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  1. Halo 3 ODST

    yo mike i'm on that need some more people for firefight i'll add you i'm scooba87
  2. Suicide

    Had a mate kill himself this summer, and whilst a few year agos i'd have callously sucide is for "pussies", i think like so many people have said its easy to just jump straight to that conclusion when we don't really think about all the memories of people we're just shitting over. My mate was proper popular had mates back at home and tons at uni and was pretty sound, so was a complete shock when he did it. I think Rammy's made some good points i suppose at the end of the day we don't feel that trapped feeling of having your back right up against the wall - maybe it's one reason we're all still here. But at his funeral the parents (through maybe trying to ease the pain of his departure) was talking about how he wanted to know who he truly was, and they felt he found this out and so had closure in his life, i mean who knows how true that is but he did leave a note for them. But we also have to remember just cos our life may be reasonably kosher right now, life has a pretty ridiculous spectrum so maybe some people at the end of the day just don't get the chance to enjoy it. But that being said i'll never condone it and i'm still kinda hurt that a) we never saw his pain and couldnt even see it coming and, b) he did it in such a manner and put his family through so much pain that i find hard to forgive.
  3. Final Fantasy XIII

    I know you're not meant to resort to violence so easily, but i'd love to wail on that punk. I love the bit where he goes "i don't know if you know anything bout japanese culture - but i'm an expert". This game looks insane i'm glad its on the 360 got no plans for a ps3 for a while.
  4. Legalising Weed In The UK

    QFT i read somewhere else on the thread bout how stoned idiots is the last thing you want for humanity progressing or something, somehow a world full of people who care about celebs/tv/games is hardly anything that really pushes the frontier of humanity. Not saying whoever it was is like that or anything. And as for legalising weed if they did it i'd probably stop smoking it all together - its easy enough to get ripped off by chiefy dealers, last thing you want is tax and such added on top. Might be able to monitor it quite well in that way too.
  5. How was your day?

    Hmmm, seems an appropriate thread - had one of the most painful days today, 3rd day of my 4 day exam run, and pretty much messed up completely...got to start revisin for tomorrow's one which will probably be just as annoying. All in all crap day today and probably a few more miserable ones in store!
  6. Should Gym Be Optional in high school?

    Well firstly isn't it bad to be hitting the gym before a certain age? But as for gym in terms of PE i think it should be mandatory. I was never one for PE at secondary school as i was quite chubby back in those days but it never stopped me from having fun with my mates in the lessons. Fundamentally though how on earth do you think we can tackle this whole obesity problem if we don't give them the time of day to run about and kill off some calories when they're at school. All in all i reckon it's just important to let people know about fitness, and let them pick what they want to do with their lives afterwards. And maybe healthy eating should be taught in conjunction.
  7. Anime and manga discussion

    Got to agree with hellfire, i thought the animation was actually pretty cool. I mean for an hour special where they're not gonna start the fight, it's the least they owed us. The staring bit was so stupid though, but its to be expected from the animators by now. Still that staring bit was nowere near as long (or irrelevant) as some of the moments from Bleach (anyone remember Yoroichi just sat there eating after her fight with the big espada).
  8. Anime and manga discussion

    I'm willing to accept that you're just joking with that line (and the whole Haku being a girl thing), but couldn't help but see some irony in it considering you got 'diarrhoea is fun' plastered in big pink letters as your sig.
  9. 20 Stupid Laws!

    When your pregnant? ! If i've learnt anything from this thread it's that expecting women can piss freely on the world before God plays his little joke on them.
  10. Anime and manga discussion

    Definately did enjoy the last episode and need to check up on the manga too seeing as i didn't get a fix last weekend. This is the one arc in naruto left that can truly surprise me as i didn't read diddly squat of the manga. I just liked the way they introduced everyone again thought there were some funny little moments in there, like the sulking shino.
  11. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    Alright guys i have a vague idea of something being wrong with my wii, but i just want to see what you guys think. I was playing some super paper mario yesterday when all of a sudden all the lights and anything plugged into the sockets just turned off for a minute. Everything else is still working except for the wii. Any ideas of what i can do seeing as i only got it at christmas, or somewhere i can go to check out whats actually wrong with it.
  12. Anime and manga discussion

    I found that to be the case with for a lot of my mates who hadn't seen the anime, for those who had we had to explain what was going on. The whole music point you made is another reason that anime's tend to have a bit more atmosphere at least over the manga. Also on a side note just wanted to see if anyone knew or heard when the next Tales of Symphonia episode is out.
  13. How "Chav" are you?

    Have you ever owned those ‘special’ socks that are cut off below the ankle to make it look like you aren’t wearing any?... are ankle socks chavvy?! I'm learning some new (and pretty stupid imo) things on this quiz. Have you ever worn white stilettos? I'm right in assuming this is for females then... 15% wannabe chav, dubbed with the name Jaycey-Jared Marshall.
  14. The Art of Flirting And You

    As is the case with most people by the sounds of it, when it comes to pre-meditated flirting it never really comes off properly, but that 'natural flirting' crap as it's been described to me now appears to be my trump card. It's just a pity i can't seem to pull the trigger when i really want to.
  15. Anime and manga discussion

    I'm loving the shippuden series now that it's really get cracking, anyone been reading the manga? I haven't but i've heard one thing from the 2nd arc after the one currently airing, and i can't wait it's just a pity its so far off, i don't know whether i have the will to resist until then...