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  1. Should Inklings replace Miis?

    Ah man really? Inklings are literally the only characters designed by Nintendo that I genuinely think are awesome.
  2. Survival/Battle royale games

    It'd be perfect for u then wouldn't it you throbbing willy.
  3. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

    Yeah I went straight to 150cc. The other speed classes are a total snoozefest. I just assumed a 150cc victory would count as a victory on lower speed classes since it was that way on F-Zero GX as well as every wipeout game ever. At the same time though why would you want to complete it at the lower speed classes anyway? You don't get anything for it.
  4. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

    I'm traditionally fairly bad at Mario Kart, mostly because no entry in the series so far had matched up to the previous kart racing king Crash Team Racing. But I'm genuinely amazed by the level of detail, polish present here and the difference speed class and track knowledge make. Still trying to figure out my go to configuration, but I've been doing really well online with DK in the Mercedes with Triforce Wheels. Wish the Inklings were more viable in competitive races and had a speedier loadout since they're the only Nintendo designed characters that I think are genuinely cool. My switch friend code is in my profile btw, let me know if you guys are up for a few rounds online sometime.
  5. Survival/Battle royale games

    Any of you lot played Rust? It's pretty much the quintessential one of these. Don't think it's ever coming to consoles, but it'll pretty much run on any old toaster.
  6. Prey

    The controls are absolutely horrific. Arkane have already responded and said that the acceleration curves will be "fixed" by launch, but that just begs the question, why put out an unrepresentative demo? Other than that, this game seems like totally my jam. Dishonored in a space settings.
  7. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

    I really want to get this right now, but I can't find anywhere doing a download code at any kind of discounted price. It's a total bummer - there is no conceivable world in which I could justify paying £50 for one game (that isn't Zelda).
  8. Switch flaws... Problem or not?

    If you're based in Taiwan the best place to get it from is probably Aliexpress. Just type in conductive foam in the site's search function and take your pick.
  9. Puyo Puyo Tetris

    I wants. I not has spare £40.
  10. General Switch Discussion

    Yeah. It's also that I just got this thing and I don't want the initial excitement on getting any piece of hardware to be squandered as a result of not having anything to play on it. My Vita lasted me a long time because even though the only launch game I bought was Wipeout, there was also a massive catalogue of PSP and PsOne games available for it that I'd never played, and it helped keep the console in my hands during the initial launch months. Shovel Knight is an outrageously good game. Haven't played it since 2014 when the first campaign came out, but anyone who hasn't played it yet but is looking for games to play on Switch should be all over it. I haven't even checked out the plague knight and spectre knight campaigns yet so my recommendation is based on just a third of the game. Worth every penny.
  11. General Switch Discussion

    So I straight up pumped 110 hours into Zelda over the span of ten days while still somehow managing to work a full time job. Not sure if there's a more superlative endorsement of a game I can give than that. The silence around the console right now is just thunderous though. I kinda can't deal with paying £50 for a game like Mario Kart, especially when I got Resi 7, Nier Automata, Dishonored 2, Prey preorder etc for under £30 each at, around or before launch. The biggest problem around the console is the unwillingness for Nintendo to give the end consumer a concession when they buy a game digitally. Even though it's for obvious reasons, it just means that games are prohibitively priced for anyone who can look to competing experiences when there isn't something with the pedigree of BoTW that you absolutely have to play. Virtual Console right now would be the perfect thing to tide me over to Splatoon 2 because cheap, legitimate access to a huge well of classic experiences is something literally no platform holder can match Nintendo on, and not having it ready at launch when any old person can download a flawless Gamecube and Wii emulator on PC, is such a colossal oversight.
  12. Switch flaws... Problem or not?

    I er, haven't been here for a while But for real, the soldering fix doesn't work? I was going to try that if I couldn't get my hands on the conductive foam.
  13. Switch flaws... Problem or not?

    1. Whodat? 2. That's what the official solution is 3. Doesn't void warranty, to the best of my knowledge, since the warranty seal is in the main body of the console, not the controllers. It's super duper easy for anyone who has opposable thumbs, a tri wing screwdriver and a pair of scissors.
  14. Switch flaws... Problem or not?

    I fixed mine by opening it up and placing a small piece of conductive foam near the wireless antenna. Works better than the right joy con now and cost, like less than 5p.
  15. Well I obviously can't read properly.
  16. @EEVILMURRAY - Witcher 3 isn't half as good because it's twice as good. Believe it.
  17. Well, there are all those side quests, 120 shrines in total, 900 korok seeds.... I don't really think you need to do all those to get a complete experience from the game though.
  18. bad stuff thread.

    I haven't had a sip of alcohol in a year and a half. At this point, the smell from the local pub's dumpster would be enough to get me wasted. Edit: Not to trivialize or reduce the tragedy of the prior posts with my dumbass confession. Really sorry for your loss Josh .
  19. Yeah that's fair enough, but if you play the game or see it in motion, there's really no opportunity to see the goonery and hijinks as being capable of having an effect on real life behaviour. Definitely firearms though. But then you can look at the opening of the Dark Knight, think it's super stylish and cool, and see how that could be a fun setup for a coop game with friends without identifying or valorising the bad guys, right?
  20. Games you want to see on Switch

    I super didn't buy a Switch for multiplatform ports anyway. The third party games I want are the Bravely Default, Professor Layton, Monster Hunter games that developers make specifically for the Switch, and with that hardware in mind. My primary platform is PC anyway, where games are not only going to benefit from the superior hardware, but they're going to be much cheaper too. Switch is selling well, so I hope developers realise that nobody is going to come to it looking for an impoverished experience; make games with Switch in mind otherwise people will look elsewhere.
  21. It's not a simulator though, it's a fairly schlocky and loose interpretation of the heist movie genre. If you have a problem with this, do you have a problem with, say, films like The Town or The Italian Job? If you don't want to play it, it's the same with everything else; don't buy it. The actual problem with Payday 2 is that it game out midway through 2013. Who is there that wanted to play this game but hasn't yet?
  22. Games you want to see on Switch

    Sure, but RE7 runs at 1080p60 on PS4. It's going to have to be a somewhat diminished experience on Switch. Also you wouldn't want to play the 360/PS3 versions of MGSV. They were horrendous.
  23. Gran Turismo Sport (Let it cooook)

    It's also because they're rendering nothing other than a few cars and a stretch of road (which is often built out of tiled assets) rather than dynamically streaming in a buttload of foliage, terrain geometry, character models, animation patterns, textures etc etc. When you play, for example, Breath of the Wild, it's keeping whatever may be over yonder hill in system memory, and has to render stuff that might be in the virtual equivalent of a kilometer in radius. Whereas the render path for a racing sim is always extremely narrow and specific. It's why you'd get Wipeout HD on PS3 to run at 1080p/60, whereas The Last of Us ran at 720p/30.
  24. Games you want to see on Switch

    A thousand times yes.
  25. Switch eShop Thread

    There's a reason it feels unfair: it was made for arcades - the way these games make money is to kill you at a whim and make you cough up more money for a continue. It's fun mayhem with a friend, but I would't buy it to play by myself.