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  1. Xbox360:Too Human First Look

    Really, you guys didn't get any ED ads? We had a bunch on Sci-fi channel where I live.
  2. Analysts don't see a revoution at all...

    Did he really say that people should work overtime to afford the PS3? Man he's seriously insane, first the comments about the PSP and now this, if I was a Sony shareholder I'd be begging someone to slip him some heavy sedatives.
  3. Recent Nintendo Ads-Getting Better?

    In the states they have the "Who are You?" line of ads, and you know in light of the Rev's capabilities I think the ads have even more meaning now, because of the added immersion of the Rev will make it easier for you to take on the role of the character onscreen.
  4. Sony is going to win this next-gen.Why?

    Hey pedrocasilva, is your avatar a picture of Dark Link with Zelda Slung over his shoulder?