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  1. -Dem0-

    Wow, some of these shirts are really good! I think I'll order some now, thanks.

  2. -Dem0-

    How have you been doing lately?

  3. -Dem0-

    Good to know, and I'm doing fine thanks.

    Nothing new to report from my side. I just wanted to see how you were.


    Davy Back Fight is an interesting sport that much is for sure :laughing: but damn. Every time I remember that arc I get annoyed again. Can't stand Foxy!

  4. "One Piece has some of the best background music ever."




    I'll see if I can listen to some of the music from Youtube later today, I'm interested to hear what it's like now!


    btw, Sakurai tweeted this yesterday:


    Which reminded me has this been released yet?

  5. -Dem0-

    GET IN!!!

    Patience pays off!


    I just finished reading the latest One Piece & Naruto chapters and then I see this?!


    Great day so far :D

  6. -Dem0-

    Ahh, looks like I posted the reply in the wrong place. I put it in my Page by accident.

  7. -Dem0-

    Where do you read One Piece? atm I'm with mangafox/mangareader but sometimes I read from other websites and I often find some pretty awkward translations.

  8. -Dem0-

    Sorry about the extremely late reply!


    That Luffy figure's great, but I really want this one:





    Also, I read about the One Piece Symphony from their twitter feed. Would like to go, but won't know for sure until it gets a bit closer.

  9. I added yo friend code (why didn't I do it sooner...)!

    Add me back please!



  10. -Dem0-

    Do you read any of the other series on WSJ?


    I'm currently catching up on Toriko (chapter 36 at the moment), Blue Exorcist & Seraph of the End after that but the problem I have is with World Trigger.


    You see, I re-read the first chapter of World Trigger again and now I REALLY want to catch up. But there's a problem.


    I subscribed to WSJ on World Trigger's 61st chapter, and I can only read scanlations up to chapter 55 (I've checked quite a few manga websites). How can I read that 5 chapter gap in-between?

  11. where were you for the MK League GP's last night? :(

  12. ah sorry, I didn't know about your situation, hopefully it'll work out for you soon! :D

  13. -Dem0-

    Haven't bought any volumes yet, Waterstones has them though. I might just wait for those box sets as they must be cheaper buying in bulk as opposed to single volumes.


    Also, my current Bookshelf is starting to break so I'll need to find a new one before I buy anything :p


    Btw, how did you find out about those Viz boxsets?

  14. -Dem0-

    Well on my android device it only shows me some of my back issues. However all of the issues that I bought can be found in the 'My Weekly Shonen Jump Issues' area, but apart from that, nothing.


    But yeah where did you find/download the chapter from?


    Anyway thank you, Ike Sensei!

  15. -Dem0-

    I've got 1-5 now.




  16. -Dem0-

    Normally I watch One Piece on Watchop.


    But the thing is I haven't watched One Piece in a while now, and also the quality hasn't been good on watchop lately. (excellent quality during Marineford!)

    I think the subs are FUNImation because some episodes show the little FUNImation intro thing before the opening. How do I know for sure?

    What I will say though, almost every episode I've watched has been from watchop and the subs have been very good.

  17. -Dem0-

    I will never forget this act of kindness...


  18. -Dem0-

    Sweetness. Look at that condensed Haki!


    I got 1,3,4 & 5 from eBay, in brand new condition. They were around £17/18 each.

    I've got to protect these books from my own drool, that's how good the art looks!

  19. Do you still play MK7?

    Would you be interested in taking part in the N- E League this year?

  20. Ah man, I'm sad to hear it. However, I do respect your decision.

    If you're ever in the mood, how about we have some normal online play, just the two of us?

  21. Enjoyed your 'Legend of the River King' review, I spotted a mistake on the 2nd paragraph, 2nd to last line.


    valuable EXP points which everntually

  22. -Dem0-

    Hah! Me and my sisters were actually watching Strong World a few days ago. Great film.


    I've actually got a question for you, should I watch Film Z before or after those fillers (Z's Arc)?

  23. -Dem0-

    Ah cool, thanks. I'll watch the fillers first then.


    Hmm about the movies, I'll say this first. Most of the One Piece movies have been good except 3 and 9. My favourites before I watched Strong World were 4,6 & 7 but after watching it, Strong World easily ranks near or maybe even at the top.

  24. You're most welcome.