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  1. RIP Eddie Guerrero

    The Wrestling Observer
  2. RIP Eddie Guerrero

    Ok! Someone Has Died I dont care what people think of me!
  3. RIP Eddie Guerrero

    I would; except people are been jackass's about the whole thing and are jackass's about a lot more things on here which would make me lose it. I don’t care about this board, I don’t care about any message board I just wonder why people have zero respect. I would have reacted excatly the same if a unrespectfull post was posted on any other message board (even DarkZero as you chose to bring it up)
  4. RIP Eddie Guerrero

    If I knew you I would express some emotion as you just lost someone you loved even if i did not know you and you choose to post such an event on a message board I would post the obligarty "I am sorry dude" post and mean it.
  5. RIP Eddie Guerrero

    I could not give a drap about anything regarding DZ at the momnet (people dieing are more important than message boards) I am just wondering why most of this forum are dickheads and have no respect for anything?
  6. RIP Eddie Guerrero

    Thanks for letting me know that. I miss the black and purple days while this board was acutlly good until you dickheads came along.... R-E will die with you on board
  7. RIP Eddie Guerrero

    It's hard while 95% off your fair fourm are dickheads, but we will try!!
  8. RIP Eddie Guerrero

    So everyone here has decided to make fun of someon dieing??? HOLY FUCK..... I knew this place got bad but FOR FUCK SAKE!!!!!
  9. RIP Eddie Guerrero

    You sir are a fucking prick! Some mod get the fuck in here and delete his post (delete mine to)
  10. Taboo Tuesday (WWE)

    BUT!!! Joey Styles will be there!! ALL IS GOOD WITH THE WORLD!
  11. pursuit force

    The game in to hard, seriously have the comapny NEVER hard of a learning curve? ....plus there is a lot of stupid probs with the game
  12. Taboo Tuesday (WWE)

    Christian will be sticking around for Taboo Tuesday and will leave the company then, I hope he wins the vote but the WWE released the news of him quitting today to try and stop him winning the vote for TT as they don’t want a person who is leaving the company to be in a big match.. Michaels (Kane is injured anyway) Cage Street Fight (No1 Batista as Austin quit) Mankind (love his music) Christian (Edge is injured so this match may suck) Superfly Jimmy Snuka Lingerie (Torries quit as well which is sad) This PPV is undeniably looking like a Train Wreck. Oh and Roc the voting does matter it is just the WWE who is trying to make people vote for certain people by booking matchs on RAW/SD that will make people vote for who they want to...
  13. It's a huge pic and will screw up the forum if I post it so here is a link clicky
  14. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2006

    I really enjoyed playing last years version of this title, I am not sure if I will bother picking this up as there is much better out there to play right now and the 360 version will be much version of the same game.
  15. Your GameCube collections

    Cool! Did not think that was out yet… *runs to shop* Awwwww, dude you got my hopes up!
  16. This Month's NOM.

    I stoped buying NOM about this time last year... ...the mag has absolutly zero credibility and appeals to 12 year olds with their writing style and free gifts.
  17. Perfect Dark Zero - New Shot Scans!

    I still stand by sayng that PD0 will be spectaclar. Although most of the DEV team at Rare have changed since there "glory" days there should still be a fair amount off talent there that can create a spectaclar game.
  18. Well done guys :D But....

    Well done guys, nice looking site... Inprovement over CE (in the forum deparment anyways!)