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  1. Super Mario Galaxy 2

    Japanese site updated: http://www.nintendo.co.jp/wii/sb4j/action/index.html God the music in those videos. O_O Fuck you NOE and your June shenanigans, can't wait for this.
  2. Disney's Epic Mickey

    Warren Spector interview is up: http://gameinformer.com/games/disney_epic_mickey/m/disney_epic_mickey_media/11550.aspx No specific game talk, though.
  3. Disney's Epic Mickey

    I just had to change my underwear. More info: http://gameinformer.com/mag/mickey.aspx Action game, 1-player, release Fall 2010. We'll get more details today on GI's site.
  4. Disney's Epic Mickey

    BUMP Confirmed exclusively for Wii Cover Game Informer: Logo:
  5. Okami

    Motherfuckers... I had to see the ending on Youtube. Will they release this updated version in Europe? Okami Wii Edition: Archives?
  6. "You''ll jump, laugh and cry... Perfect fun!" I don't even... the fuck?
  7. Okamiden

    I'm so happy Okami will have a third opportunity. And better yet, on a platform that suits the gameplay well. Celestial brush with stylus FTW. DS also has a gigantic install base. i hope it sells well.
  8. Mac OSX Snow Leopard

    I pre-ordered it, but it didn't arrive today. I hope it comes on Monday. That being said, this is mostly a technology upgrade and as such I'm not really that much excited about it. But its 30€, so there's not really a lot to complain about. I'm somewhat disappointed they didn't ditched or updated some Aqua elements. I think at this point using something similar to the Itunes scrollbars would fit better in the overall visual scheme. They still look nice, but its time to move on. Since 10.6 is technology-oriented, 10.7 is most likely the version that will address these issues (Marble UI?), as well as bring a lot of new content. That one, I bet, will cost a lot more than 30€.
  9. Final Fantasy CC: The Crystal Bearers!

    Awesome JP boxart: Want this game. Now.
  10. Super Mario Galaxy 2

    All Super Mario Galaxy trailers also had midis, except for one japanese trailer. Even most TV commercials had midi music. The orchestra recording was done at the end of development. Also, Mahito Yokota is the real composer behind Galaxy. He was the one who fought to record this with an orchestra till Miyamoto couldn't hear him anymore and just said "Okay". Kondo had mostly a supervisor role and wrote Good Egg Galaxy and Comet Observatory 1/2/3. I fully expect Galaxy 2 to have an orchestral soundtrack, but this is Nintendo, so you never know. The game was so praised for it's soundtrack that I don't see them using only midis again. If it doesn't I'll be very disappointed after such beautiful music (Gusty Garden:love:). Yokota orchestrated soundtrack or bust.
  11. Super Mario Galaxy 2

    http://ve3d.ign.com/articles/news/47748/Miyamotos-E3-2009-Roundtable-Live-Updating Which, really, makes me cry.
  12. That would be interesting yes, but would take to much time and money:heh: I mean, most of the times I get pissed by the way third parties treat the Wii, but this isn't even one of those situations, I actually laughed when I read the announcement. They are going to release a port of a 2 year old game, on the same day the sequel comes out, without even the need to promote it since MW2 advertising will do the job! Hats off to you, Activision. Good for us, though. If Treyarch makes a good port this as the potencial to be a big hit. If they show the same dedication to online as they are doing for Guitar Hero 5 we are in for quite a ride. MW is an awesome game with a very addictive multiplayer and I have no doubts this will take the crown as the ultimate online FPS on Wii from The Conduit (and sell much more in the process). Interesting though, if they are giving us the first game, then it is only obvious to assume they will port MW2 aswell... but when? Fall 2010 ?
  13. I'm all for Modern Warfare on Wii, but releasing a 2 year old port on the same day its sequel comes out? These guys have no shame:laughing: So basically they will be promoting MW Wii with MW2 advertisement campaign.
  14. Colin McRae: DiRT 2

    I actually had that game aswell, it wasn't bad but it only had 3 tracks IIRC (not counting the mirror tracks). I already see how this is going to be: