at the time. They are also quite easily predictable (using a different shot than the chance one is also a good way to throw someone off!) and a chance shot used against you can be countered by the opposite type of shot upon receiving. I was worried about them too, but I actually quite like them. They're not too powerful and there's quite a bit of nuance in their use! The chance lob shot is a bit overpowered in singles compared to the other shots, but it's not impossible to counter.
  20. 3DS eShop Thread

    Just got Art of Balance Touch. The touch controls work beautifully, perhaps even better than the Wiimote pointer controls! Looks fantastic (rock solid 60FPS in S3D - even with 3D on the bottom screen too, so it's technically rendering 3D graphics at 180FPS!), plays well, tons of content and the new endurance mode is good fun (play through a continous series of stages - see how many you can complete with only 3 tries) Another winner. I loved the Wii Ware game and the 3DS version is even better!
  21. PlayStation Vita Console Discussion

    Holy shit! Everybody's Golf Vita, Reality Fighters and Modnation Racers Vita just got reduced to £11.99 on the PSN store! It must be a cockup surely!? That's a bloody amazing price for EG! (I wouldn't imagine it lasting long!) It's currently downloading...
  22. I suspect that it'll see a 3D Classics remake at some point. Considering that it made the SNES' Parallax Scrolling such an integral part of the game's design, with its multilayered dungeons and environments, it's one of THE most obvious choices for a 3D Classics release out of Nintendo's entire 2D catalogue. That being said, it would still be a huge scale remake (the game would have to be remade from scratch, using 2D graphics as textures on 3D polygons after all!) and there's no way that they'd release it at the same kind of price point as past 3DC releases. If it happens, I'd expect it to be around £12-15 on the eShop.
  23. Mario Tennis Open

    Do note that if you want to turn it off permanently, you have to do it via the Clubhouse option. Doing it via the pause menu will only deactivate it for that match only.
  24. Mario Tennis Open

    WHITE YOSHI GET! (hold up on the d-pad and press start when selecting your save file to access the QR reader - Just wouldn't be a console style Mario Tennis without a secret menu! ) The Black Yoshi is the one currently being distributed by Asda staff. Still need someone to capture that for us... This one below supposedly unlocks the Yoshi costume, but I can't seem to get it to work (probably because the magazine was bent when the picture was taken). Let me know if you manage to get it working! I get back from work at around 22:30. If you're still there by then, I'll have a few games with you!