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  1. -Dem0-

    Not sure if you trust Law?!



    Yup, I remember the box-set. It's a good price that's for sure. It comes down to roughly £4.11 per volume. Pre-ordered. Thanks!

  2. It's not as great as an Animal Crossing themed birthday, but I hope you have happy birthday nonetheless!


    Enjoy, Hero!

  3. -Dem0-

    Thanks! though I might change the sig as it's a bit too big and I don't want to inadvertently spoil/confuse Bryanee.


    No, I haven't read the last 3 One Piece Chapters because I want to build them up again, same with the anime (it's been a bit to slow as of late). I'll probably marathon them at the end of next month.


    You enjoying the manga?

  4. -Dem0-

    Volume 70 Cover. Looks good!



  5. Just wanted you to know that I've added your 3DS friend code but I can't 'mention' you in the thread. Here's mine:



  6. -Dem0-

    *gasp* GO WITHOUT FOOD?! food is my fuel to play video games lol.


    Thanks for for your answer though. I think I'll just wait patiently for a Vita then. Besides, I only really wanted Persona 4 the Golden and that free Ico & Shadow of the Colossus game from PS + but that's for the PS3 apparently, so yeah. Not enough to buy a console.


    Did I really say that I took a break from gaming? I think you meant my post about playing MH3 again. I stopped playing that when Fire Emblem came out but I got back into it again recently ... only to stop playing once again :woops:


    By the way, new One Piece shirts at Uniqlo Some of them are okay but I don't think these ones are as good as some of the older ones.

  7. -Dem0-

    I'm fine thanks. Not much going on here either and no, I haven't bought collection 1 :sad: (sad times I know) just can't afford it at the moment. I even had enough for a Vita I've been eying for some time but I think it would be best if I just sit back instead of rushing in.


    You got a Vita right, how would rate your experience with it so far?

  8. -Dem0-

    So, how have you been doing lately?

  9. -Dem0-

    Sorry to hear that man, but at least some of these Film Z shirts are nice;





    Perhaps my favourite


  10. -Dem0-

    Haha, I plan to get both Law T-Shirts also looking at the Marine design, looks SUPER calming.


  11. -Dem0-

    The opening has been stuck in my head for quite a while now. It's very catchy!


    Anyway, saw some new One Piece shirts at Uniqlo. That Chopper (Franky) shirt is hilarious.

  12. -Dem0-

    New One Piece opening!

    "Hands Up!" from Kota Shinzato. You heard it yet? I thought it was really good, in all honesty I thought it was going to be a bit 'darker'. Still a nice opening though.


  13. Well Ike posted the first real pre-order bonus in the Awakening thread today, it's an Artbook. Nothing else is known about it although it does look rather nice from that picture.



    Here's the link:


  14. Was having a quick look around for a well priced 3DS/XL (because my brother wants one) and I came across this:



    "Nintendo 3DS XL Limited Edition Ice White With Super Mario 3D Land for £159.99 With Free Delivery (20% Off*)"


    This bundle is from Groupon and it's fulfilled via The Hut, the same bundle on ShopTo (which is usually one of the better priced websites) is priced at £174.85.


    I think the price is quite good. Cheapest around at the moment and when you consider it already has a very good game in 3D Land pre-installed (which still hasn't seen a price drop) rounds it off quite well.


    So, what do you think?

  15. -Dem0-

    "Recommend watching it." Haha, already did mate. Watched it about a month ago, I enjoyed choppers & frankys stories the most which is why I also liked this movie.


    At the moment I'm holding off Strong World as I want to watch it when I get back into the One Piece anime (So damn hooked on the manga!).

  16. I hope I can finish some of my eShop titles and climb up the rankings in MH before FE arrives.


    I've got it pre-ordered on ShopTo as a backup because I've been on the look-out for any pre-order promotions/deals but haven't come across anything of the sort. There's a possibility that we may get something from Club Nintendo, but as we get closer and closer to launch that's looking unlikely.

    If anyone one us finds something I'll let you know ASAP.

  17. lol, thats happened a few times ;)


    I agree. Even though I initially said that I wouldn't play the demo, I still want to give it a go, but then again I want to experience Awakening in it's entirety when I play through the complete game... I can't wait!


    Actually scratch that, I've got enough games to keep me busy until FE arrives, I'm not playing the demo.

  18. Just a heads up, Ike posted the QR Code for the Fire Emblem: Awakening Demo in the thread. You going to give it a whirl?

  19. You're most welcome.

  20. Enjoyed your 'Legend of the River King' review, I spotted a mistake on the 2nd paragraph, 2nd to last line.


    valuable EXP points which everntually

  21. -Dem0-

    Haven't bought any volumes yet, Waterstones has them though. I might just wait for those box sets as they must be cheaper buying in bulk as opposed to single volumes.


    Also, my current Bookshelf is starting to break so I'll need to find a new one before I buy anything :p


    Btw, how did you find out about those Viz boxsets?

  22. -Dem0-

    Where do you read One Piece? atm I'm with mangafox/mangareader but sometimes I read from other websites and I often find some pretty awkward translations.

  23. -Dem0-

    Thanks for giving me your thoughts. I considered the triple volumes even though I knew they stopped at some point as I checked a while ago, that wouldn't bother me though.


    The closest Forbidden Planet to me is in Leicester (Approximately 146 kilometers away.)I live about 3 minutes away from Waterstones but they didn't have much last time I visited... which was almost a year ago now :red:


    I think I'll go single volumes when I start buying them. Will check Waterstones tomorrow too.

  24. -Dem0-

    I was going to buy it from Amazon, as they were the cheapest last time I checked.





    What do you think?

  25. -Dem0-

    Awesome, then this will definitely be a purchase for me, thanks.


    As for the manga, it's going to be the Viz English Volumes. Even though I want to collect it, I will still want to read it. I considered the Japanese volumes... but... yeah, I'm pretty new to this stuff.


    Do you have manga in both Japanese & English?